35 years of marriage: what kind of wedding, what to give

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Every year co-lived by spouses is usually associated with an object or color. In this article we will tell you what kind of wedding is celebrated for 35 years, what traditions, symbols and customs accompany this date.

Anniversary symbol

On the 35th anniversary of the couple celebrate a coral wedding. Why is a coral chosen as a symbol? The fact is that for the years spent together the family becomes stronger and more stable. As a rule, children grow up and grandchildren appear, and spouses become practically inseparable. Similar families are compared in the fortress with the sea coral.

Externally, the coral may seem soft and fragile. However, having tried it in the case, you can find an unexpected fortress and strength. Over time, corals grow into strong structures, which are almost impossible to destroy. For most external influences, they are invulnerable.

So, relations in the family from the outside may seem quite soft and fragile, although in fact, after many lived years, they are characterized by stability, firmness, wisdom and faithfulness. Simultaneously, after so many years, the couple managed to maintain a tender relationship to each other.

In addition, the 35th anniversary of a joint life is often called a linen wedding and is associated with a solid and sound cloth from a simple, often homespun cloth. On this day, first of all, they pay tribute to the owner-keeper of the home.

The color of the 35th anniversary is pink. Therefore, gifts, festive decorations and much more must be done in this color. In addition, other color variations are often used: red, coral, magenta, etc.

Symbolism of coral

It embodies:

  • Long life together.
  • Prudence and wisdom.
  • Health and longevity.
  • Hardness and strength.
From ancient times it was believed that the coral can protect against troubles, temptations and various incidents. He instilled wisdom and understanding of life. In addition, it is believed that corals are able to absorb negative energy into themselves and transform it into light and positive.

Symbolism of the canvas

However, the 35th anniversary was not always associated with the sea coral. Since ancient times, her symbol was flax. Especially often it was used by the ancient Slavs. This symbol represents:

  • Fortress and strength of family ties.
  • Comfort and warmth of the home.
  • Wealth and prosperity.

Therefore, often for 35 years of marriage, spouses are given different linen products: linen tablecloths, home textiles, artfully embroidered paintings, bedspreads and much more.

Such gifts will not only emphasize the strength of family ties and become their embodiment, but will also be truly indispensable in the farm.

Customs and traditions

For each anniversary of the marriage, its traditions and customs are characteristic. It is not necessary to observe them. However, they can give a triumph of some zest and give it a sacred meaning.

Let's look at what traditions and customs correspond to the wedding anniversary of 35 years:

  • Before the anniversary, the spouses spend the night separately, in different houses. It is advisable to spend this time with parents or close friends. This tradition has many centuries of its own, so most people adhere to it on a mandatory basis.
  • Before going to spend the night in another house, each of the spouses takes with him some thing belonging to his second half. It will serve as a reminder, as the night before the anniversary of the spouse should hold in meditation on family life, about his partner and relations with him. Separate holding of a certain time will serve as a kind of test of feelings between the spouses.
  • Another long tradition: before the anniversary of the wedding of 35 years the couple together weave a linen cloth. This will be a kind of symbol of the years lived together, all the failures, achievements, joys, etc. It is necessary to do the work very carefully, because the more smoothly the canvas becomes, the more harmonious the marriage life will be and will be. Of course, few people adhere to this tradition, as weaving the canvas is not an easy thing. However, it can easily be replaced by another joint occupation.
  • There is also the following tradition: on the anniversary day you need to travel, that is, on the road. The fact is that the coral is a symbol of travelers. This tradition is very popular at the present time.
  • If possible, it is advisable to make a trip to the coral reef on the anniversary day. There you can conduct the following rite: early in the morning on a boat to swim to the reef, turn face to face and give each other an oath in which to express all your love, support, loyalty and tenderness. If you do not have such an opportunity, this ritual can be held near any nearest pond.

How to celebrate

As mentioned above, it is desirable to spend an anniversary on a trip, best on the seashore in the immediate vicinity of the coral reef. This day can be celebrated together or invite relatives to travel.

If you do not want to leave far from home, you can spend the wedding anniversary on the shore of the nearest pond. In this case, you have the opportunity to celebrate a holiday in the circle of close friends, grandchildren and children. Also in the warm season, the celebration can be held on the lawn surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. In the cold season, the banquet hall of a gourmet restaurant is ideal.

