Recipes of compotes from fresh strawberries

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Strawberry is a juicy, fragrant and delicious berry. Only from one thought about her mouth begins to fill with saliva. It is good as fresh, and in all sorts of desserts, jams, compotes. It is about how to cook compote from strawberries, and we will go further. Such a delicious drink will become your wand-help on a hot summer day, because it can be served by guests, in addition, it will appeal to both children and adults.

Use of strawberries

Regular consumption of strawberries, as well as all dishes from it, including compotes, will positively affect your health. Let's find out what kind of useful properties this delicious berry has.

  • Because there is a lot of potassium in the strawberry, it is good for the heart, normalizes blood pressure, saturates the brain with oxygen and relieves depressions and other nervous disorders.
  • Calcium and fluoride - a very important tandem of minerals, which is part of the strawberry. It is incredibly useful for teeth and bones.
  • Fresh strawberries are an excellent tool for the prevention of strokes, because it has a lot of magnesium.
  • This berry stimulates an increase in hemoglobin, so people suffering from its lack, it is necessary to lean on a fresh strawberry and compotes from it in the summer.
  • Few people know that there is more vitamin C in the strawberry than in the proverbial lemon. So if you want to strengthen your immunity and do not remember the cold in the winter, be sure to include strawberries in your diet in the summer.
  • Thanks to the high content of folic acid in the composition, this berry is very useful for pregnant women, as well as for those who are just planning a pregnancy.
  • Strawberry very gently cleanses the body, removes slag and other contaminants from it, lowers cholesterol.

In addition, strawberries are also a very low-calorie sweetness. In it only 41 kcal per 100 g of product. So, if you are on a diet, you can quite afford a delicious drink from this berry( of course, you do not need to abuse sugar).

A simple recipe for strawberry compote

With the preparation of compote, even a child can cope. Once you try to make this drink, you can easily improvise by changing the number of ingredients to your taste. You can make a compote of different sweets, and also more or less saturate it with a strawberry flavor.

If you do not yet know how to brew compote from a fresh strawberry, take as a basis this recipe. It is completely universal, so the result of your work will be all to taste.

For preparation the following ingredients will be needed:

  • Fresh strawberry - 1 glass.
  • Water - 2-3 cups.
  • Sugar - 4-5 tbsp.spoons.

To weld the compote, follow the step by step instructions:

  1. Rinse the berries thoroughly and clean them from the stems. If there are dents or other damage on the strawberry, remove them.
  2. Pour the berries with prepared water. Please note, it must be necessarily cold.
  3. Add the sugar and put the pan on the stove( the heat should be slightly less than average).
  4. Make sure that the drink reaches the boil slowly, gradually.
  5. As soon as the water boils, remove the pan from the hotplate, let it persist.
  6. Well-brewed drink should be filtered through a sieve, so that the boiled berries do not get caught in the glasses.

Compote for the winter( recipe and video)

In the season of strawberries, this berry sometimes gets so boring that you do not even want to look at it. But in winter you start to wonder why you did not eat more sweet berries, which are now so scarce. Just for such cases from summer you can prepare a delicious and aromatic drink that will please you on a frosty day. Compote is very tasty and healthy, and in winter our body receives so few vitamins from fresh vegetables and fruits.

Ingredients per 1 can( 3 l):

  • Sugar - one and a half cups.
  • Fresh strawberry - 3 cups.
  • Water( filtered) - to the neck of the can.
  • Mint leaves - 1-2 pcs.

The main difference between the usual compote from the one you harvest for the winter is the quality and appearance of the berries. If in the first case you can use any, even slightly spoiled and crushed berries, then in the second fit only whole and dense.

It is from the quality of the strawberry will depend on how well the drink will be stored in the bank.

Regarding the recipe itself, it is really easy to weld compote for twist. Do not spare a little time for this simple process, and in the winter you can please your family and friends.

