Diet of Sergey Agapkin

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Advertising of the diet, which is allegedly personally selected for you by Dr. Sergei Agapkin, has directly flooded the Internet. Alas, as it often happens recently, most of these ads lead to scammers, where you will be asked to pass a test, and then enter the phone number from which a lot of money will be written off for such a "service."Needless to say, that Dr. Agapkin himself to these sites has not the slightest relation. ..

What is actually the diet of Agapkin? The answer to this question is as simple as it is unexpected. .. No diet of Sergei Agapkin exists! The doctor himself has repeatedly stated in various publications that he is opposed to rigid diets for weight loss, and those who want to lose extra pounds should just eat right and do not overeat.

Proper nutrition according to Sergey Agapkin

What is the right food for Sergei Agapkin? Here are the main points.

The first and most important thing, as already said, is not to overeat. No matter how "correct" your products are, if you eat them in excessive quantities, you will inevitably gain extra pounds and get all the accompanying sores.

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When taking food, try to reduce portions of food. Dr. Agapkin claims that most people without any problems, complexities and feelings of discomfort can reduce their usual portions in half. Do I need to say how it will affect your weight:)

And do not rely on "light" methods of weight loss in the form of actively advertised everywhere drugs for weight loss. At a minimum, this is chemistry, not harmless at all. And often not very conscientious producers, using the fact that the control of their products from the state is very weak, include in these capsules, tablets and dietary supplements such components, from some names of which doctors have hair standing on end.

Useful and harmful products

Those who want to lose weight Dr. Agapkin advises to eat foods that contain a lot of fiber, as well as bran and pectin. Thanks to these products, a significant weight loss can be achieved within two months.

Bran helps to reduce fat mass, if in a daily diet include them in an amount of at least 20-30 grams. The recommendation on the use of bran Sergey Agapkin gives this: wheat bran, he claims, is very useful for the human body, because they contain a lot of vitamins and fiber. But too frequent use of them will not lead to the desired effect, but on the contrary will have a negative effect, because it will excessively increase intestinal peristalsis, because of which useful substances will be excreted from the body. Also, it can lead to violations of the body's microflora, bloating and discomfort. Therefore, the reception of bran should be appointed by a doctor, taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular person, and the chair should not be more than two times a day.

Very positive doctor speaks about sour-milk products - yogurt, ryazhenka, kefir, recommends to include them in the daily diet, again without fanaticism. Such recommendations, however, it is difficult to call a new word in dietetics:) .We must not forget that these products are contraindicated in certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Agapkin does not include green tea as a particularly useful drink. He believes that the use of green tea has a number of negative aspects, in particular, the formation of poisonous urea in the body due to the large content of purine in it. Therefore, people with painful joints and suffering from gout should generally exclude green tea from their diet, and the rest of the drink is very limited.

It is necessary to refuse the use of sugar, sweets, confectionery, because the daily sugar norm, which is necessary for our body, is no more than 10% of the daily caloric content of the diet, and it is usually contained in our ready-made meals no less.

Exercise during the diet

Just proper nutrition is not enough for a person to be healthy and fit. Physical exercises are also necessary.

Sergey Agapkin recommends daily runs at a moderate pace, as well as water sports: aqua aerobics or swimming. And in general, we must try to lead an active lifestyle, move more, and not spend all the days sitting at the office table, and the evenings - in front of the TV.In addition to the benefits of the movement as such, with an active lifestyle, we will eat less, because it is sitting at the computer or lying on the couch in front of the TV, we begin to uncontrollably absorb the most harmful and high-calorie foods: chips, cola and the like.

To summarize, we can say: the essence of the diet of Sergei Agapkin( let's still use this word after all of the above:) ) - this is a correct and moderate diet in combination with feasible physical exertion. And such a diet you just will not hurt!

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