Diet on ice cream

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Nutritionists have long considered ice cream as a complete nutritious product containing the amount of microelements, proteins and vitamins necessary for the human body. Although the words "diet" and "ice cream" are badly associated with each other, it is possible to lose weight on dessert, but also productively and deliciously. Do you want to know how?

Ice cream is useful, as it contains a natural energetic called "tryptophan", which helps to increase the general tone and improve the emotional state, which is important for slimming people. Enzymes, stored in ice cream, activate the metabolism, milk lactose strengthens the food processing and helps to regain harmony. Also, it has vitamin D and calcium, which helps strengthen bone tissue and resist attacks of uncontrolled appetite.

But do not forget that ice cream is, first of all, a dessert, which contains, among other things, a huge amount of calories, so with its use overdo it if you do not observe severely restricted in the diet portions. A logical question arises:

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How much ice cream is allowed per day?

The total calorie content of the thinning diet should be about 1500 Kcal, while it is necessary that most of these nutrients come in during breakfast and lunch. Based on this figure, it is easy to count that it is possible to eat ice-cream a couple of briquettes of a filling( 500 Kcal) at lunch time and a glass of delicious other ice cream( 140 Kcal) or a favorite popsicle in chocolate chocolate frosting( 270 Kcal) for breakfast. In the evening, you can enjoy a cold fruit dessert, or a low-calorie portion of sorbet.

The main plus of losing weight on ice cream is to balance the diet with an average nutritional value. Ice cream is appetizing and nutritious, so it's not difficult to lose weight on it. Only try to eat it gradually, to protect the sensual on changing the temperature of the tooth enamel and not to catch the sore throat.

What kind of ice cream to buy during a diet?

The product with vegetable fat contains less harmful cholesterol and at a price much cheaper, but inferior to the traditional ice cream with cream to taste and quality. The older generation is remembered with longing for the years gone by, when the ice cream was really tasty and useful.

Today, such deliciousness can not be found. For the most part, this is because in those years the factories strictly observed state standards, special technologies and recipes for the preparation of all favorite delicacies, which consisted exclusively of natural ingredients without "identical" dyes, substitutes and preservatives. Now for the sake of reducing the cost of production in the course is a different chemistry and low-quality substitutes for natural products. ..

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