Fungus in the ear is a pathological process in which a fungal lesion is applied to the ear canal. This disease is called otomycosis. It is the heaviest form of mycosis. And this is due to the fact that fungi inflict damage not only to the outer, but also to the inner part of the ear. Diagnosis of the disease can be both in children and adults. There are many reasons for its development. Therefore, when drawing up a therapy scheme, it is important to understand what led to the development of the pathological process.


  • 1 Symptoms
    • 1.1 Stage of precursors
    • 1.2 Acute
    • 1.3 Chronic course
    • 1.4 Postoperative cavity injury
  • 2 Causes of


than to treat a fungus in the ears of people

The human ear fungus can be of several types. It is from the type of the affected microorganism that the symptoms and the color of the discharge will differ.

There are such types of fungi:

  • moldy;
  • yeast-like;
  • is especially pathogenic.

The clinical picture of the pathological process under consideration proceeds in several stages. Each stage has its own symptoms and requires adequate treatment. Otomycosis can occur in the following stages:

  • Stage of precursors;
  • Stage of acute inflammation;
  • Chronic stage. Stage

    The first stage is the initial stage of the pathological process. At this stage, the protective film leaves the skin surface. This leads to the development of puffiness and clogging of the skin glands. At the initial stage of the disease the patient feels mild or moderate itching, a feeling of stuffiness in the ear.

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    Initially, these symptoms are of a periodic nature, but in the absence of adequate therapy, it can become permanent.

    Zaloozhennost and itching are obvious symptoms of sulfuric cork. For this reason, most people try to carry out cleansing activities using a cotton swab. The result of this procedure is injury to the tympanic membrane, which only aggravates the course of the pathological process.

    The video shows the symptoms of the ear fungus in humans:


    auricle fungus in humans

    When the stage of acute inflammation occurs, the following symptoms are attached to the symptoms listed above:

    • Severe puffiness of the external dry passage;
    • Painful symptoms that have a pronounced character: can go to the neck, teeth and head;
    • Purulent discharge from the ear, which may have whitish-gray blotches;
    • Decreased auditory activity;
    • Symptoms of intoxication: fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, headache.

    In case of a fungal ear infection, the pathological process can affect only the external auditory canal.

    If you do not start timely therapy, the position of the patient is aggravated, as the inflammation passes to the eardrum and the middle ear cavity. In such a course of the disease, the patient's condition worsens, as the pain and hearing loss increase.

    Chronic Current

    ear fungus

    When the disease has passed to the chronic stage, the patient has 2 periods - remission and exacerbation. For the remission phase, the symptoms are not expressed, sometimes the patient himself does not feel anything. All that can happen is a slight itch and periodic stuffiness.

    And here at an exacerbation the symptomatology is more expressed. In this case, when examined, the doctor notes the dryness of the auditory passage, which contains particles of deafened skin. This stage is content with the dangerous, because untimely medical help can lead to hearing loss.

    Lesion of the postoperative cavity

    If one more stage of the fungal lesion of the postoperative cavity. It occurs as a result of a radical operation, in which an autopsy was performed and the cells of the mastoid process were screened against the background of a chronic course of purulent otitis. The fact is that in the ear passage for a long time there is a cotton swab impregnated with an antibiotic. This can affect the development of otomycosis.

    But in patients with severe concomitant pathologies, for example, diabetes mellitus, the pathological process will proceed much more aggressively. Reproduction and distribution of fungus can occur in deep divisions and vessels. This can lead to fatal complications, including fungal meningitis, sepsis and vein thrombosis.

    Everyone should be more attentive to the changes taking place in the body. This will allow to diagnose the disease at the initial stage and shorten the duration of therapy. In addition, timely treatment will avoid serious complications.

    On the photo - fungus of the auricle:

    ear fungus

    Fungus of the auricle

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    Causes of

    weak immunity

    Before moving on to treatment of ear infection with a fungus, it is necessary to understand what caused this disease. After all, treatment should be directed not only at eliminating symptoms, but also as a fundamental factor. Today, various reasons can influence the development of the fungal infection process.

    The most popular and frequently encountered are:

    1. Weak immunity .Very often the defenses of the body fail due to illness, malnutrition, bad habits. This all creates favorable conditions for the development of the fungus, because when it penetrates the body can not give proper rebuff. In addition, a decrease in immunity is possible because of prolonged stress. Injury of the aisle .Very often, the damage is done by people themselves, when they take various unsuitable devices for cleaning the ear canal. To prevent this, do not use pins, matches and knitting needles. Ears can be cleaned only with specially designed ear waxes for this purpose.
    2. Other ailments of the external ear.
    3. Prolonged intake of potent drugs, which include antibiotics, hormones.
    4. Water penetration into the outer ear .It can occur when swimming in the sea, swimming pool.
    5. Use of other devices for ear cleaning.
    6. Incorrect cleaning of ears with cotton buds.

    Sometimes the fungus develops even in people who are excessively clean. And this is due to the fact that they remove earwax. But it is she who creates a reliable protection against the active spread of the ear fungus.

    Fungal ear infection today is very common. This disease, which can occur in several forms and stages, each of which has its own symptoms. To prevent the development of this ailment and not run around hospitals, taking tests and attending medical procedures. Do not allow the development of the pathological process is possible only with persistent immunity and regular hygiene of the ear canal.