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. Rinse thoroughly( several times under running water) and pick berries. Remove all stems.
  2. Leave the strawberries for a while so that the water is completely glass.
  3. While you prepare and sterilize the cans in which you will make twists.
  4. You will need the described quantity of berries and sugar to fill one 3-liter jar. Fold the berries in it and place one or two mint leaves on top.
  5. Fill the berries with sugar, and then fill it with steep boiling water. Water should reach the neck of the can.
  6. Boil a metal cover in the water and screw it to the jar.
  7. Turn the jar upside down and place it on the lid. Cover the jar with a warm, warm towel. In this position, it must stand until completely cooled.

Now you know how to prepare a compote of strawberries, which will be stored throughout the winter. Such a drink should be kept in a cool place - in the cellar, pantry or refrigerator. With its taste, you can always experiment boldly, for example, try adding a glass of black currant juice to the jar.

Strawberry compote with apples

This is the perfect combination. This combination of fruit and berries gives us a delicious sweet and sour drink, rich in all the most important vitamins and minerals. In the summer, do not neglect the opportunity to cook compote of strawberries and apples, especially since its preparation with the following recipe does not take you much time.


  • Water - 2 liters.
  • Apples - 3 pieces of medium size.
  • Strawberry - about 200 grams.
  • Sugar - 4 tbsp.spoons( can be changed to taste).
  • Mint - 1 sprig.

When all the ingredients are ready, you can start the cooking process:

  1. In a large saucepan, boil the water beforehand.
  2. While it boils, rinse under running water and prepare fruit and berries. Strawberries need to be sorted and removed from its stems, large berry can be cut in half. Apples need to be cut into pieces, remove the core from them.
  3. All the ingredients( ready-made apples and strawberries, sugar, mint) should be put together in a saucepan with boiling water.
  4. Next, you need to wait until the water boils again. Immediately after that, compote should be removed from the fire, cover it with a lid and give it a good brew.
  5. When compote is completely infused, it should be filtered through a sieve.
  6. The most delicious beverage will be if you bring it to the table chilled.

Recipe for Multivariate

This device has long been an indispensable attribute in the kitchens of many owners. Surprisingly, in this convenient device, you can even make strawberry compote. Technology will do everything for you. At the same compote in the multivarquet will be no worse than its "colleague" from the plate, and you will spend less time preparing, because you do not have to look after the cooking process.


  • Fresh, ripe strawberry - 300 g.
  • Sugar - for your taste.
  • Water - one and a half liters.


  1. All you need to do is prepare the berries for cooking. They need to be rinsed under running water several times to remove all the grains of sand. Next, you should remove the berries from the stems and cut each strawberry into three or four pieces.
  2. Prepared berries need to be folded into the bowl of the multivark, and top them with sugar. After that, you also need to add water, and then mix everything thoroughly.
  3. It only remains to close the multivariate and select the appropriate program. We are ideally suited mode "Soup".The cooking process will take 60 minutes. You can do your own thing and wait for a sound signal from your faithful kitchen assistant.

After the cooking is over, you just need to strain the resulting drink through a sieve, let it cool down a bit and pour over the glasses. That's all. A fine summer drink is ready to serve.

Useful tips

To compote of fresh strawberries turned out perfect, finally read the information below. It will help you to learn all the secrets of this delicious and refreshing drink.

  • You do not have to cook strawberries for too long. This berry is incredibly tender. With prolonged boiling, it boils and completely loses its taste and attractiveness.
  • Chilled compote is not only pleasant to drink, it is also more fragrant, saturated than hot. Leave the freshly brewed drink for a while. Its color will become brighter, the taste will be richer, a characteristic strawberry flavor will appear.
  • It's not necessary to cook a drink only from beautiful whole berries. If you put dented strawberries in it, the taste of the finished product will not suffer from it at all. So that all the beautiful berries can be eaten, and the wrinkles left for cooking.

Do not forget that strawberry compote is a useful and natural product. Unlike any purchased soda, it will only benefit your children, they will saturate them with vitamins and beneficial microelements. In the season of strawberries try to give preference to this drink for children and adults.

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