Smoked products: benefit and harm

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The consumers of smoked products have a lot of doubts about their harm and benefit. Let's try to deal with most of the controversial points in this regard.

The benefits of smoked sausages

Smoked products are a very popular delicacy for all gourmets around the world. The special value of such products lies in the taste. Ham, cheese, smoked fish and sausage, and according to taste and aroma, differ from those prepared in other ways by analogues. In addition to taste palette and rich flavor, smoking allows food to be stored longer. It is the possibility of long-term storage is closely related to the beneficial effect on the human body.

No germs

Smoke treated with products, in addition to giving smoked taste, odor and color, has bactericidal properties. After the products have been treated with smoke, there are no bacteria left in them, which prevents the activation of the rotting process and lead to various human diseases.

As for helminths, the situation is different - they are able to withstand smoke treatment, but they can not exist in dead fish or meat. Therefore, after a few days, the smoked product will not bring uninvited guests.

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Positive properties on this are not exhausted.

Other advantages of smoked products

The main share of the benefits of smoked products, especially fish and meat, is that smoking has advantages over other processing methods.

It does not matter if it's cold smoking or hot, it does not add cholesterol and extra fats to the product, which can not be said about frying. Therefore, when eating smoked foods, the body consumes only those fats that were in the raw material. These fats do not change, and no indigestible compounds and trans fats are also present.

Cold smoking is more useful, because during the processing there is no heating of the products. And this means that along with the product, various metabolic acids, vitamins and structural components of different tissues of living organisms enter our body. For example: in some species of fish, all the amino acids that a person needs are present, and thanks to the cold smoking, the human body can receive them without losses.

In addition, during the smoking process, the products do not mix with other components, thereby maintaining their original composition. Products are not treated with acids, not salted and not filled with water, as in cooking. Therefore, smoked products very gently and gently interact with the digestive organs, without causing discomfort and irritation.

But, alas, there are also disadvantages to this wonderful type of processing products.

Smoked products of

are harmful. Studies have shown that it is in smoke that eliminates products from microbes that some elements that can lead to the development of cancer in the human body are contained. This is one of the few minuses of smoking, but very, very serious. The problem is so serious that technologists have created a special smoking technology.

Liquid smoke - what it really is

When natural smoke from wood smoke, a certain amount of carcinogens fall into the products, which naturally enter the body after eating the product. But this problem is solved easily, it is only necessary to convert the smoke into a liquid state and remove harmful elements from it. After approbation of this technology, scientists called it liquid smoke - a liquid in which products are soaked, after finding where they acquire the properties of smoked meat, but without the content of carcinogens.

Fans of natural smoking complain about this technology, because they believe that products treated in this way lose taste to products of normal( traditional) smoking. Perhaps this is so, but longevity and health of the body is much more important than additional notes of taste. Fish, meat or sausages taste not worse than products prepared by smoking in the usual way. But the probability of cancer with the use of products of liquid smoking is reduced to a minimum.

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