How to stop the blood from the nose?

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Bleeding from the nose can occur in both adults and children. And this phenomenon can be very rare, and it can be observed quite often. In the latter case, it is necessary to visit a doctor, as, at first glance, a trifling trouble can indicate serious health problems. So for what reasons does the nose bleed?

Why does the blood flow from the nose?

The nose is one of the most important sensory organs. It not only gives the person the opportunity to smell, but also protects the body from the penetration of various infections into it. In the nose there are a large number of blood vessels and nerve endings: many of them are located directly under the layer of epithelium in the region of the nasal septum. Their position and thin vascular wall can provoke frequent bleeding due to vascular damage.

The causes of nasal bleeding can be many. Experts divide them into two large groups: local processes( associated with the nasal region) and general processes( affecting the entire body).Depending on the reason, why the blood comes from the nose, the doctor determines the tactics of treatment and generally decides whether to prescribe any medications.

Blood from the nose: the causes of

If you suddenly bleed from your nose, do not panic, perhaps the reason for this were the processes of a local nature. With frequent bleeding, various diseases of the whole organism can also be involved.

Nasal Blood: Local Causes of

In this case, bleeding can cause a nasal injury or mucosal injury. In most cases, this happens when you fall, hit a person, or break a nose. Injury of the nasal mucosa often occurs in children, as a child can damage it with a fingernail, a small toy or any sharp object. Those who have a bad habit of picking their noses, for sure, too, often encountered sudden bleeding.

For local reasons, it is also possible to include inflammatory processes in the nasal region, as well as in its sinuses. It can be a sinusitis, a rhinitis or a genyantritis, at any of them in a nose crusts are formed - because of them the mucous is often traumatized. Allergies can also be a cause of bleeding, since allergic reactions cause blood to flow to the vessels, as a result of which they can not withstand pressure and burst.

If sometimes there is blood from the nose, the reasons can also be such: curvature of the nasal septum, mucosal atrophy or neoplasm in the nasal cavity. Any of these phenomena injures the blood vessels and causes bleeding.

Nasal Blood: Common Causes( Diseases of the Whole Body)

Nasal bleeding can occur in a variety of situations and with serious enough diseases of the entire body. Among them are:

- diseases of the heart and blood vessels;

- hypertension;

- atherosclerotic lesions in the vessels of the brain;

- circulatory disturbance in the cervical spine;

- problems with blood clotting;

- overdose of drugs that can affect the fluidity and coagulation of blood;

- deficiency of vitamins PP and C;

- overheating in the sun;

- fever in infectious diseases;

- gestation period;

- imbalance of hormones;

- a sharp change in pressure from divers or climbers.

Whatever caused bleeding from the nose, you need to know how to properly provide first aid in this case.

How to stop the blood from the nose?

If the blood goes from the nose, you can not throw your head back, although many of us are used to doing so. It can only do much harm. How to act properly when there is nosebleeds?

Help with nosebleeds:

  1. Determine from which nostril blood is drawn.
  2. Minimize a small cotton swab, moisten it in water and insert it into the bleeding nostril( it should help stop the blood, but there should be no pain from it).
  3. Take a sitting position and slightly lower your head down. Attach something cold to the back of my head.
  4. Clamp the wings of the nose with two fingers and apply moderate pressure. Keep the nose in this form for about 2 minutes.
  5. If necessary, you can replace the tampon with a new one.

With nosebleeds, you can not take a horizontal position and raise your legs. This position of the body will increase the flow of blood to the head and only aggravate the bleeding. After stopping it, it is not recommended to blow your nose for 12 hours, and also drink strong tea or coffee( they increase blood pressure - blood can again go from the nose).

Blood from the nose in a child

Children often have blood from the nose in the spring - so affects the body's spring hypovitaminosis. The vascular wall becomes fragile due to a lack of vitamins A and C in the child's body. In this case, any physical activity can cause an increase in blood pressure, which in turn provokes a rupture of the blood vessels - there is a bleeding from the nose.

Among the causes of nasal bleeding in a child can be noted:

- chronic diseases of ENT organs;

- dry air in the room;

- increased blood pressure.

If from time to time the child has blood running from the nose, it is worth visiting the pediatrician. The doctor will be able to determine the cause of this phenomenon and will make certain recommendations: either to increase the humidity in the room and to treat the mucosa with oils, or to look for factors that cause an increase in blood pressure. If the bleeding was small and happened only once, the doctor can not be visited, but to tell him about it on occasion still worth it.

Frequent nosebleeds in children may also indicate chronic anemia. In this case, even with a rapid stop of blood, it is worthwhile to visit a doctor, as the next time it may not work out as quickly as possible to stop bleeding, as a result of which the level of hemoglobin will decrease.

Prevention of nasal bleeding includes the following measures:

- the child's consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables;

- reception of vitamins in the spring;

- walks in the fresh air;

- physical activity;

- humidification of air in the room and its ventilation.

Blood from the nose during pregnancy

Many pregnant women complain of frequent bleeding from the nose. During pregnancy this phenomenon is considered quite natural, because in the body there are many changes, for example, the volume of blood that circulates through the vessels increases. This also provokes an increase in the burden on them. In addition, in the mucous membranes, the blood flow increases especially, during pregnancy, the sensitivity of the mucosa to environmental factors increases. With a simple drying of the envelope, blood can already go. Unpleasantness can happen because of increased fragility and permeability of the walls of blood vessels.

Bleeding in an apparently healthy person can talk about possible problems with his health, but in a pregnant woman it can occur at any slightest adverse effect. Seeking a doctor will not hurt, because the blood could go and because of high blood pressure, which can be dangerous for a pregnant woman.

In the absence of serious health problems, the doctor will most likely recommend enriching the diet with useful food, airing the apartment and moistening the air in it, and lubricating it with eucalyptus, peach or any other oil at the slightest drying out of the nasal mucosa.

Blood from the nose: what to do?

Those who suffer the question of how to cause blood from the nose, for example, it is easy to pass the exam, in most cases do not know how to stop it later. About the first aid in nosebleeds we have already described above. In the case of a single case, it is just for some time to carefully handle your nose, more precisely, with its mucous membrane, so as not to provoke repeated bleeding. If this phenomenon is observed often enough, this is an occasion to consult a doctor.

It also happens that the nosebleeds do not stop for 15 minutes or more. If you can not stop the blood, you need to get qualified medical help as soon as possible. The problem may be poor blood clotting. With frequent bleeding, treatment methods such as a tamponade( cotton swab) of the nasal cavity or surgical intervention can be used.

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