How to decorate wedding glasses with your own hands

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Wedding is a landmark event in the life of a couple. But for the event to be a success, and the memories from it remained only the warmest, you need to carefully plan everything, because every detail is important. For example, the decoration of wedding glasses with their own hands under the power of each bride, and as a result will be unique accessories, which are nowhere else to be found.

Each couple wants their wedding ceremony to be the best, original, exclusive, memorable. A huge role is played by the external side of the event: the design of cars, hall, tables. Recently, the decor is accepted to be trusted by specialists, but their services are not cheap, and the result often looks rather stereotyped. Why not decorate yourself?

The decor of wedding glasses will make any celebration bright and memorable. Such unusual accessories attract attention, decorate the table and memorable photos. And after the holiday a couple of decorated glasses become a real family treasure, reminiscent of a happy day.

How to create original glasses

Decorating wedding glasses with your own hands may seem complicated, but only desire plays a role. Some methods of decorating require special skills, others can master even a beginner, so among the many options, everyone can pick up something of their own.

Decorating glasses for the wedding can be various methods and materials. Choose the one that is closest in spirit and ability, do not try to immediately take on difficult, because even a simple decor can look spectacular. Study photos and master classes, and do not necessarily completely copy the products, try to make something special in the design, so that the wedding glasses correspond to the character and mood of your future ceremony.

You can decorate at once all the wine glasses or just glasses of the groom and the bride. The latter may be the same or, on the contrary, radically different, but the style of design must be the same. The same applies to the design of all the glasses for the wedding ceremony: the wine glasses for the couple can have a lush decor, the individual features of which will be repeated on the guest.

For decorating wedding glasses with their own hands use:

  • Paints( acrylic, stained glass) and sequins.
  • Ribbons, braid, lace.
  • Beautiful textiles.
  • Beads, beads, crystals, crystals.
  • Artificial flowers, their individual elements
  • Decoupage or applications from paper, textiles, feathers, flowers, shells, buttons.


Painting is the simplest and at the same time complex method of decoration of wedding glasses. The complexity of the picture directly depends on the skills of the decorator. It can be:

  • All kinds of ornaments covering the entire surface of the glass or only a part of it. Floral, plant, lace, fantasy - any!
  • Drawings of wedding subjects: rings, doves, flowers, hearts, miniature images of the groom with the bride, including schematic.
  • The inscriptions are greeting or unique. For example, you can write the name of the invited guest on each glass, and on the leg - the date of the wedding, let everyone have a pleasant reminder and a souvenir after the celebration.
  • Abstract patterns made in different colors.

For the painting use:

  • Acrylic paints that do not wear off with time and from constant contact with hands.
  • Glitters are white, colored or gold contoured paints with a convenient applicator for applying fine lines. There are species with the effect of 3D, used to create a volumetric decor.
  • Special markers.
  • Stained-glass paints.

With the help of stained-glass paints, you can create your own masterpiece by painting your glasses at once in several colors, and the borders are surrounded with gold or silver glitter.

Colors and themes for the decoration of wedding glasses should be selected based on the general style of the event, the nature of the marrying, even the time of year and the place of celebration can make a difference. Finished products should look harmoniously on the table and in hands.

If your own artistic abilities are not enough, the drawing of patterns will help stencils, which, incidentally, can also be made independently from ordinary paint tape. This can be simple stripes of different widths that are glued on the glasses in a certain or chaotic order, and the spaces between them are colored with the selected colors. When the paint dries, the adhesive tape needs to be carefully removed.

An alternative to painting will be the decoration of wedding glasses with sequins. It is easy to do it yourself, even without the presence of artistic skills:

  1. Use the glue of the pencil to smear the surface of the glass in the required places, for example, from the toe to the middle.
  2. Do not wait for the glue to dry out, abundantly sprinkle the glass with glitter( gold or silver).
  3. When the glue dries completely, shake off any excess sparkles.
  4. You can grease the surface of the glass not entirely, but by drawing glue ornament, heart, initials, etc.
  5. Thus you can decorate a lot of glasses, a method that is low-cost both in terms of finance and time, and finished products look very impressive.

By the way, glasses of guests can be decorated with sequins of any color, and for the bride and groom to use white and black.


Decoration of wine glasses with ribbons takes a special place in the wedding decor. Such products look professional, expensive and very stylish.

The simplest variant is simply to tie a satin ribbon of the desired shade around the legs of the glasses. Such a detail will effectively complement the decor with sequins of the same color.

From satin ribbons you can make roses or small bows, fix them with a glue gun on the whole surface of the glass in the form of a spiral. In the center of each flower or bow you can paste rhinestones or beads. If there are indents between the elements, they can be filled with chains of beads or strasses. A thinner ribbon of the same color should be tightly or with gaps wrapped around the stem of the glass, having smeared it with PVA glue.

The groom's glass can be decorated with black ribbons, and brides - with white ribbons. If desired, it is worth working on the details, making for a man's accessory a tuxedo from a different width of ribbons, and for a woman's dresses, laces, rhinestones, black or white beads will help.


