Hollywood diet

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This diet can be described as one of the fastest diets for losing weight: it is helped by Hollywood stars, when you need to quickly bring the figure in order to a new role.

Principles of the Hollywood diet

The Hollywood diet obliges the slimming to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and fats, and also aims to reduce the calorie content of food in general. It prohibits a significant amount of foods and salt, so that the liquid from the body will be released to cheers. Sugar and all its types are also excluded from the diet, as well as alcohol, which can arouse appetite.

Foods containing protein, on the contrary, are in priority. Meat and fish dishes, eggs - that's what you should choose. Vegetables and fruits are also allowed to be consumed, but only those that contain few carbohydrates.

The total calorie content of foods consumed during the day ranges from 600 to 800 CKal. In view of such a meager diet, a sharp decrease in weight is inevitable. The duration of the Hollywood diet should not exceed two weeks.

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Menu of the Hollywood diet

Breakfast all the days of this diet are the same: two oranges and a cup of coffee or tea without sugar. Lunch and dinner differ on different days of the week.

Let's start with the first day. For a lunch of drinks, coffee or green tea should be preferred, and no more than one cup should be drunk. Next, use a chicken egg or a couple of quail. Now dinner. Grapefruit( half), a simple cabbage-cucumber salad, of course, not filling it with oil or sour cream, and again eggs, one chicken or two quail.

The next day we have a whole grapefruit dinner, two quail eggs or one chicken egg. From drinks - the same as the first day. We dine with beef, which contains little fat( 200 g.), Cucumber, and drink - traditionally.

On the third day, lunch is the same as the first, and dinner - as on the second day of the diet.

Lunch of the fourth day consists of cabbage-cucumber salad, grapefruit, from drinks again green tea or coffee. The dinner menu includes the following products: fat-free cottage cheese( 200 g), quail eggs( 2 pieces) or chicken egg( one).

On the fifth day we again eat quail or chicken egg. We complement the menu with a salad of white cabbage, coffee or green tea. Dinner: steamed or boiled fish( 200 g), cucumber cabbage salad, drinks - traditional green tea or coffee.

On the sixth day we make a fruit apple-orange-grapefruit salad, and for dinner we need to eat boiled beef( 200g.), Cabbage-cucumber salad, traditional drink: either coffee or tea.

Finally, the seventh day. You can eat boiled chicken( 200 g), cabbage-cucumber salad, grapefruit or orange, we drink down previously labeled drinks. We choose fruit for dinner.

To fix the result, it is necessary to return to the first after the seventh day and repeat the cycle completely. Within two weeks, you can lose up to 10 kilograms.

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