Base for make-up. How to choose and use correctly

  • What is the makeup base
  • Consistency of the primers for the face
  • Matting and pearlescent base
  • Correcting color primers
  • Rules for applying the base on the face
  • Tips for using the makeup base

The vast majority of women use decorative cosmetics daily. For this reason, the beauty industry is constantly developing new ways to improve the quality of the make-up. One of the means, which was recently established in the arsenal of makeup artists, is the base for make-up - the primer. At first it could be seen only in beauty parlors, but then it began to appear on the home dressing tables.

To this day, not every woman knows how to use the makeup base. This article will help to fill this gap.

What is the makeup base of

Before applying decorative cosmetics, care should be taken to correct the deficiencies of the face. This can be done with a cream base.

Regardless of the type of primer, its essential components are pigment and silicone. They are designed to solve different tasks:

  • Silicone eliminates roughness of the epidermis surface, and also makes makeup more durable.
  • Pigment masks certain skin imperfections on the face.

In addition, among the components may occur:

  • vitamins and minerals;
  • plant extracts;
  • substances that moisturize and nourish the skin;
  • filters for sun protection.

A different make-up base is applied to different parts of the face. Manufacturers of cosmetics offer the following types of primer:

  • for facial skin;
  • for the eyelids;
  • for the lips;
  • for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Each foundation has its own purpose.

  1. The base for the face performs the following functions:
    • Makes skin tone even. This is especially true for women whose face has pigmented spots, redness or unwanted freckles.
    • Visually reduces possible unevenness of the problematic dermis, such as pimples, depressions and tubercles, left after smallpox, adipose or bulging birthmarks.
    • Hides fine wrinkles, giving the face freshness and youth.
    • Masks swelling and dark circles under the eyes.
    • Matiruet skin, eliminating greasy shine, or makes it flicker.
    • Moisturizes and smooths dry dermis.
    • In the presence of a special filter protects the face from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
    • Makes a more stable make-up.
  2. The basis for eyelids has a dual purpose. First, it is superimposed so that the shadows lie flat and do not slide down for a long time. It is especially relevant for women with oily skin. Secondly, thanks to the base, the color of the eyelids becomes more intense and deep. There are bases for make-up of eyes in the form of a pencil or cream of light consistency.
  3. Lip Primer performs moisturizing and corrective functions. Without it, you can not get owners of dry, weather-beaten and mature skin. The cream gives lips a smoothness, masks microcracks and wrinkles. As a result, the lipstick lays more evenly and completely gives its color. In addition, due to the use of the database, you can visually make the lips more complete.
  4. The base for the eyelashes and eyebrows fixes the shape and allows it to stay for a day. Eyelashes visually elongate and receive an additional bend. In this case, the primer does not allow the carcass to crumble and spread.

As you can see, each version of the base has its own purpose, so you can not use one of them instead of the other one. In addition, only the foundation for the skin of the face is mandatory for application. The remaining funds can be used as needed.

Consistency of primers for the face

Makeup bases differ from each other according to various criteria. One of them is consistency. Depending on the texture, the following types of base are distinguished:

  • Fluid is a liquid, transparent composition. Its purpose is to equalize the skin tone, which practically does not have visible drawbacks, and make it matte. Such a base contains almost no pigment, so it can not mask significant errors. Fluid is often applied to whiskey, which requires matting. With dry skin the basis of this type is better to choose with the mark "corduroy".She will give the face velvety.
  • Creamy, due to the powder and pigment entering into it, is capable of masking such drawbacks as pigment spots, freckles, vascular networks.
  • Gel is ideal for women with oily skin. This foundation not only eliminates excess gloss and visually narrows the pores, but also allows the dermis to breathe.
  • Hard, or mineral, the foundation looks like powder, but when applied to the face turns into a creamy state. This agent covers the face with a dense layer, due to which significant flaws are hidden: acne, scars, smallpox, wrinkles.

