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For many women, depilation is a familiar cosmetic procedure. Those who only think about removing unwanted vegetation from different parts of the body are asked: which method is better to choose? At the moment, the most accessible and painless is the use of depilatory cream. This article is devoted to the peculiarities of this method of getting rid of hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of depilatory cream

As with any procedure, the chemical removal of vegetation has both undoubted advantages and disadvantages. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

Advantages of the cream:

  1. It is easy to apply to areas that are difficult to clean with wax or razor.
  2. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  3. Does not injure the skin.
  4. With regular use, it makes the hair thinner and more soft.
  5. Does not cause pain.
  6. Suitable for use in the home environment, as well as during travel.

Disadvantages of depilatory cream:

  1. Not suitable for those areas that are located in close proximity to the mucous membranes: deep bikini, eyebrows and upper lip.
  2. Not recommended for pregnancy.
  3. Can cause allergies.
  4. Has a not very pleasant smell, which can persist on the skin from a few hours to two days.
  5. May leave white spots on the skin.
  6. It is a short time( usually 3 to 10 days).
  7. Hair is removed unevenly. Some of them do not completely dissolve during depilation with cream, so after the procedure the skin is not always perfectly smooth.
  8. Frequent use is fraught with the appearance of ingrown hairs.

In addition, you can not use the cream for everyone. This method of depilation is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • With very sensitive skin.
  • If there are birthmarks in the areas requiring depilation.
  • In case of inflammation of the skin or rash of any kind.
  • If there are abrasions or cuts.
  • During gestation and lactation.

How does the depilation cream work?

After getting the product on the skin, the active ingredients that make up it begin to affect the hair shaft, or keratin, destroying its structure. As a result, only that part of the hairline that is on the surface is weakened. Bulbs cream does not cause any damage. For this reason, after a few days, bristles appear.

To prolong the effect of depilation,
usually includes components that make slower in hair growth. As a result, after applying some creams, the skin can remain smooth up to 10 days.

When choosing a cream, you need to take into account the features of your skin. The shorter the time required for depilation, the higher the concentration of chemical components in the composition of the product. Basically, the level of pH of the cream is 12, which is twice the natural degree of acidity of the skin.

Application rules

Before using the depilatory cream, you need to make sure that it does not cause allergies. To do this, first you need to apply it only to a small area of ​​the zone where the procedure is supposed to be performed, or on the elbow fold. When the cream is washed away, we need to watch the skin for a day. If there is no redness or rash, after the preliminary preparation, you can start removing hair.

The cream should only be applied to clean skin. Therefore, before the procedure, you should wipe it with a cosmetic product, which does not include alcohol. It is not recommended to use soap. Then the skin needs to be wiped dry.

The process of getting rid of unwanted hair includes several stages:

  1. The cream is squeezed out onto a plastic spatula and distributed in a thick layer at the depilation site. Do not rub the product into the skin.
  2. After the time specified in the annotation( usually it is from 3 to 10 minutes), the detergent with skin detached from the skin is removed by means of a plastic spatula or sponge. Move the shoulder blade in the direction opposite to the growth of the hair, and the sponge - in a circle.
  3. When the bulk of the product and hair is removed, the skin is rinsed with warm water without using soap or gel.
  4. If a depilation cream is chosen in the shower, no spatula is required to remove it. After treatment, the body is simply washed with water after a few minutes.
  5. Clean skin should be soaked with a towel and apply a moisturizing compound on it.
The procedure can be repeated no earlier than 4 days later.


  1. Do not keep the cream on the skin surface longer than indicated in the instructions. If this rule is not observed, a chemical burn may occur.
  2. If the body is covered with a natural or artificial tan, then it is better to give up depilation with cream, since the drug has a whitening effect.
  3. Not it is allowed to apply the drug in places near the mucous membrane, especially - directly on it. For this reason it is better to refrain from using the cream in the zone of deep bikini, to change the shape of the eyebrows and to remove the tendrils.
  4. Ingredients that make up the cream, destroy nails. Therefore, while working with him, you should wear special gloves.
  5. During pregnancy and lactation, care should be taken when choosing a cream. It should be remembered that drugs for hair removal are chemical agents, the use of which can cause undesirable consequences during these periods.
  6. Even if not all hairs are removed, the procedure is repeated or the cream is kept longer than indicated in the instructions, it is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the skin will get burned.
  7. After depilation, sunbathing, taking a hot bath or visiting the sauna can be no earlier than 2 days.

