Thermal underwear: how to choose, wear and wash

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Thermal underwear has become an integral part of our wardrobe. Clothing, originally created specifically for fans of active sports, fell in love with those who are far from jogging and walking on skis. Simply for the reason that such underwear, without creating excess volume and not constraining movements, perfectly retains heat and removes excess moisture. But in order for it to perform its functions, you need to know how to choose and how to wear thermal underwear. Otherwise, it will be just one more thing, which is spent a lot of money, and it is unclear why it lies in the closet.

Step One - Purchase

Thermal underwear is necessary for us to make staying on air in the cold season the most comfortable.

All people are different. Someone in the winter runs on skis, skates and slides, that is, moves very much and, accordingly, actively sweats. Sweat is allocated by our body in order to cool it. But in winter, wet clothing quickly cools and we become uncomfortable. For such cases, you need a thermal underwear made entirely of synthetics. This kind of clothing takes moisture away from the body and allows you to continue enjoying winter entertainment.

Others just like leisurely walks on winter evenings without any activity. They just need an extra layer of clothing that will keep the heat for a long time if necessary. For such cases, there is a thermal underwear with an admixture of natural fibers - wool, cotton or bamboo. It will not work for active people, because it will become soaked immediately, and it will become cold. And for a long stay in the open air is an excellent option, thanks to which it will be warm and comfortable.

Thermal underwear with an admixture of natural fibers for a long stay in the fresh air.

So, going to the store, first of all, it is necessary to decide for what purpose the thermal underwear is bought. Although, ideally, it is worth buying two sets at once:

  • for permanent socks with natural fibers, so as not to freeze;
  • synthetic underwear for active pastime.

To buy a thermal underwear is in a good store, best of all - in sports or for hunters and fishermen. Here you definitely will not be sold a fake under the guise of quality clothing. In addition to the composition, pay attention to the quality of tailoring. Good thermal underwear must be without seams and any convex parts. Since such clothes are worn on the naked body, any outstanding elements will simply interfere, or even completely rub. Therefore, if you see that there are convex seams on the thermal underwear, look for something else.

If the composition and quality of tailoring is arranged, you can safely go to the fitting room. And you need to measure thermal underwear, otherwise there is a risk that it will then simply not cope with its functions. The clothing of such a plan should be exactly in size and sit tight on the body. But, at the same time, nowhere to press and do not rub.

In theory, a good thermal underwear should sit tight on the body, but be invisible - almost like a second skin.

Only suitable for all these parameters, thermal underwear can be considered worthy to settle in your wardrobe. It is worth immediately preparing for the fact that it will not be cheap. But it is worth the money that you pay for it. Then, when you wear it in cold weather, you will never regret your purchase.

Step two - the toe

In order for the winter to be comfortable under any circumstances, little to understand how to buy. It is also important to know how to wear thermal underwear. Although, in fact, there are no special tricks here.

  1. Only special clothes are put on the naked body. The maximum that can be under it - panties made of cotton or bamboo. You should never wear thermal underwear on top of any other clothing. In this case, it completely loses all its properties. Do not be afraid that the contact of the laundry with the body will be uncomfortable. If the clothes were made of quality material, there will be no irritation.
  2. Wear thermal underwear on clean and dry skin.
  3. If the lingerie was bought for outdoor activities, i.e., made of synthetics, it is necessary to put on the second layer of clothing on top. Thermal underwear will remove excess moisture from the body, which will be absorbed into the next layer. With this task, cotton, bamboo or fleece can handle well. If you do everything right, then on the street you will not feel any cold, no wet clothes, no rise in body temperature. Fleece set can be put on and underwear, which is made with a mixture of natural fibers, if you are afraid to freeze. Although a good set of thermal underwear does not need to increase the protection against cold. Perhaps it's that with two layers with a leisurely walk you will even be hot.

    Fleece Set

Outerwear should ideally be a membrane. Despite the fact that you will have three sets of clothes, the stiffness of movements and excess weight will not be. Thermal underwear, second layer and membrane are light enough and thin so as not to interfere with winter rest and at the same time to keep warm and comfort to its owner.

These are the basic, quite simple, rules for wearing thermal underwear. If you are still in the store responsibly to purchase such clothes, then the subsequent wearing will not cause any difficulties. And winter with such reliable protection will only be a joy.

Step three - care

It is well known that underwear should be washed after each wearing. In a sense, thermal underwear is also lower, because it contacts the bare skin. Plus, it absorbs sweat.

Therefore, it is worth erasing the thermal underwear after every active rest.
Of course, if it was just a walk down the street, you can not send clothes to the laundry. It is unlikely that the laundry has become dirty, and frequent washing can worsen its properties.

If you decide that it's time to wash the thermal underwear, it's worth to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers. To do this, just look at the information on the label, it will help to bring the clothes in order and not spoil it. In the case when the label for some reason is not preserved, it is worth remembering the basic rules of washing thermal underwear:

  1. The high temperatures of such clothes are harmful. Wash linen should be in the water is not hotter than 40 degrees, and better - at 30.
  2. It is recommended careful mode. In the washing machine - a delicate washing mode.

    Thermal underwear is best washed by hand.

    And it's better to do everything with your hands in the basin. Strong dirt and hard spots on the thermal underwear will not be exactly. It must be cleaned of traces of sweat and scales of the skin, and with this you are quite capable of handling and hands. But you will be sure that the fabric will not deteriorate and lose its properties.

  3. When washing the thermal underwear, do not use a variety of bleach and powder enhancers. Do not use the powder itself, which clogs the pores of the laundry, and, as a consequence, reduces its properties. In order to wash the thermal underwear, it is worth using a special tool that can be purchased at any sports shop. Or you can apply a normal hair shampoo, which will perfectly cope with the task.
  4. You can not press the thermal underwear. In order to remove excess water, you can wrap the kit in a terry towel and leave it for 20 minutes in this form.
  5. Do not use heaters, fire, special household appliances when drying thermal underwear. It is best to simply spread out on a horizontal surface at room temperature.
  6. It is also impossible to iron thermal underwear. In principle, this is not necessary. Thanks to the synthetic component, it does not crumple and is ready to use immediately after drying.

Recommendations for the care of thermal underwear are simple enough, and accurate observance of them will help to retain for a long time those properties for the sake of which these clothes are bought. Related Videos:

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