The mineral base is well suited for women with problem and age skin of fatty and combined type. In addition, an important advantage of the basis is that it does not dry the face. For this reason, some makeup masters use it as a powder. The mineral base from Clarins, BareMinerals, Bobbi Brown was highly appreciated by users.

Currently, BB-creams have become popular as well. They combine the properties of a tonal primer and a moisturizing cosmetic. Among the companies that produce this product, you can call:

  • "Beauty Balm";
  • "Lioele";
  • "Boscia".

Thus, the choice of consistency of the substrate directly depends on the number and type of visible skin defects. The more significant they are, the thicker primer should be purchased.

Matting and pearl base

Depending on the type of pigments included in the base, it can make the skin matte or give it a light pearlescent shine.

1. The main task of the base with pearlescent pigments is to give the skin freshness and create the effect of "shining from within".Use this type of agent with great caution. If you apply it too thickly, trying to visually hide the essential skin imperfections, the pores will clog and instead of "shining" you will get the effect of a fat gloss. The mother-of-pearl base can be of different shades. Usually they are about 6, starting from the lightest "porcelain" and finishing with olive for the swarthy skin. The color of the primer should be chosen, focusing on your complexion. So, fair-skinned women will approach cold pink pigment, and owners of a skin of warm tones - peach or apricot.

To find the right tone, it's best to use the probe directly in the mall. But if this is not possible, you can apply a small amount of cream on the inside of the hand in the area of ​​the wrist.

Many fancy cosmetic companies make the basis of the flicker effect. Let us give some examples.

1. "Eclat Minute" from "Clarins" with the effect of radiance. This cosmetic product is available in three shades:

  • Rose - a universal tone that fits the skin of almost any color. It does not look very good on the face with a pinkish hue and a pronounced vascular network.
  • Champagne, reminiscent of a full-body foundation, is designed for the skin on which redness often appears;
  • Peach - the base of copper tones, which is suitable for a swarthy, as well as tanned face.

In the texture, this base is a fluid, and a fairly dense texture. It hides the scaly areas and does not clog in the pores.

To find the right shade, you can mix the base with a foundation( 1: 1).At the same time, the latter will stay on the face evenly for much longer than usual. This product requires the subsequent application of powder.

  • "IlluSkin" from "The One" without oil cleans the skin from oily shine, creating a light flicker.
  • "Lumi Magique" from "L'oreal" gives the face a radiance and relief. Suitable for mixing with a foundation.

2. Matting base is designed to smooth the tone of the face and, at the same time, to neutralize the possible greasy shine. Matting primers have a very dense texture and hide well any defects. It is this base that is recommended for women who have combined, sensitive or oily skin. In addition, this foundation is suitable for "heavier" evening make-up.

Among the popular primers that make the skin look dull, you can name:

  • "BB Cream Pure Active" from "Garnier", fighting with skin inflammation;
  • "Lasting Performance" by Max Factor for sensitive skin;
  • "Mat Magique" company "L'oreal", which adapts to the natural skin color.
  • "Natural Code Matt" from "Lumene" for very light skin;
  • "SuperStay Better Skin" from "Maybelline" with ascorbic and pantothenic acid;
  • «123 Perfect» of «Bourjois» company with the "second skin" effect.

Corrective color primers

Unlike the basis of natural skin tones, the base with colored pigments is applied to separate areas of the face. The choice of color depends on what problem to solve.

Multicolored bases are sold in tubes of plastic or small bottles of glass. Do not be scared if the product seems too bright. When applied to the skin, it will not stain it, but will only give the desired tone. The color base eventually merges with the general shade of the face and with proper application it is absolutely invisible.

