Diet on cucumbers and yogurt

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Perhaps every girl thought, especially often in the spring, about how you can lose weight quickly and without complications. Otherwise, you can forget about transparent blouses and tight T-shirts. Here is one quick and easy way. Recently, the diet on kefir and cucumbers is gaining popularity.

The essence of the diet is that the body, getting these two components, quickly cleared. In addition, these two products replace almost the entire daily diet.

Benefits of cucumbers and kefir

Cucumber is a fairly low-calorie food. It basically consists of water, which flushes out unnecessary substances and liquid from the food tract. Copes well with the swelling of the extremities. The cucumber is loose, if it gets into the stomach it takes up all the space. This means that a person does not feel hungry for a long time.

Cucumbers are extremely important for the stable functioning of the pancreas. They do not burden her. Thus, the body has more strength to digest the rest of the food. Cucumbers help reduce blood pressure, normalize the heartbeat. Iodine, which is contained in cucumbers, the body absorbs the whole. Hence, consumption of cucumbers helps to cope with thyroid gland diseases. Cucumbers of small size contain a sufficient amount of vitamin C, and large conversely. It is worth considering this factor, based on acidity in the stomach.

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When choosing this diet, keep in mind that cucumbers are in themselves a laxative product. It has long been known that cucumbers rejuvenate the body. Their consumption in food will restore the tissues of the intestines and stomach, and also improve the skin color.

Kefir is the most useful of fermented milk products. Useful bacteria, with which kefir is produced, benefit absolutely everything. A glass of kefir drink before bed is prescribed for cholecystitis, dysbacteriosis, and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

For all ages kefir is considered a useful product. It is the main source of calcium in the body. Quite cheap, kefir is an excellent product for diets of various directions.

Rules of kefir-cucumber diet

Kefir-cucumber diet can last no more than five days, because the body should not be exhausted by a monotonous menu. After losing weight, weight should always be regulated by a non-strict diet. Otherwise, all your work will be useless.

During the day it is recommended to drink no more than 2 liters of kefir( 1% fat), with a weight of 70 kg, a daily dose of cucumbers about 1.5 kg. Tea and mineral water in large quantities are allowed.

Cucumber-kefir diet is very tough. But if you need to urgently lose weight, then for this it will do. Do not forget to do unloading kefir days at least every 2 months.

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