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Decorate your marigolds without visiting the salon - the dream of most women of fashion. Today in the arsenal of nail design there is a new "chip": stamping for nails. Prints are created with a special rubber stamp, metal disc and acrylic paints, which eliminates the use of stickers and hand-painted. The adaptation is simple, and the application technology is so simple that you can bring your marigolds in order in 10-15 minutes. The use of stamping significantly reduces the costs for the services of a master of nail art.

Spectacular express manicure

Create an attractive manicure modern girls need as quickly as possible. And besides beauty, fashionistas are interested in how to save money. In this case, stamping is the ideal solution. The tool enables:

  • to work with complex and small patterns, accurately and accurately transfer them to marigolds;
  • receiving a bright, original design manicure;
  • simplicity and convenience of technology, available even for those who are just mastering the nail design;
  • saving salon procedure - the technique of stamping is extremely simple;
  • decorating not only marigolds, because drawings can easily decorate gadgets, jewelry, caskets, kitchen utensils;
  • create amazing prints that do not repeat manually.

Marigold stamps rationalize the use of your free time. But you need to buy tools and learn the technique of work.

Tools required for drawings

The standard set of nail stamping is sold in any cosmetics store. It usually includes:

  • Plates or disks of metal, on which engraved drawings. There are several of them, so it's easy to find a pattern to your taste.
  • Stamp resembling a seal. Designed to transfer the pattern from the plate to the coating.
  • Scrapers - a special scraper made of plastic in the form of a smooth knife with a handle. It is necessary to remove the lacquer residues from the plate. This achieves clarity and beauty of drawings.
  • Special dyes for working with stamping. Externally similar to varnishes, but with a thicker consistency. Thanks to her paint does not spread.

When choosing a set, check the quality of the materials. Disks and plates should be hard enough, and scrapers - absolutely smooth, without rough edges. Look at the certificates, holograms. A good stamping set can not be cheap.

In addition to the basic materials, take care of the presence of a coating base, the means for the substrate and decor, nail polish remover, topcoat.
It's quite difficult to make a picture with usual varnishes. Their structure can be liquid, therefore it is recommended to use shellac or a gel-like agent.

Features of

technology The technique of stamping on nails covered with gel-varnish is similar to working with a conventional decorative tool. Beautiful nail design is embodied as follows.

Applying Gel Lacquer

  1. Wash hands, towel dry and apply antiseptic.
  2. Scrub the nails with a soft( 240 grit) or stiff( 180 grit) nail file. This is necessary to remove the shine. Brush the dust with a brush.
  3. Degrease the marigold with dehydrator. For durability of gel-varnish coating, use a primer that dries for 1-3 minutes.
  4. Apply a gel base and dry for 1 minute in a UV lamp.
  5. Cover the nails with gel-varnish in one layer and dry in the lamp for 2 minutes. Apply a second layer and also dry. Dispersion is not necessary to remove.
  6. Cover the nails with top and dry in the lamp for 2 minutes. Remove the dispersion layer with a liquid or alcohol wipe.


Stamping for nails with gel-varnish is good because the pattern can be adjusted. But the gel coating acts only as the main tone, on the marigold it is imprinted poorly. Use special acrylic paints or conventional varnish.

  1. Wipe the disc with acetone. So the patterns will be clear and even.
  2. Apply primer to the nail, dry in a lamp. Apply the main color, dry in a lamp.
  3. Cover the metal plate with the selected color, remove the excess scrap. You need to tilt the scraper at an angle of 45 degrees and hold it over the disc.
  4. From the nail, remove the sticky layer with an alcohol wipe or cotton pad moistened in a nail polish remover.
  5. Pat the pattern with a stamp, trying to roll it a little. Transfer it to the nail in the same way. Dry in the lamp for 2 minutes.
  6. Cover the nail with topcoat and dry in the lamp for 2 minutes.

Be sure to remove the dispersion layer. If the result is not liked, it can always be fixed - just wipe with a liquid to remove the varnish. Do this before drying in a UV lamp.

Stamping for nails( video)

Stamping tricks

Any manicure requires training. From the first time you will not get a beautiful print, so you need to be patient. Masters of nail art recommend the following:

  • Practice stamping for marigolds on the cover that needs to be removed. So you get the hang of holding the stamp, working with the scrapers and printing patterns.
  • Carefully choose a liquid that removes the remnants of gel-varnish from the plate. As part of the funds should not be oil, because the figure will be indistinct.
    Cover-the basis of trying to choose without sparkles. Images look beautiful on contrast gel-lacquer, glitter make them vague.
  • The paint from the scrapper you used was wiped with a napkin. Do not wait until it dries.
  • On a metal disc, the varnish dries faster than on the nails. The picture should be transferred as soon as possible, otherwise it will not be fully visible.
  • Do not work near an air conditioner, an open window, in a warm room. You will not have time to stamp stamping.
  • Paint or shellac applied over the entire surface of the stencil plate. So he will evenly enter the indentations. It is better to immediately think about the angle of placing the picture on the nails.
  • Do not put cream on your hands, so stamping is not printed.
  • Removing the remains of the paint can be made with a cotton swab soaked in a nail polish remover. Try applying strips of scotch to the skin or disc, and then remove. But this is aerobatics.
  • The image is covered with paint extremely neatly. Try lifhak from the masters of manicure: apply to the plate-stencil fixer.

Quality and accurate nail stamping design is possible, if you choose the right colors. Stay on the acrylic lacquer - the drawings will be colorful and bulky.

How to choose the right varnish?

Usually, the stamping kit contains acrylic or gel based paints. If they are over or you have purchased a kit without colors, look for an alternative. When choosing a varnish, which will make patterns, pay attention to the following:

  • Consistency. A dense tool will ensure the clarity of the drawings, will not spread and prevent blurry prints.
  • Pigmentation. Play on the contrasts: a manicure should have clear boundaries of the picture and background. Selecting close on the shades of varnish, you risk getting a blurry design.
  • Basis. It is allowed to use a glossy coating, but the matte background looks best.

Want to work with paints? No problem! Decorative coating allows you to create unprecedented beauty patterns. Acrylic compositions are relatively inexpensive and sold in sets. You do not need to look for a bright tube, they are sold in all cosmetics stores.

Please note that acrylic paint can easily carry a large pattern. Thin lines and miniature elements are easier to carry with varnishes.

Fashion accents

When choosing a color coating, focus on the trend of nail stamping design. In favor of nude tones, which give the manicure accuracy. Dwell on beige, pale coral, powdery, corpulent, picking it up under a shade of skin.

Classics of manicure - scarlet color in all its variations. Do not give up wine, scarlet, burgundy, pink or terracotta. At the peak of the nail art fashion is neon. Experiment with acid combinations of yellow, pink, blue and green.

Coated textures also matter. Stamping can be created using velvet matte tools, using them as a basis. Combine it with metallic tones, but avoid pearlescent structures.

Drawing for marigold stamping modern fashion trends suggest the following:

  • Thoughtful geometry. Strict stripes, triangles, squares and figures look modern and unusual.
  • Exquisite vintage. Lacy patterns, openwork nail plate, coquettish fragment on the tips of the marigolds at the peak of fashion.
  • Predatory animalistics. Animal print is again in fashion that will please lovers of manicure a la zebra, a tiger or a leopard and even an imitation of snake skin.
Those who are wary of experiments with stamping, it is recommended to refer to the classic combinations of black and metallic, black and nude, negative space( partially visible areas of the nail).

The main thing in creating an attractive manicure is to master the technique of transferring prints and to have a taste to choose a combination of shades.

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