Diet for weight loss belly

The abdomen area is the most common area for fat accumulation. Suddenly, the stout hips seem less critical, although this is also a problem. But here the big stomach gives much more trouble. And this problem is common both among women and men. And of course, each of us wants to get rid of it. It is difficult to say if there is a diet that is focused on losing weight in the stomach. Perhaps this is a whole complex of procedures aimed specifically at this zone.

A flat stomach is the dream of any person who has excess volumes. Categories of women who are more prone to the formation of fat deposits on the abdomen are ladies of short stature, or those who like to eat deliciously and eat a lot, or who have not managed to cope with the remaining belly after birth. So how do you get rid of extra pounds? Is it possible to achieve results by starting to eat properly and doing special exercises?

To lose weight belly should try well

There is no easy and fast way. But if you are serious and have decided not to back down, the result will be. There are no magical means that, like the wave of a magic wand, will create the figure of your dream in your eyes. But, if you all the same began to lose weight, in the first place the volumes will start to leave you in the abdominal area. In this case, the structure of your figure does not matter.

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Inner fat is much more active than subcutaneous and therefore it is much easier to get rid of it. Starting to apply all the necessary measures, you will notice how the stomach immediately starts to decrease. And it does not matter what volumes are required to be removed. Fat will go away in any case.

So that the belly disappears as quickly as possible, it's not enough to just keep to a diet. You will also have to perform physical exercises aimed at the abdominal area in order to strengthen the muscles. As well as diet, this is not a one-day hobby. Do it regularly, gradually increasing the load. Among other things, it will be right to completely reject bad habits. Smoking and alcohol interfere with the stabilization of normal metabolism.

How to get rid of wrinkles?

Diet for weight loss of the stomach is not much different from other diets. For example, from a diet for the hips or buttocks. Having started to lose weight in one place, you will necessarily dump and where you can not lose weight.

Vegetable diet for stomach

Adhering to a plant diet, you can lose about five kilograms of excess weight in about a week. The cycle is better to continue for about two weeks, depending on the state of your body. The vegetable diet includes the rejection of certain dishes. Sweet, varied pastries, fatty foods are now banned. Salt is better not to eat at all, at least for the time of a diet. It should be replaced with what they refused, for fruits and vegetables, cereal and protein foods.

So, starting a plant diet, focus on the amount of calories consumed. Choose only low-calorie foods. On the day you must absorb no more than one thousand six hundred kilocalories. Also, if possible, do not lean on tea or coffee. The only liquid that now will benefit you is water. Drink about two liters of water daily, this will not only save you from the volumes, but also help the skin to reach its former elasticity as quickly as possible.

One and the menu options:

  • The first option of breakfast is one orange, one glass of dietary yogurt;the second option - rye bread( 1-2 pieces), one boiled egg.
  • For lunch, try boiled chicken or steamed fish. Enough will be about two hundred grams. In addition, take a salad of fresh vegetables and greens, dressed with oil( olive).
  • Supper let it consist of one hundred grams of boiled beans, about two hundred and fifty grams of beef, and you can eat an apple for dessert.

In addition to the usual three meals a day, you can make one or two snacks, but not more. Ingredients used for cooking lunch and dinner, if desired, can be swapped. If you really really wanted a sweetie, then eat some chocolate, it will cheer you up. Try to choose a bitter tile.

Loads on the stomach

Exercise is most important during the diet. After all, you lose weight, which means your skin, accustomed to the old rounded forms, hangs. That is why it is very important to immediately begin to strengthen it. The first rule is to do it systematically, there are no days off and no vacations here. Trying to strengthen the abdominal muscles, do not forget about the muscles of the back and waist, they also play an important role.

Is it really effective for abdominal exercises? If you have a lot of internal fat, you can, even though the whole day to swing the press, and your stomach will not become flat, if only more taut. And in order to achieve a really flat stomach, first you need to get rid of fat.

If you think that you are already thin enough and want to fix the result, do not relax completely. To adhere to the diet is also necessary, as well as perform physical activities. Thirty minutes a day will be enough to maintain the result.

Here is one of the simplest, but quite effective exercises:

  • Sit on a chair, while tightly compressing your knees. Press your feet to the floor and make sure that your back remains flat.
  • Pull your arms out in front of you, without changing the position.
  • Strain the abdominal muscles. Exhale all the air and slowly try to reach the floor with your hands.
  • Then take the starting position, inhale.

This and other similar exercises should be performed at least five times each day. The load should be increased, each time adding two approaches. In addition to these exercises, which you can easily perform at home, visit the pool or gym. Swimming is a great way to strengthen the abdominal muscles. To visit the gym is to add visits to beauty salons. There you will find a wide variety of procedures aimed at strengthening the muscles not only of the stomach, but of the whole body.

What is monounsaturated fats and what is the use of them?

Experts advise, having started a diet for a flat stomach, to eat foods with a high content of monounsaturated fats. Most monounsaturated fats are found in nuts, olives, chocolate, soy, avocado, rapeseed oil, etc. They bring tremendous benefits to the body, as they reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, too much weight on avocados and nuts is also not worth, although they contain a low percentage of fats. Eating these foods in large quantities, you, on the contrary, run the risk of gaining weight.

A diet that fits all without exception

There is no such diet that would be ideal for everyone. Some can not severely restrict themselves to eating because of health problems. Someone is countered with increased physical activity. For such individual cases, there is also a list of recommendations. Here are some of them:

  • Try to reduce your usual portions, eat less than usual. But increase the number of meals.
  • Before drinking, drink one glass of water. The water will partially fill your stomach, and there you will want less.
  • Strengthen the abdominal muscles with exercises on the press. Do as many approaches as you can. And breaks can be different. For example, do two approaches in the morning and two in the evening.
  • Do not scold yourself for every extra piece you eat. Just pay attention to the cause of your overeating and try to understand it.

Harm from fat on the stomach

Internal fat, which accumulates on the stomach, is much more dangerous than the subcutaneous fat. It is considered the most harmful, therefore it is extremely important to get rid of it.

Excessive internal fat( it is also called visceral fat) can cause diabetes and a variety of diseases associated with the cardiovascular system.

Is it so necessary to lose weight?

To find out if you have excess body fat, you can make a simple test.

To do this you will need an ordinary centimeter tape. Do not hold your breath, and without pulling your stomach, measure your waist circumference. The norm of the waist circumference at men of average height makes 94 centimeters, at women hardly less than 80 centimeters. If your indicators are much higher than normal, then you need to deal with this issue and as soon as possible to lose weight. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting health problems.

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