Colorful face primers Clinique

Why do you need a makeup base for each particular color? Let us examine this issue in more detail:

  • The white base brightens the skin and well conceals signs of fatigue.
  • Yellow pigment paints bruises, as well as blue circles under the eyes.
  • Purple or purple primer is suitable for skin with a tinge of yellowness or too dark tan. In addition, the base of this color can visually hide the yellowed bruise.
  • The green base neutralizes pimples, red spots and circles around the eyes during inflammation.
  • The pink color gives a healthy hue to the age skin of gray tone and removes brown shadows under the eyes.
  • Base of blue color paints pigment spots and freckles.

The color base can hide only some skin defects. If there are more significant shortcomings on the face, you should use a concealer. It has a greater density of texture, and its masking ability is much higher.

Rules for applying the base on the face

To get the desired effect, it is not enough to choose high-quality cosmetics, it is important to correctly apply it to the skin. To create an impeccable basis for the subsequent application of make-up, you need to perform several necessary actions.

  1. Before proceeding to lay the foundation, it is necessary to conduct a number of preparatory procedures.
    • First of all, you should clean the skin of dirt. For this, a lotion or micellar water is best. You can use a special cream-soap.
    • To bring the skin toned, you can wipe it with ice cubes. They can be prepared by freezing the infusion of chamomile or green tea. This procedure allows you to additionally moisten the face, which is especially important for women aged 35 years.
    • In the end, the face and neck are lubricated with a daytime moisturizer. Under its influence, the skin will become more smooth and soft, which will positively affect the quality of makeup.
    • When the cream is applied, you must wait about 15 minutes. This time is enough for the composition to be completely absorbed. Only after this it is possible to proceed to primer application.
  2. The foundation is superimposed on the face with the help of a sponge, a brush or fingers.
    • The product is applied on massage lines. You need to start from the central part, gradually moving to the edges. If you ignore this condition, the skin will stretch, wrinkles appear before it.
    • When the primer lies on the entire surface of the skin, you should wait about 5-7 minutes and evaluate the result. If wrinkles appeared through the base layer, then the funds were taken in excess, you need to remove its surplus. For this purpose, it is best to use a sponge. She absorbs excess, while makeup will remain untouched.
    • When the base is well laid, you can proceed to the application of the next cosmetic. But first you should wait a quarter of an hour. If you continue to create a makeup immediately, then it can "swim", and the skin will have a greasy shine with a dingy shade.
    • For oily or combination skin, a powder or foundation cream with matting effect is applied over the primer. For normal or dry skin, you can only do with a transparent powder.

Tips for using the makeup base

  • When applying the substrate, it is important to accurately calculate the required amount of the product. If it is too much, it will score the pores and will create the effect of a gypsum mask. If the primer is not enough, it will be difficult to distribute it evenly over the face. As a result, you get stains.
  • It is best to distribute the foundation on the face with the help of finger pads. This method significantly reduces the expense of the facility. Rubbing the base into the skin is strongly discouraged. It is imposed by light patting movements. Otherwise, an even layer will not work.
  • If it is decided to use sponge, it must be moistened with water. After that, the base will lie more evenly, and the funds will go much less.
  • If it is decided to use a brush, you should make light short strokes from the middle of the face to its contours.
  • If the tone of the base does not exactly match the color of the face, you should apply it not only to the oval, but also to the ear lobes and the area under the chin. This will eliminate the errors in the selection of color.
  • A regular base can not be used in the area around the eyes. For this, there are special color bases and correctors.
  • In summer it is better to use the basis of a lighter texture. With the onset of cold weather, you can turn to a more dense in the texture of the database.
  • It is not recommended to use the primer daily. Moreover, makeup using the base can be left on the face for a maximum of 10 hours. First of all, it concerns owners of oily skin, since silicone can clog pores and cause inflammation.
  • The base remains usable only for a year. If you use a product with expired shelf life, you can get a strong irritation instead of an even complexion.
  • After unpacking the package, it is necessary to store the primer only in a cool place.

Make-up base is an important tool in creating an impeccable image. If it is successfully chosen and correctly applied, the skin will get a smooth tone and will look younger, as after salon procedures.

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