Costume at the prom in grade 11: how to choose, which is fashionable in 2016

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It does not matter whether you are finishing school or already a university, graduation party is an event of heightened importance for any person. At this event, you really want to shine and stand out, just so you remember your classmates or classmates for life.

Choose the right suit for a guy at the prom is not easier than finding a woman's dress for this event. There are many nuances and aspects that should be considered when choosing, in addition, we must not forget about their personal preferences, as well as about the fashion trends of 2017.

The color gamut of

The first thing that you come across when choosing clothes at the prom is that it's a question of color. Do not limit yourself to black alone. When you go to the store, pay attention to different options, measure them and compare them to find the perfect solution that emphasizes your uniqueness.

  • Black suit is an imperishable classic that can emphasize the solemnity of an event. However, firstly, the black color is somewhat old-fashioned when it comes to the outfit for a young man. And secondly, most of the graduation parties take place in the summer, so in a black outfit it can be hot. If you still decide to give preference to this particular option, try diluting the black with other colors.
  • Blue is also a classic choice, but not so trivial. In addition, you can always choose a blue fabric with a beautiful tint or a cage, strip.
  • Do not think that a gray suit is too boring clothes for graduation. Of course, if you choose a banal style and forget about stylish accessories, you can get lost in a crowd of friends, but if you approach the question creatively, then the gray color will look very successful. You can choose a beautiful matte shade of gray or a cage, but immediately exclude options with mother of pearl or chameleon, this is the last century.
  • White suit( or beige) should be chosen with extreme caution if you do not want to become a real white crow at your graduation or look like a groom. However, if you are sure that you can competently pick up shoes and accessories, you can take a chance and give preference to light tones. A good option in this case is the choice of white shoes and black accessories( belt, butterfly and so on).
  • But brown men's suits are a real hit of the season 2017.This color looks very impressive and is perfectly combined with such juicy nuances, like red or yellow.

Tips for choosing a costume

How often did you face the situation when the suit was sitting perfectly on the dummy, and you lost all your attractiveness? Surely this happened at least several times. There are certain tricks that help to choose jackets and trousers.

Using the tips below, you will be able to choose the outfit that will sit on you as if the fashion designer sewed it exactly according to your figure.

  1. Put on your jacket and carefully check that his shoulder matches your own. Even the slightest discrepancy will look at least strange. Fasten your jacket and trousers to all buttons and zippers. The seams should not crack, nothing should fall away or fall off.
  2. Very often, guys have one size trousers and another - a jacket. Ask to share the suit if the trousers have got on you well, and the jacket hangs like a sack.
  3. Check that the floor of the jacket comes to about the level of the fist in the hand.
  4. Try to stretch your arms forward and sit down. Both of these actions you must perform without problems.
  5. When choosing the length of trousers, start from their style. Classic pants should reach the middle of the heel, in the modern version, the length to the ankle is permissible. It is better to choose pants that will be somewhat longer than necessary. They can always be sewn. But a short fix is ​​almost impossible.

If the selected option meets all of the above requirements, do not rush to run to the checkout. Once again, carefully inspect the jacket and trousers from all sides. Make sure that the fabric looks good from different angles. Be sure to feel it.

Quality material - soft and pleasant. If you were satisfied after these stages, then you found your ideal outfit for the prom.

Do not forget about the practicality of

When choosing what to go for the prom, do not overlook the point of practicality. Since a good suit is a cheap thing, give preference to a variant that you can wear in the future.

Many parents advise their sons to choose a dark suit of quality wool. Of course, this option is very good and should be in the arsenal of any man, as it can be worn for exams, a restaurant and even a serious job. However, on a hot summer evening during the graduation ball, the son is simply tortured in this warm suit.

Tips for choosing

Try to try on a suit made of flax. This is no less practical option. First, you will feel comfortable and comfortable in it even in the warm season. And secondly, you will certainly wear this outfit more than once because of its stylish appearance and comfort.

Even if you are still growing or are planning to gain weight, never choose an exhaust suit with a margin. Your main task this evening - to shine, and not to suffer in uncomfortable clothes, which you are not in size.

If your figure differs from the generally accepted standards, it is better to stop endless shopping trips in search of the ideal option and go to the studio where you will sew a fine outfit that you will be happy to wear in the future.

If you are sure that you have found the perfect( stylish, comfortable, practical) suit, do not skimp on it. Good masculine things are always expensive. Do not worry, the spent sum will pay off with a vengeance, because clothes made of quality fabrics will serve you for a long time.

How to choose a shirt?

Choose a shirt at the prom is not easier than a suit. Let's look at the key rules that will help you in this difficult matter.

Carefully evaluate the fabric of the shirt. It should not be transparent. If your body is seen through the shirt, then this option is not suitable.
  • Close the shirt collar and place a finger between it and the neck. If it does not pass into this gap, it means that you need to choose a bigger size.
  • Wear a jacket over the shirt, freely lower your hands down and evaluate your appearance. The sleeve of the shirt should peer for a couple of centimeters from under the sleeve of the jacket.
  • With all responsibility, go to the choice of colors for the shirt. Not in all cases a white shirt is the best solution.

The last item on the list can raise questions, so let's define how to correctly combine costumes and shirts by colors:

  1. A classic shirt will suit a black suit. First of all, of course, white or other light shades - gently pink, light blue or beige.
  2. The same shirt options are suitable for a gray suit( except, perhaps, a beige tone).In addition, to the gray version is also suitable stylish black shirt.
  3. To any shade of a blue suit, except white, a blue and light pink shirt will also suit. In addition, in this case, very gently will look gently milky shirt.
  4. As for light suits( beige and white), then the choice of shirts is very wide. Suitable as light versions( white, blue, pink), and dark( blue, black).
  5. The widest space for fantasy is revealed to us by that very fashionable in this season brown suit. In this case, you can choose modest classic versions of shirts - white, beige, pink. But also you can take a chance and stand out, preferring a shirt in yellow, green or orange tones.

Shoes and accessories

When the shirt and costume have already been bought and are waiting in the closet of their hour, it remains to find suitable shoes. First of all, be based on their convenience, because in these shoes you have to spend the whole night on your feet. It is not necessary to consider when choosing only the classic versions of shoes. Very organic and modern will look, for example, fashionable now loffers.

Many consider a necktie for graduation one of the most important accessories. However, leave the traditional options for working in your adult life. At the graduation party, you can enjoy a thing that has been appearing on mods around the world for several seasons. It's about a stylish and original butterfly. Modern stores offer guys bow ties for every taste - from strict and classical to very bold and absolutely unconventional.

Organically complement your final image with various accessories. These can be beautiful belts, cufflinks, leather bracelets with rivets or stylish sunglasses. The main thing is not to go too far with these trifles. Adhering to the above tips and diluting your outfit with stylish accessories, you will surely become a real star of your prom.

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