To make the anniversary bright and unforgettable, you can choose some interesting scenario for the celebration.
You can do this yourself or contact a specialized agency that provides similar services. The main thing is that this event should not be reduced to banal feast in the restaurant.

Carrying out an event, as a rule, includes the following stages:

  1. Drawing up invitations for guests. It is desirable to do them in traditional flowers for the holiday: coral, red or pink. Postcards can be decorated with beautiful decor from the canvas.
  2. Choosing a holiday venue: the shore of the pond, a restaurant, a lawn in the park or a room in the house. It must be decorated with various decorative elements, flowers, balls, embroidered tablecloths, candles, drapery and other. Beautifully and gently will look decoration of the holiday in a white and pink color scheme. As colors for registration, you can choose pink roses, orchids, carnations, daisies, violets, dahlias.
  3. Think about the festive table in detail. To create it, you can use the services of a professional chef or prepare the entire menu completely independently. Children or grandchildren can remove the process of preparing festive dishes and save the video for a family archive.
  4. For the event, you can invite a professional toastmaster. It can also be fully organized and conducted by children or close friends of a married couple, which will be a truly unforgettable event.
  5. Congratulations and gifts delivery are one of the important parts of the holiday. Congratulations on the 35th anniversary of the wedding are voiced by close friends, relatives, children and grandchildren.

Holiday table

First you need to take care of the design of tables: lay them with a tablecloth red, coral or pink, decorate with flowers and various decorative elements, put a beautiful service. On the table you can serve pink champagne or a red semisweet wine.

It is advisable to choose dishes in a tone for celebration. The menu can be: salads with cherry or tomato slices and red bell pepper;Fish or meat baked with berries of barberry;various assorted fruits and vegetables of red color.

As a dessert, you can serve a cake filled with cherries or strawberries. A real decoration of the table can be a puff jelly with sour cream and red syrup. Such a treat will not only satisfy guests, but also the culprits themselves.

Traditional Gifts

Consider what to give to a coral wedding to your husband:

  • A cigarette-case made with mother-of-pearl finish.
  • A neck charm made of red or black coral.
  • Jewelry with fragments of coral.
  • Collection red wine.

What to give to a coral wedding to his wife:

  • A bouquet of pink roses. The number of colors can correspond to the number of years lived together.
  • Ornate jewelry with pieces of coral.
  • Linen: tablecloths, pillowcases, bedspreads, etc.

Gift for parents

Many children wonder what to give to their parents on their anniversary. After so many years together, it's hard enough to surprise them with something new and interesting. If there is a problem of choosing a gift and there are absolutely no ideas, you can use the options listed below.

It is desirable that gifts are valuable and leave behind pleasant memories. They must also be chosen and presented with love. The main thing in gifts is a manifestation of attention and love.

Gifts to parents for 35 years of marriage can be as follows:

  • Travel to a coral island.
  • Various products from flax. Cake with a congratulatory inscription.
  • Beautiful decoration of the premises for the solemn event.


It will be very pleasant and symbolic to congratulate you with the coral wedding from people who were present at the wedding itself. Especially if they sound from the witnesses of the previous celebration.

A pleasant surprise for the "newlyweds" can be a book of congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding, decorated in leather. Here, guests and close people can write down all the wishes that they want to express to the culprits of the celebration. Such a thing is sure to please a married couple, as he will leave a long memory of this amazing day. Please note that it can be ordered at specialized stores.

Children and grandchildren can make original congratulations to their parents. To do this, write them on banners and hang around the house. In addition, they can be decorated with photographs illustrating the wedding day and the subsequent co-lived years.

Wishes for the anniversary can be issued not only on a beautiful greeting card or special paper. A pleasant surprise will be a congratulation in the form of your own composed song or video. You can also arrange a theatrical performance.

As you understand, on the 35th anniversary of a joint life, a coral or linen wedding is celebrated. Both symbols, coral and canvas, are a symbol of fortress, wisdom and longevity. They perfectly illustrate the fortress of family ties, which were formed after many lived together for years. What do they give for 35 years of marriage? Traditionally, these are gifts that contain one of the symbols of the celebration - coral or linen cloth. Related Videos:

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