Features of use in different zones

Treatment with cream can be carried out on different parts of the body:

  • on the hands;
  • in the chest region;
  • in the armpits;
  • on the face;
  • in the lower abdomen;
  • on the inner thighs and in the bikini area;
  • on the feet.

The easiest way to remove hair from the surface of the hands, chest, abdomen and legs. Depilation of face, armpits and bikini zone requires special care. The skin of the armpits is as delicate and delicate as the one that is in the bikini zone. Therefore, for the procedure, the cream for sensitive skin or the one that specifies this area of ​​application is best.

Before use, wash away sweat, dirt and deodorant residues from the skin. After that, the armpits or the inner surface of the thigh should be wiped dry with a towel.

After the procedure, the skin should be washed with water, wipe and must be moistened. For this purpose, the cream or lotion with plant extracts is best. For the whole day, fragrances and alcohol-containing cosmetics, including antiperspirants, can not be used.

Proper use of depilatory cream is important for the face. When applying it, avoid places adjacent to the mucous membranes. These include the upper lip and the skin around the eyes. If you ignore this rule, you can get a severe chemical burn. In addition, after cleansing from the hair, the face should be treated with a special composition after depilation.

Which depilation cream is best

The choice of the preparation for hair dissolution depends on a number of factors:

  • Places where you want to delete. The structure of hair on different parts of the body is not the same.
  • Type of skin. It is known that dry and oily skin responds differently to chemicals.
  • Thickness and stiffness of hair. The rougher the vegetation on the body, the greater the concentration of substances should be in the cream.
  • Personal preferences when choosing color, odor, composition.

Let us dwell in more detail on the main varieties of depilatory creams.

  1. For sensitive skin. This kind of cosmetic is used to remove vegetation in the armpits, on the abdomen, in the bikini area and from the lower part of the hands. As a rule, the product contains components that protect the skin from dryness. The best cream for depilation of this category is "Veet". In addition, they have proven themselves:
    • "Cucumber baptist" from the firm "Red Line".
    • «Caramel», preventing hair from growing.
    • "Eveline" with aloe and silk.
    • Specifically for the bikini zone is suitable "Velvet" with chamomile and "Freshness" from the company "Avon".
  2. The most popular means for cleaning from normal skin is "Veet" with extracts of jasmine and lotus. This cosmetic product can be used to remove vegetation from the hands, chest and legs. In places where the skin has a special sensitivity, the cream can not be applied.
  3. For dry skin, formulations have been developed, which include various herbal extracts. Thanks to them, the cream not only removes hair, but nourishes and moisturizes the skin. In this category, you can distinguish "Veet" with shea butter and lily, as well as "Velvet" with mint extract.
  4. For the face, creams are applied that softly act on the skin.

    Ideally, they do not cause burning and redness of the skin. The funds developed by foreign manufacturers have proved to be the best. Among them we can name:

    • "Brush-on Hair Remover" of the firm "Sally Hansen";
    • "Silium";
    • "Hair Off" with vitamin E, aloe and chamomile;
    • «Byly» with a set for the restoration of the dermis after depilation.
Creams of this category are also suitable for removing hair from sensitive areas.

A number of cosmetic companies produce universal creams that are suitable for cleaning any areas of the body. Among them:

  • "Veet" with essential oils;
  • "Velvet" with pineapple and papaya, preventing hair growth;
  • "Swess" with mint oil and aloe;
  • "Baptist yoghurt".

For depilation in the shower, a whole range of creams "Veet" is offered. Among them there are products with shea butter and lily extract, with aloe vera and vitamin E. In addition, for depilation during bathing, you can try "Velvet" with pearl powder.

What should be the composition of depilation cream - video

Thus, in the absence of contraindications depilation with the help of cream can be a favorite option for many women. Especially it is convenient for those who do not have time for long procedures. In addition, the cream will appeal to the soul and ladies with a high threshold of sensitivity, which can not withstand deep depilation, for example, wax or sugar.

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