Spectacles for women and men, fashion in 2016

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Poor vision is not a reason for despair and complexes. Gone are the days when all people with poor eyesight walked in glasses with the same, ugly horny frame. Now, when choosing glasses, you can be confused by a large number of different models. Always from the lacks it is necessary to take only positive moments.

Thanks to modern designers, today you can choose fashionable glasses for your eyes, thereby emphasizing your unique image. After all, as the unique Coco Chanel said, glasses are the best decoration for the face. And, in support of these words, the choice of frames should be realized consciously, based on the shape of the face, fashion and comfort in wearing.

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Glasses are a universal object, they not only help to see better, but also make the personal image more harmonious.

Nowadays the range of frames is amazing with its variety, and 2017god presented new collections of glasses from famous fashion houses. But, despite the fashion trends, there are some nuances that all ochkariki should know.

Frame material

The most common are metal frames, they are elegant and always in fashion. But over time, they quickly lose their appearance, the metal is sputtered, and we have to choose new glasses for ourselves. The most rugged is considered to be a rim based on a titanium alloy.

The metal frame can be considered an undying classic, but the new and bold solutions make it possible to implement glasses with plastic frames.

Plastic products are very diverse, this material can be made in different shapes and painted in the brightest colors.

The main hits of 2017 are models with smoothly changing colors from dark to light - this is the fashionable effect of ombre.

Types of glasses

The main purpose of eyeglasses with diopters is a vision correction. On the functionality they are classified:

  1. Points for work.
  2. Glasses for domestic use.
  3. Points for rest.
  4. Sports glasses.

Different types of frames are suitable for a variety of people, because in each area of ​​activity, its dress code is supposed. Thus, being a business lady, you can pick up fashionable office frames for work, and ordinary plastic, horny ones are suitable for household management.

Athletes prefer rims not only practical, but also fashionable, which have a streamlined and contiguous shape. Male and female sports glasses are usually made of plastic or titanium, and recently the preference is given to Kevlar material, which is used in the manufacture of sunglasses.

Forms of frames

Fashion does not stand still, and with each season, everything is gradually changing, this applies to the forms of frames. The most fashionable in 2017 will be glasses of such forms:

  • The round is designed for bold and extravagant natures. Round glasses perfectly complement even the most shocking image.
  • Square. By popularity this model has not given up its position for several years. Many celebrities prefer this kind of frame.
  • "Cat's Eye" - this form has been modified many times, but the base remains the same. In 2017, she also does not give up her positions, and thanks to new collections of famous brands, every woman will be able to pick up glasses under her own image.
  • "Aviators" - this model does not cease to be relevant for several years. In 2017, the frames-"aviators" are presented in different colors.

Fashionable women's glasses for sight

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To create a perfect image, starting from a romantic nature and ending with a business woman, you should always consider all the small details. In 2017, the world's brands created a lot of fashionable women's glasses for sight, so everyone can please, for example:

  1. Frames in dark colors. Black color is a classic of the genre that will always be in vogue. If the facial features are large, then it is worth choosing a thin frame. But the small features of the face will give expressiveness to glasses with a thick frame.
  2. "Lennon" is a round frame, its name was given to such glasses by the name of the famous singer John Lennon, because he always wore similar ones. This frame is not recommended for women with a round type of face.
  3. Semi-fronts are glasses with a pronounced upper part, and the lower one is usually absent or visually disguised. Suitable for almost all types of face and very popular in our time.

It is important to note that in all presented collections the original glasses predominate, with a pronounced design of frames.

Addition of small elements, scattering of crystals and appliqués is welcomed, so that even for the most capricious nature you can pick up your ideal glasses.

Fashionable men's glasses for sight

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Even the most restrained representatives of the male want to emphasize their style with at least one element. Most often this accessory becomes fashionable men's glasses for sight. They give the man elegance and confidence. Fashion legislators could not help thinking about men and offered them the following types of glasses:

  1. Classics of black tones. Correctly chosen forms of glasses with a black frame will always add to the man of refinement and luxury at the same time with restraint.
  2. Retro style. Klabmastery - it frames more for the youth of the population, they have a wide square frame, there are all kinds of colors and shades. In accordance with the fashion, their form is always modified.
  3. Sports. This kind of glasses will suit everyone, from a teenager to a mature man. The only negative - they will not be quite appropriate with a business suit.

Rules for selecting a frame for face shape

How to choose glasses? Choose glasses according to the shape of your face.
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First of all, before buying glasses, you need to consult an ophthalmologist and evaluate your vision. After all, if the farsightedness or myopia is very progressive, then glasses with a large thickness will be needed. Not all frames can hold such lenses, for example, metal semi-frames are designed only for thin glass.

The main factor of selection is the shape of the face. And before you start choosing glasses, you need to determine exactly the type of face, this is done very simply. The fastest method of determining:

  1. Approach the mirror at arm's length.
  2. Pick up all the hair and wash off your makeup.
  3. Using the marker, without changing the position, draw a contour of the face.
You need to start from the chin and along the cheekbones, then to the forehead, not considering the ears. It is very important to try not to stir at the same time.

In order to really appreciate the result, we need to step aside and look at which figure the image looks most like.

More often than not, girls, not knowing the shape of their faces, make a mistake when choosing glasses. There are seven common types of face. After determining your own, you can find out which fashionable glasses should be stopped.

  1. Triangular: a broad jaw line and a small forehead. This shape is suitable for the same glasses as for the heart-shaped type.
  2. The round face of even in slender girls is characterized by wide cheekbones and a narrow jaw. The outline drawn on the mirror, in this case, is as close to a circle as possible. To visually extend the face and emphasize the eyes, you need to choose the shape of the frame with corners, that is square or rectangular, and to refrain from wearing glasses with a round frame. If the eyes are close to each other, then it is recommended to choose glasses with a transparent shackle on the bridge of the nose.
  3. Oval is an oblong face without sharp corners. Usually with this type of forehead is wide, and cheekbones and chin are narrow. When choosing glasses, you should pay attention to the width of the rim was not much larger than the width of the face, the upper part did not protrude beyond the line of eyebrows. For the oval face the most successful form is the "cat's eye".
  4. Square. This form characterizes a short face with a wide forehead and cheekbones. To smooth the corners, you must wear oval frames. Also, as no one else, fashionable women's glasses "aviators" or "lennons" will do. To focus on the eyes, you can choose the shape of a cat's eye, but you should make sure that the width of the rim matches the width of the forehead.
  5. Heart-shaped: wide forehead and cheekbones, narrow chin. In this case, the line of the jaw needs to be emphasized, this can be done with cat-eye glasses or round, and the rim with the lower part wider than the upper one. Such a type is suitable for transparent frames.
  6. Diamond( diamond): the face looks like round or oval, but the difference between them is in the wide cheekbones. Such a type is rare, with "aviators" or "cat eyes" being ideal glasses, they will visually smooth out the protruding cheekbones. Also in this case, fit fashion semi-frames, in which the upper part does not protrude the eyebrows, and the lower one is absent.
  7. Elongated: the outline of this face resembles a rectangle with rounded corners. In principle, this type of person is suitable for almost all types of frames. The only thing you should avoid is glasses of small sizes and transparent frames, so that you do not visually increase the size of your face.

In nature, there is no standard of the most beautiful face shape. Each type is good in its own way, so you need to clearly know your own, so that using glasses correctly emphasize all the charms and cover the flaws. But also do not forget about the fashion trends that give us world brands.

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