The pulse diet of Mikhail Ginzburg

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Mikhail Ginzburg's pulse diet is the most important part of the method developed by the dietician from Samara for weight loss. Impulse diet allows you to lose from 2 to 7 kilograms per month and from 5 to 17 kilograms for three months of its application( depending on the number of unloading days and the degree of obesity before treatment).

The impulse diet is as follows. A person who wants to lose weight should, firstly, switch to low-fat food, and secondly, regularly arrange unloading days. The maximum frequency of unloading days is every other day( it is often impossible, because in this case the body will not receive vital substances), the minimum - twice a week( it can, however, even less often, but losing weight will go much lower rates).Another regime is also possible: daily low-fat lunch and "unloading" breakfast and dinner.

You can apply this diet for a long time, for several months. And the most pleasant thing is that you can stop arranging unloading days altogether for a while( without departing from the principles of low-fat meals): Mikhail Ginzburg promises that the weight will not grow at the same time, and when weight days resume, weight loss will also resume.

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What should be fasting days? Ginzburg himself recommends to use a special food mixture developed at their center during the fasting days;) plus vegetables in the amount of 500-600 grams and fruits - 300-400 grams. The liquid( tea, coffee, mineral water) is not limited. Naturally, tea and coffee - without sugar. The time of the last meal is not limited.

It seems, however, that eating special food mixtures with this diet is not necessary. They can be replaced by a small number of "ordinary" foods rich in protein and containing a minimum of fat( lean meat or fish, skim curd - up to 100 grams per day), while you can even sweeten tea and coffee( so that you do not usemore than 30-40 grams, or 4-6 teaspoons, sugar per day).

What is the good diet of Mikhail Ginzburg? Firstly, it is quite simple to use, does not require complicated calculations and the search for exotic food products.

Secondly, the impulse diet is easily tolerated. The list of undesirable products is quite small( remember, you will find it on the page devoted to low-fat nutrition), besides they are not completely prohibited, only the total fat intake should be limited. Unloading days are also not too heavy, besides they are sometimes allowed to pass.

Third, Ginzburg's impulse diet contributes to the loss of fat, not muscle( which often happens when using other diets for weight loss, and when fasting is inevitable).If, in addition, during the diet does not reduce its physical activity, then your muscles will not suffer any damage.

Finally, the diet is safe even with prolonged use and at the same time contributes to the formation of skills, habits of healthy nutrition, which drastically reduces the probability of repeated weight gain.

And yet, the pulse diet of Mikhail Ginzburg is a very effective diet. As already mentioned, it allows you to lose from 2 to 7 kilograms per month and from 5 to 17 kilograms for three months. This is quite good - after all, the faster rates of weight reduction, which, in principle, can be achieved by other methods, are often just dangerous to health.

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