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Though women and borrowed in wardrobe tie, to make its appearance is non-trivial and novelty, this element of the wardrobe can be rightly called a real men's accessory. When you want to add an image and look laconically, courageously and solidly, to help men come the familiar tie, which still does not give up its position in fashion.

What you need to know about the tie?

Do you wear it long enough period of time or decide to get them just recently saw the new current model - is not so important. First, let's easy to determine what you can wear a tie and how to do it, and after you decide whether or not to implement this item of clothing in your basic wardrobe.tie

It is properly selected tie focuses on itself all the attention of others and makes the girls make you a nice compliment about your appearance presentable. Therefore, when choosing the right products its decision in favor of one or another model should be made, taking into account several fundamental qualities of this product:

  1. Male tie should consist of three parts, while for the production of lower-cost and low-quality versions use just two.
  2. product price also depends on the lining material. The most expensive models, it is 100% wool.
  3. tie 2Check the back of the tie. The hallmark of high-quality expensive options is to have a cross-seam, which connects the two side parts of the product. But many of the cheaper models often neglect this important detail.
  4. Put the tie should hang smoothly without any twisting. This point should be checked, as in the store before making a purchase. Pay attention to the end of the tie: it should hang straight, and the presence of imperfections or irregularities indicative of inadequate as a commodity.
  5. Almost all models are made of silk, but even such a material is not a guarantee of high quality products. If the production of silk used rough lowest quality, the tie will be extremely unpleasant to the touch, and its villi will cling to your hand.
  6. Wanting to save your finances and giving preference options of polyester, you will not get the desired appearance, and unnatural shine tie will give your secret to all people around.

Actual form ties this season

Responding to the male issue of how to wear a tie, stylists claim that this season, the element of the wardrobe not only is the personification formal and business-like manner, but is also used to create a free casual style casual, perfectly combined with jackets, T-shirts and even torn jeans. Are you surprised?

To thoroughly understand, what things should be combined men's tie, let's focus on the trend forms products that are most relevant in this season:

Herring. Classical models of all as popular, but over time they are played with new textures, forms and methods of wear, thus creating relevant and improved variants autfitov.

butterfly tieshawl necktie herring

This season should be chosen narrow ties of medium length that were created in the 60s of the last century. Mix and match the model with a suit and a shirt, and your image will be the embodiment of the present business dress code.

What is remarkable is that some designers offer to fill the end product of the times, making everyone wonder this extraordinary method of socks.

Wide ties and cravats. Relevant options for a wide variety of contrasting colors combined with a bold and bright print.

It is not necessary to pick up the product tone on tone to the outfit. You can give preference to school with a saturated color of a tie, which will be the main focus of your whole image.

All those wishing to show their creativity stylists recommend choosing a model with active print: cell, strip or abstract pattern - the choice depends only on the creativity and imagination.

Butterfly. Optionally use this element only on special occasions. For the second season in a row male butterflies are complementary daily way, if combined with sweaters and vests.

butterfly with a jacketButterfly jacketedtie and cardigan

This element looks very harmoniously combined with a sporty blazer or cardigan, and complement the image of comfortable loafers or sneakers wide variety of shades.

Popular prints

  1. Speck. This figure is able to minimize potential missteps with the choice, because in this case the error eliminated. If you are bored with plain options products, but are afraid miscalculate with the purchase, with print tie speckled will be a great innovation in your men's locker room.
    When choosing a business suit to this accessory, it is better to give preference to self-colored models, but if you do decide to combine with speckled costume in a cage or with another print, then be sure to purchase plain shirt colors, so that the image did not look too pretentious and tasteless.
  2. Strip. Such a classic of the genre always helps to create a stylish and sleek masculine image. This season, as in the past, all the attention paid to the contrast model, when on a black background are bright white accents or blue background is diluted with fresh saturated greens. Strip itself can be performed in both the vertical and horizontal direction in an unusual. As for the second option, then here it is recommended to pick things up very carefully.
    tie in small stripestie with stripestie speckled

    Tie in a horizontal strip of perfectly only with the clothes of the smooth plain materials, But with the coloring of the image can experiment by selecting a sufficiently bold or plain combination. The main thing - try not to overdo it. Stop at any one scheme - cold or warm.

From what to wear a tie?

If before the tie was used to create extremely business-like manner, today undergo the strongest combinations of options metamorphoses that can combine with each other incongruous things, embodying the most daring and extravagant ideas designers.

The main highlight of the season is the use of a tie when creating thoughtful casual-bow, completely moving away from all the usual and boring office style.
  • If before this element wardrobe combined with a classic suit or a triple deuce, tie today becomes an integral part of the multi-layer autfitov when combining several options for outdoor clothing.
  • This can be a shirt, vest or supplemented cardigan, which is put on top of a bright sports blazer jacket or demi-season practical.
  • During the summer, designers are advised to combine a tie not only with trousers or jeans, but shorts, using additional accessories in the form of hours, stylish hats and bags.
    tie and jackettie with shortstie and vest

Tips stylists

  1. In that case, if you're not a fan of this element of the male wardrobe, but life circumstances force you use the tie to certain events can be purchased at least one version of the product with one-color black coloring. This model is considered to be the most practical and functional, so as a base member, she simply must have in the wardrobe of every man.
  2. Inexperienced people this board will surprise, but even if you select the ordinary tie should focus on the time of year. In winter jackets preferred tweed or flannel cloth, and so the most harmonious addition will tie of wool material.
    But in the warm season, when worn summer blazers will be very appropriate cotton neckties wide variety of prints and colors.
  3. Choosing Tie clip, remember that it should not be wider than the product itself, and use it solely to fasten accessory jacketed and not to connect two separate parts of a tie. If you do not intend to hide the clip from the views of others, then kill it it between the second and third buttons of his shirt. If you do not want to show it to outsiders, then fasten the product between the third and fourth buttons, hiding under the lapel clip.

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