Diet on dried fruits

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Sweet dried fruits are known to be a high-calorie product, as they contain a large amount of carbohydrates. At the same time, dried fruit is the source of many useful substances, including vitamins valuable to the human body. Nutritionists often recommend diluting the diet with various kinds of dried fruits( apricots, apples, plums), so that the slimming person does not experience severe bouts of hunger or mental discomfort due to food restriction. There are also such diets for weight loss, where dried fruits are the basis of the diet.

Dried fruits for a snack

The simplest version of a diet for dried fruits is the replacement of basic meals for frequent snacks. A day is recommended to eat one hundred grams of dried fruit, which is about five small portions. With dried fruit you can drink tea, or add to some light salads. The main purpose of the diet is to reduce the amount of calories consumed.

Dried fruits of plum and apricot are considered a good remedy against "brutal" appetite. They need to slowly dissolve and chew in the mouth, so that the brain receives a signal about the saturation of the body. However, as a food, the body will receive only a few dried berries.

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Diet on dried fruits and nuts

Another variant of the diet is designed for five days. When it is observed, a rapid weight reduction is achieved, and the power circuit itself is very simple. Mix three kinds of different dried fruits and nuts( not fried, without salt).Expand in five - seven containers for food storage( one hundred grams of fruit and nut cocktail).Every day, distribute the contents of one container to several portions.

On such a diet it is allowed to drink only tea - green or black, but without the addition of milk and sweeteners. As an exception, a mug of natural black coffee, a glass of red dry wine or half a round of beer per day is allowed. Only it is worth remembering that the process of losing weight will go much faster, if in the diet of the diet there will be no alcohol.

By the way, any kinds of dried fruits can be used as the main ingredients of the menu: apple, banana, dried apricots, prunes, pear, kiwi, pineapple, etc. The main thing is that the dried fruit should be natural, without sugar and salt. If you diligently adhere to all dietary recommendations, then in five days you can lose weight by five kilograms.

This type of diet has its own contraindications. This diet can not be adhered to with individual intolerance of products offered in its diet, namely dried fruits and nuts. Contraindicated diet and those who suffer from various diseases of the stomach and just do not like sweets. With diabetes, experimenting with nutrition is also highly undesirable.

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