Fertilizer strawberries: organic, mineral complexes, feeding scheme

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Everyone is looking forward to the strawberry ripening season, as there is not a single person who refuses to treat thistasty, very useful berry. And few people at this moment think how much effort is required to get a good harvest and the berries grew large, sweet, juicy, fragrant. To do this, you need to know when and what fertilizer for strawberries to use, how to care for bushes, water, fight diseases and pests, cultivate, etc.

The first priority in the process of growing strawberries is the timely introduction of soil fertilizers, fertilizing plants with organic andmineral substances. Especially when it comes to remontant varieties of strawberries.

Kinds of organic fertilizers for strawberries

For any plant, organic fertilizers are considered to be the best option for feeding. These are absolutely natural products that do not contain any harmful, dangerous to the living body chemicals.

The most popular organic fertilizers are fresh manure and humus. When cultivating strawberries the best variant of soil enrichment with useful substances does not exist. Fresh manure, converted artificially or naturally in humus, is the source of all the nutrients necessary for the plant in the form that is optimally convenient for assimilation.

Like manure, chicken droppings are useful for strawberries. There is a lot of nitrogen in it, thanks to which the berries grow large, they acquire a rich color and a great taste.

However, use chicken droppings as a strawberry fertilizer should be very carefully. Less than the overdose of this substance threatens, - the insufficient maintenance of sugars in a ripe berry. It also happens that with the incorrect introduction of chicken manure the plant completely dies, "burns up".To prevent this from happening, chicken manure should be diluted with water in certain proportions.

To feed strawberries with a solution of chicken manure should not be more than once a year. Otherwise, the content of nitrates in the soil will become redundant and they can go to berries.

  • Organic fertilizers also include compost plants-siderates, grown on land before planting strawberries."Green fertilizers" from the grass well feed berries and at the same time provide protection against diseases and pests.
  • Experienced gardeners know that strawberries prefer weakly acid soils. Therefore, choosing which fertilizer to feed strawberries, you can use popular methods of adjusting the acidity of the soil. For this purpose, usually used dairy products, such as kefir, sour cream, whey.

Additional benefit from the application of sour-milk products is soil enrichment with a complex of amino acids essential for plant growth, phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen, sulfur, other natural minerals and microelements. Milk can not only be fed, but also sprayed strawberry bushes to protect the plant from aphids and mites. Spraying is carried out with diluted water with cow's milk.

You can also feed strawberries during the growing season with bread. This culture reacts well to yeast supplementation, saturated with useful nutrients. To prepare such a fertilizer, one part of the bread is soaked in 10 parts of water. The breadcrumbs are soaked in water 6-10 days before the bread brag.

Organic fertilizer application in autumn

Usually organic fertilizer is fertilized by beds intended for cultivation of strawberries several times. The first feeding is done in autumn. The introduction of fertilizers before the cold season is an obligatory procedure, since it helps to restore the forces of the depleted plant during the period of fruiting and safely survive the winter. From autumn feeding also depends the yield of strawberries in the next year.

In the autumn the beds with strawberries are mulled with peat, sawdust, covered with straw or fallen leaves. This cover serves as a kind of blanket that protects plants from frosts. Plus, rotted organic in spring partially passes into the soil, enriching it with nitrogen.

When planting strawberries in autumn, empty beds are intensively fed with organic fertilizers. In September it is recommended to sow the plot with siderates. A month later the earth is dug along with the "green fertilizer".After a couple of days, the beds are watered abundantly to activate the process of rotting the siderates and increase the saturation of the soil with nitrogen.

Shortly before the onset of frost in the aisles, fresh manure is spilled and left in this form until spring. Over the winter, manure will turn into humus. It will serve simultaneously as a source of nutrients for strawberry and mulch bushes, which prevents active growth of weeds.

Humus can also be used directly at the time of planting strawberries. Rotted manure is poured into the wells for transplanted outlets. The second option is to spread humus over the soil surface at the rate of 3 kg per 1 sq. Km.m.

Fertilizer strawberries in the spring

The second fertilizing of beds for strawberries is made in the spring. The organic material is processed immediately after the first loosening of the soil. At the overwintered rosettes, young leaves are already appearing at this time. What fertilizers are needed for strawberries during this period most of all? First of all, it is organic, containing a lot of potassium and nitrogen.

To saturate the soil with potassium, ash is introduced. Ashes are cooked and used as foliar top dressing during the flowering period. Potassium contributes to a good harvest, saturates berries with sucrose, increases the shelf life of strawberries.

For the first feeding also dilute chicken droppings are used, in which there are practically all nutrients necessary for the plant:

  1. Normally 1 l of fresh litter is bred in 10 l of water or one part of dry excrement in 20 l of water. To reduce the smectic smell of manure, liquid humates are added to the solution.
  2. The solution is poured into a plastic container, stirred. Litter should completely ferment, for which it is left alone for 3 days in a warm place.
  3. Liquid fertilizer from bird droppings is used for irrigation of row spacing or pour in a volume of not more than 500 ml around each bush, trying not to fall into the basal space.

The second top dressing should be done when the bunches of berries appear on the bushes. To do this, use diluted mullein, which is considered the best organic fertilizer for strawberries. In the mullein there are all substances necessary for this culture - nitrogen, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.

If the first berries taste unsweetened, and the leaves on the bush along the edge are browned, then the plant lacks potassium. The supplier of this substance can be the infusion of nettle, which also contains a lot of nitrogen necessary for strawberries. Cooking it is simple: in a comfortable container, lay fresh nettle, pour clean water( you can rain), put oppression from above. The mixture is stirred every 12 hours.

After a few days, the nettle infusion can be used as a radical top dressing of strawberries. Before use, the product is diluted with water( 1 L infusion of 20 liters of water).

Features of spring care for strawberries - video

Addition of strawberries with mineral fertilizers

In any store for gardeners and gardeners, you can easily purchase ready-to-use complex fertilizers for strawberries. The composition of such products is well balanced in terms of the content of mineral components, nutrients and nutrients, so using mineral fertilizers is much more convenient and simpler than organic fertilizers.

  • The first top dressing can be done in early September. It is recommended to put in autumn row Kemir Autumn or buoy fertilizer for strawberries. The proportions and order of mineral dressing are detailed on the packs of preparations.
  • At the end of October the second feeding is carried out. To do this, you can use potassium humate or superphosphate. Then the strawberry beds are mulched and left in this form until the middle of spring.
  • In the spring, top dressing is performed with complex mineral fertilizers for strawberries. The most effective complex fertilizers include Kemira Lux and Ryazanochka, a mixture of ammophoska with ammonium nitrate( proportions 2: 1), nitroammophosco.
  • Once again mineral fertilizers are applied to the strawberry plots already in June. During this period, it is best to use a mixture of equal parts of ammonium nitrate and potassium sulfate( on a teaspoon for each bush) or finished preparations( Kemira Universal, Kemira Lux) in the proportions indicated on the package.
  • During the flowering of strawberries, fertilizers containing potassium are mandatory. Top dressing is recommended to be carried out with a solution of potassium monophosphate( 10 l buckets of water 1 tbsp.). After applying fertilizers, beds with strawberries must be watered to prevent "burning" of the sockets.

To achieve the best results and to obtain the maximum harvest of strawberries, it is recommended to apply fertilizers in a complex way at the rate of 30 g of mineral per 8 kg of organic.

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