Even the most experienced parents sometimes find themselves in situations where there is not enough information. One of the frequent questions posed to the pediatrician is related to the regime of walking with a sick child. Is it possible to walk with a child with a cold? There is no unequivocal answer, but rather everything will depend on the individual situation, in which we will try to understand the next article.


  • 1 When walking is undesirable
  • 2 Features of a walk with a newborn
  • 3 Walking with a baby
  • 4 Walking with a sick child: the opinion of Komarovsky

When walking is undesirable

Is it possible to walk with a child with a cold

To make sure that the main rule: do no harm, will be respected completely, first you need to disassemble the moments when the real harmfrom staying in the open air will exceed the benefit.

It is not recommended to walk with a child when:

  • High temperature of a small patient.
  • Unfavorable weather conditions.
  • The cause of the disease - street allergen( flower pollen, poplar fluff and others).

Traditional walk in this case, for obvious reasons, should be replaced by regular airing.

Fresh air is essential for a speedy recovery. By nature, optimal breathing is provided in the street conditions, and not indoors. Ideal conditions for walking with children of any age will be a little lowered temperature and green spaces nearby. It is not necessary to combine a walk with a trip to the market or to a supermarket, devote this time exclusively to staying with the child.

Observance of simple rules of the "right" walk will help a speedy recovery and strengthening of immunity. Here you can read, than to treat a bad cold in a child.

Features of a walk with the newborn

To be precise, the infant age lasts for crumbs exactly 28 days, after which it is automatically considered not a newborn. At this time in the child's body there is still mother's immune defense and therefore the child will not be ill. But it's as they say in the ideal, but in fact, colds in newborns are not so rare. To panic in this case it is not necessary, the timely reference to the doctor will help to diagnose correctly the reason of a rhinitis and the plan of treatment. walk with a child with a cold

After all possible measures are taken and the temperature of the baby( with possible increases) came back to normal, the child is quite ready for walking. Earlier pediatricians advised to begin acquaintance with the street in about a week for several minutes a day, gradually increasing the time to the standard two hours. Now the approach is more loyal, long walks with the baby are not forbidden right from birth, provided enough comfortable weather conditions.

than to treat an allergic cough in adults

Read how to treat an allergic cough in adults.

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It describes the treatment of wet cough in infants.

If a newborn has a runny nose, walks are even recommended, as it is easier to keep the natural nasal sinus background in the street. In a dry or dusty room, the runny nose will last longer, so regular airing and moisturizing will be superfluous. To do this, you can buy a special device that controls the level of comfortable humidity, and you can act "grandmother" means hanging wet towels on the radiators or installing containers of water. On the link you can read how to treat a runny nose in a newborn baby. Perhaps you are also concerned about whether you can bathe a newborn with a cold. You can walk with a child with a cold

Walking with the baby

Children up to a year of walks not only help to strengthen immunity, but also contribute to its psychomotor development. A grown-up kid willingly learns the world, so a walk is an ideal opportunity to direct his energy in the right direction. If the weather is comfortable outside and the child does not have a high 37.5º C or more, walks will only benefit. In case of infectious disease, you can temporarily restrict contact with other children, so it's better to take a car, a stroller, crayons, a ball and other toys for outdoor games.

The duration of the walk is best set within an hour so that the child is not too tired. You can walk twice a day, if such a schedule suits you. Do not give drugs that cause sweating before a walk, as well as hot drinks and warming teas. You can not walk right after some medical procedures, in particular after warming up. If the baby has watery eyes and a runny nose, then read the material on the link. Also, read what to do if the child does not have a runny nose and cough.

Often, at the first signs of the disease, children's activity falls sharply, the child complains of weakness. In this case, do not forcibly drag the baby "to breathe fresh air."It is better to ensure the flow of oxygen into the room, and after improving the condition, the little one will drag you to the street.

Walking with a sick child: opinion of Komarovsky

Known for his radical views on the upbringing and treatment of children, Yevgeny Komarovsky also convinces of the usefulness of staying outdoors even with a sick child. According to him, fresh air will help to win the disease faster, and providing the ability of motor activity - to strengthen the immune system of the child.

The video tells whether you can walk with a child with a cold:

Walking "by Komarovsky" is primarily to ensure the motor activity of the baby. You can not wrap the child in his ears in warm clothes and demand that he just sit on the bench. Ideal walk when the child actively moves in comfortable clothes. Choose it follows from the calculation: one layer is less than that of the mother. To freeze the child in such a short time will not have time, and clothes that do not hamper the movement will help to get the maximum benefit from such pastime.

For babies and toddlers who do not move much, however, a walk is also very important. Ideally, this should be a quiet place, away from industrial areas and busy roads. If you have a park or a park nearby, you are lucky. In the absence of such places, you can sit with the baby in the yard or even just go out onto the balcony.

Depending on the cause of the common cold, which can be a manifestation of an allergy, it is necessary to direct efforts to eliminate the factors causing such a reaction of the body. A child needs help in creating suitable conditions for recovery, in which a walk is an important event. Is it worth taking a walk with a child with a cold

Is it possible to walk in a cold with a child? Of course! With enough comfortable weather conditions and lack of heat and weakness, a walk in the fresh air will help to quickly defeat the disease and promote the normal operation of the whole organism and the respiratory system in particular.

The famous pediatrician Evgeny Komarovsky is also convinced of the expediency of walking, especially with a sick infant. Breast and infant age is also not a hindrance, the main thing is to choose the right weather. Regular walks with children of any age will help to strengthen immunity and more quickly cope with any diseases. Here you can read how to rinse the nose with salt.