Is a miracle ointment helping to get rid of varicose veins: a prescription and tips for use

Varicose veins or varicose veins appear as a result of a decrease in the elasticity of the walls of the vessels. The veins begin to expand, deform and, as a result, blood circulation is disturbed.

At the moment, varicosity - is one of the most common diseases. According to phlebology doctors, violations of this kind of varying severity can be diagnosed in almost every second person.

And with every year the unpleasant consequences of varicose veins are felt by more and more young people. This is due to the increase in the number of office workers leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Also causes of varicose veins may become problems with excess weight, pregnancy, tight shoes, congenital weakness of connective tissue and others.

Whether the massage helps with varicose veins and what modern massage techniques for varicose veins there are you can learn from our material.

How to choose orthopedic stockings from varicose veins and use correctly you can find out here. Also in the article about the best producers of compression lingerie and prices for products.

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It is not so easy to detect varicosity in the initial stages independently. It has no external manifestations and is expressed only in fatigue, swelling of the affected area, convulsions. Only later you can see "spider veins" and bloating in some places.

Very many do not attach serious importance to this disease. However, you should know that the consequences of varicose veins may be a darkening of the skin, the appearance of ulcers in the affected areas, the development of a disease such as thrombophlebitis.

Therefore, recommends that not let fluffy varicose veins, ignoring anxiety symptoms or self-medication, and promptly consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment and prevent the dangerous consequences of the disease.


  • Use of medications and ointments for the treatment of the disease
  • Effective remedy for varicose Wonder ointment
    • How to prepare a miracle ointment
    • Application of the preparation
  • Other effective folk recipes for the treatment of varicose
    • Herbal ointment
    • Camomile oil
  • Video: Treatment of varicose veins in the homeconditions

Use of medications and ointments for the treatment of

disease Varicose veins have been tried since the time of Hippocrates. Then there was only one method - surgical intervention.

Naturally, now the medicine has stepped far ahead, and although the treatment through the operation is still in progress, now doctors can offer many alternative ways to combat varicose veins.

Among them are tablets, ointments and gels for varicose veins. Basically, this venotonic drugs , which increase the tone of the vessels, as well as the means that improve the circulation of blood. But, as you know, tablets can only be used for the doctor's prescription.

Therefore, the most popular means are gels and ointments. However, it should be remembered that they only help to combat some of the symptoms of the disease in the initial stages, and when the disease develops, these remedies are effective only in combination with other methods of treatment.

Effective remedy for varicose Wonder-ointment

No less common are various home-made ointments and other folk remedies for varicose veins. And one of the most popular is the so-called "miracle ointment."This tool is simple enough to manufacture and use.

All ingredients are affordable and reasonably inexpensive. The only negative - quite unpleasant smell of ointment. Therefore, it is better to use it in a period when there is no need to go to work for several days.

How to prepare a miracle ointment

To prepare the product you will need such ingredients:

  • baked lard;
  • aloe juice;
  • honey( preferably liquid);
  • onion juice;
  • ointment Vishnevsky.

Some sources suggest adding the ichthyol ointment and liquid household soap to the prescription miracle of the ointment.

Each ingredient is 1 tablespoon. All this must be mixed and is heated to near boiling( but not boiling!) .After the ointment should cool down. You need to store it in the refrigerator, shifting it into a glass container.

Use of the preparation

The prepared preparation should be applied to the feet( over the entire surface that is affected by varicose veins) and bandaged. Bint or fabric should not be applied too tightly. You can walk with a bandage for a whole day. Change daily.

Repeat the procedure until the product is complete.

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According to the people who used this miracle ointment, the positive effect is noticeable after the first course of this remedy. It is interesting that a miracle ointment helps against many diseases.

Other effective folk recipes for the treatment of varicose

Herbal ointment

For the herbal ointment, is required such ingredients:

  • leaves and sage flowers( 10 g);
  • flowers of white acacia( 10 g);
  • wormwood bitter( 20 g);
  • crushed fruits of horse chestnut( 30 g).

Grind all ingredients, stir, add starch( 1 tablespoon).Preheat the chicken fat( 200 g) to liquid state and pour all the ingredients. To simmer for 2.5-3 hours in a water bath. Infuse the night, after boiling and drain, without waiting for cooling. It is necessary to squeeze the fat out of the vegetable components well.

Apply the ointment at least 3 times a day, lubricating the varicose-affected areas.

Camomile oil

Wash the flowers of chamomile and leave them to dry. Do not dry, flowers should be fresh. Put them in a bottle and pour with sunflower oil( unrefined).Infuse the product in a dark place for 40 days, periodically shaking. After filter, squeezing the flowers well.

This oil can be rubbed into the affected areas, and also used to apply compresses overnight.

Folk remedies for varicose veins are usually simple in the manufacture and use of , so attract many. But you should not refuse to visit a doctor, because only an integrated approach to treatment will give the best result.

Video: Treatment of varicose veins at home

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