Decorating wedding glasses with your own hands with the help of lace will add any triumph of refinement, grace and romance. From this material, you can make elegant skirts for wine glasses, complementing them with decorations from ribbons or beads.

Spectacular glasses look, the surface of which is covered with a lace mesh. The leg of such a glass can be decorated with a bow of satin ribbon, decorative cord and even string.

The process itself is quite simple:

  1. From lace or openwork tape cut a piece that is 1-2 cm longer than the circle of the glass.
  2. Lubricate the lace and the surface of the glass( with an indent from the edge) with PVA glue.
  3. Apply the cloth to the glass, spread out and press firmly on the hands for a few minutes.
  4. Remove excess adhesive with alcohol or warm water.
  5. Apply a thin satin ribbon on one side with glue and, from the edge of the wine glass stand, glue it in the form of a spiral, wrapping it around the entire surface of the stem and base.
  6. From a wide satin ribbon of the same or different color, fold the bow, fasten it to the base of the glass with an adhesive gun or silicone.

    Decorating wedding glasses with lace and ribbons

  7. Decorate a bow with a large crystal or bead.
  8. Small beads or rhinestones stick in different places on the surface of the lace.


Elegant and elegantly look wedding glasses, decorated with a thin gold or silver braid. It needs to be wrapped around the convex part of the base of the glass until about the middle, having previously smeared the glass or cord with glue. Between the turns it is better to leave small gaps, they will make the product visually easier, elegant.

A shiny cord can be tightly wrapped around the legs, this decor will be appropriate without additional decoration or as an additional element to the painting.

Very unusual, but extremely original look wedding glasses, decorated with string. This design should fully correspond to the style of the entire ceremony. For example, if the wedding is decorated in a marine style, then the legs of wine glasses can be densely wrapped with string, and at the base of the bowl, secure striped bows. As an additional decor, you can paste small shells, wooden beads, draw fish, ships, etc.

Bead jewelery

Beads, crystals, beads and other small accessories are widely used for decorating glasses. Such elements can be supplemented with almost any decor: painting, ribbons, flowers.

With the help of beads, it is possible to create ornaments on the surface of glass: lines, waves, curls, flowers, etc. Wedding glasses are luxuriously looked, the surface of which from the stem to the middle is completely lined with small round beads. Such a pearl coating is best used to decorate the groom and the bride's glasses: decorate her wine glass with white beads, his - black. Colors can be any other, depending on the style of the ceremony.

For securing beads to glass, it is best to use a transparent silicone, applying it point-wise with a gun.

Do you want to create an exclusive decoration for glasses by yourself? Decorate the legs with rhinestones, pasting them with a solid layer. The main part of the glass in this case should be left unchanged, so as not to overdo it with the design. The color of the crystals is still selected from the same style. Transparent - a universal option.

Flower petals

Alas, the petals of a living rose for decoration do not fit, they are too tender and short-lived, but they can be replaced by artificial ones. With their own hands, one can make an elegant and romantic decoration for wedding glasses. The color of the petals should be selected in accordance with the shade of real flowers present on the table.

One of the options for this decor is as follows:

  1. The surface of the glass should be thoroughly degreased.
  2. Artificial rose to make out petals, sort them by size.
  3. Apply the smallest petals to the base of the convex part of the glass and glue it on the edge.
  4. Stick a second layer of large-sized petals, making a small overlap, placing them over the empty spaces of the first layer.
  5. Repeat the action for each subsequent layer. In the end, you should get a rose, the core of which is the glass itself.

    Decorating the wedding glass with flower petals

  6. Apply a drop of dew to the petals with a silicone or transparent contour with a 3D effect.
  7. At the base of the flower, tie a leg with a satin ribbon, make a bow.
  8. The contour of the same color as the petals, write the names of the groom with the bride( on different wine glasses) at the top of the glass surface. On the legs you can designate the date of the wedding.

From several small artificial flowers you can make the whole composition, with which the bottom of the glass is decorated. Flowers should be glued around the bottom, additionally decorating the composition with branches of greenery or leaves. Complete the composition of a magnificent bow, tied around the legs. It is better to make it out of three ribbons of different width and texture: fine satin, medium lace and wide organza.

Decorator tips

Decorating wedding glasses with your own hands is fun, but to ensure that the result does not disappoint, take care of the small details:

  • The adhesive for attaching individual elements should be used for ceramics or glass, it must be transparent and quickly solidified. Instead, you can use a colorless silicone. Apply best with a special gun.
  • Beads and rhinestones are best attached to cyanoacrylate glue, it dries quickly, is not afraid of moisture.
  • For decoupage with lace, textiles or paper it is better to use PVA, it leaves no residue after drying, and all the defects are easily removed with the help of alcohol.
  • It is better to practice in advance on an unnecessary vessel, trying this or that technique.

Wedding glasses are fragile, like family life, so it's important to decorate them and take care for many years. And let there is a tradition by which the newlyweds beat their wine glasses for happiness, leave them ordinary glasses, and keep the decorated ones to remember together about the happy event.

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