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Quail eggs have long been famous for their original appearance, miniature, a lot of valuable substances.

It is important to properly prepare a natural product so that your dishes are really useful and tasty, and quail eggs retain all their valuable properties, pleasant consistency.

Remember how much to cook quail eggs. You will certainly need this information, because this product is really worth including in the menu, wanting to strengthen the body. In this case, the right cooking guarantees the safety of valuable trace elements, amino acids and vitamins.

Have you decided to find out exactly how much better to quail eggs? Want to please your loved ones with delicious dishes? Consider the main methods of cooking, useful tips and algorithms.

Cooking or not cooking? Why do many people prefer to make thermal processing of quail eggs

How long does it take to quail a quail egg? Should I heat them at all? Some people first of all have doubts about the efficiency of egg preparation.

Quails are practically not subject to infectious diseases, therefore experts note that quail eggs can not be cooked. The likelihood of infection with salmonellosis when eating such eggs is extremely low.

However, in most cases, the housewives prefer to handle this product. When you learn how much to cook quail eggs, you will be able to determine exactly which method suits you best. They do not have to be hard-boiled, digested. You can boil eggs soft, in a bag, make a delicious dish poached.

People often brew quail eggs, because eggs cooked in this way have several advantages.

  • Eggs need to be cooked, if you are going to feed them a child, make a lure of the baby. In this case, it is appropriate to treat the eggs thermally, since they are better absorbed.
  • Many mothers prefer to cook quail eggs for their children, because teenagers simply do not like them raw, it's almost impossible to force them to eat a whipped egg mass. There are beautiful little eggs, hard-boiled and put in a salad, placed on sandwiches, much more interesting.
  • It is necessary to cook eggs, if there is the slightest doubt about the integrity of the shell. It is important to remember that even quail eggs can still be a source of various microbes. For example, if the shell is damaged, any foreign infection could penetrate the quail eggs. It is enough to heat them to minimize the possibility of infection.
  • The taste of raw eggs, too, is not liked by everyone.
If you want to keep the maximum of valuable substances in the product, it is enough to boil it soft, having spent for this two minutes. The taste will immediately become more familiar, while all useful properties will be preserved.
  • It is necessary to cook quail eggs to diversify the menu. It is the eggs cooked in this way can be added to most dishes, decorating with them salads, sandwiches.

Be sure to remember how much it is possible to prepare quail eggs, because they are very easy to over-rest on the stove. Then they lose many valuable properties, taste good, they become too dense.

How many minutes do you need to make quail eggs? A few secrets and recommendations from

Do you think how long it takes to dig a quail's testicles? Be sure to pay attention to some of the nuances that your dishes were delicious and useful.

It is necessary to follow the basic principles of product preparation, otherwise most of the useful substances will be destroyed due to excessive heat treatment.

  • If you want to get the most vitamins, amino acids, minerals, but at the same time boil the eggs, select the cooking for one minute. You must first warm the quail eggs well, gently wash them, and then gently lower them into the boiling water.
    For one minute you will get quail eggs cooked "in a bag".
    You can eat them without taking off the shell. It is enough to cut the top often near the blunt end, and then take out the center of the spoon.
  • We decided to cook quail eggs for the baby? Then it is advisable to cook them a little longer. We can not be 100% sure of the quality of the products, so even quail eggs need to be processed well before giving them to the baby. Your child will definitely like bright sandwiches with small quail eggs, hard boiled.
  • Note that quail eggs are cooked much faster than chicken eggs.
Within two minutes you have to boil soft-boiled eggs. If you keep them in boiling water for more than two minutes, there will be no liquid yolk inside.
  • Do you think how much to cook quail eggs hardboiled? Do you want to calmly add them to salads, various dishes, decorate them with sandwiches?
Quail eggs are hard boiled no more than 4 minutes. Otherwise, they will become "rubber", lose a pleasant taste and lose the bulk of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • Always remember that you decided to cook exactly quail, not chicken eggs. We must carefully monitor the time so as not to spoil the product. If you keep quail eggs in boiling water for 5 minutes, they will already become noticeably less useful, tasteless.
  • For a long time it is impossible not only to cook, but also just to keep the testicles in hot water. They should be immediately removed from the pot with a noise, otherwise they will be digested. Note that even being in a hot saucepan spoils the quail eggs. Once the right time has passed, not more than five minutes, you must immediately take out the testicles and put them on a separate dish.
If you decide to cook quail eggs without shell, you need to keep them in boiling water for no more than 3 minutes. You will have an excellent dish - poached.

Such eggs are very popular with children, gourmets, connoisseurs of original solutions. The taste of eggs will be neutral, they will retain many useful substances.

It is necessary to cook quail eggs correctly, always follow the time. If you follow the recommendations, your dishes will be especially useful and tasty.

Cook quail eggs. Useful tips and algorithms

To make your dishes really tasty, attracted by beauty, supplied the body with all useful substances, you need to take advantage of several useful tips.

It's best to make quail eggs according to the algorithm. Pay attention not only to how much it is necessary to prepare the testicles, but also to the very principle of cooking.

  1. Gently wash the quail eggs with cool water, try not to damage the shell.
  2. Then leave them at room temperature for about an hour to keep them warm. A sharp temperature drop can lead to cracking of the shell if you put eggs in the boiling water from the refrigerator.
  3. It is advisable to bring quail eggs to boil in water, rather than immerse them immediately into boiling water. So they are better cooked, they will heat up gradually. In the water should be added a little salt, preventing the cracking of shells.
    How long does it take to cook eggs so that they have the optimum taste, have stored more valuable substances? Best of all - within three minutes. The yolk may remain slightly liquid.
  4. If you do not like too soft yolks, want to get quail eggs for salads, sandwiches, they need to be cooked for 4 minutes. When the eggs are very fresh, they are obtained from a young quail, they should be cooked for 5 minutes. Such eggs you will recognize by a softer shell, a light shade.
  5. You can drain the hot water from the pan completely, and then pour the eggs with cold water. So do many mistresses, wanting to cool the testicles. Then they are easier to clean, you can immediately cut.
    A good option is to remove eggs with a noise. It is best to transfer them to another dish, which does not have to be cooled with eggs. It can also be filled with cold water.

Many people like eggs cooked without shell. They need to be cooked in lightly salted water for three minutes. To accurately break the quail egg, do not damage the tender coat of protein, it is important to act properly, carefully.

The egg is cut off with a knife from the blunt end, and through the formed hole it slowly pours out into boiling water. When it takes no more than three minutes, you need to remove the cooked quail eggs with a jerk and put it on the dish.

Do you want to easily clean the eggs? Then you just need to put them in cool water. Some housewives prepare a weak solution of vinegar, in order to quickly process the testicles.

It's enough to hold them in a solution, cool water just a couple of minutes. The shell is perfectly removed without the slightest problem.

Now you know how much to quail a quail egg. They will remain tasty, delicate, preserve the whole complex of valuable substances, amino acids and vitamins. It is important to carefully monitor the time, do not prepare the quail's testicles for more than five minutes.

Boiled quail eggs can be marinated - recipe in video:

Remember that they are cooked faster than chicken eggs. Make quail eggs hard-boiled, soft, "in a bag", enjoy the tender taste of eggs, cooked without shell. Bon Appetit!

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