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Beautiful manicured manicure becomes for women a real decoration, transforms the appearance of nails and serves as the final addition to a stylish image. Professional masters offer a variety of techniques, but among the customers every day is becoming more popular unusual novelty - airbrushing on nails.

Skillful designers with the help of special tools create beautiful patterns or an abstract pattern, performing a smooth transition of one shade to another. An experienced creator is able to decorate every nail with an excellent ornament, realizing real masterpieces of manicure art.

Thanks to today's article, you will learn all the subtleties of airbrushing, understand what this painting technique is, and also take note of several excellent ideas for creating a stylish unusual manicure.

Airbrush and drawings on nails

Aerography is a kind of art. The application of this technique has found in the modern nyl-industry. A distinctive feature of the painting is a natural smooth transition of colors, when light shades are transformed into dark ones, and vice versa. With the help of aerography, you can create unusual compositions on the nails with the illusion of movement, bright drawings and a variety of patterns.

To make a quality painting, the master uses a special airbrush for nails, reminiscent of its design of a small pneumatic gun. A neat graphic drawing is created thanks to a convenient built-in sprayer, which functions by the action of compressed air.

The first such device was developed in 1876 by the American inventor Francis Edgar Stanley. A few years later, the device was interested in Ebner Pyler, who took up the further improvement of the airbrush and endowed it with all the necessary functions. To date, the most demanded Japanese models, have undergone a huge number of changes for all the years of the airbrush.

The device operates due to the fact that the compressed air creates the necessary pressure for the subsequent spraying of the coloring matter. With the help of aerography specialists create unique graphic compositions and unusual effects, using special stencils and other additional tools.

How to create a picture on nails?

The real master of his craft realizes the most incredible effects, creating a beautiful natural transition from light to dark shades and achieving a unique graphic design of nails with the illusion of movement.

The received effect surpasses the boldest expectations of clients, and the technique of painting has already managed to please the most sophisticated and demanding fashionista.

The method of applying paint is not very difficult, but the final result will depend entirely on the professionalism and experience of the specialist.

How to create a picture on the nails:

  1. At the initial stage, the master performs the basic background of the nail plate, staining with the airbrush the entire surface of the nail. The number of shades depends on a conceived idea, which the specialist wants to translate into reality.
  2. Once the base layer has completely dried, put the prepared stencils on the surface of the plate, after which the plate is again processed with an airbrush.
  3. To make the resulting design more expressive, decorate it or complement the pattern with small neat details, the master uses auxiliary tools, comfortable brushes and colored varnishes.
  4. If desired, you can decorate your nails with bright rhinestones, colored sparkles or any other decorative elements.
  5. At the final stage, a special tool is applied over the figure, which fixes the paint and performs an additional protective function.

Usually the procedure does not require a lot of time, and after half an hour you can admire the excellent design of marigolds. However, the technique may require additional time, especially if the master has conceived a rather complicated drawing, which is distinguished by the presence of various miniature details.

Examples of airbrushing in the manicure

A variety of nail plate design options are offered to the girls. The final result depends solely on your preferences and professional capabilities of the chosen specialist. To definitively determine and choose the right drawing, we advise you to start from the following basic principles:

  • On each individual nail, you can create a separate fragment of a single picture. With proper implementation of the idea, individual parts together will make up a harmonious graphic composition.
  • Young romantic girls will like the design, made in gentle pink and pastel shades.
  • Young beauties recommend to give preference to bright bright colors, complementing the picture with floral ornament and various decorative ornaments.
  • Unconventional, bold personalities will love the unusual abstract compositions that will be performed in the most contrasting combinations of shades.
  • For young people who try to follow the advice of fashion experts and take into account all the current trends of the current seasons, we recommend to stop the choice on a complex futuristic design, which includes various original solutions.
  • For exquisite festive events or festive events, sophisticated exquisite marigolds, decorated in classical style, are suitable. Do not use too pretentious and intricate design. Give preference to a simple and at the same time elegant design, and a ready-made drawing can be supplemented with a minimal amount of ornaments.
  • Evening manicure consists of a mural, which is decorated with shining rhinestones and bright sparkles. Decorated in this style of nails will be the final element of an elegant evening image.

Aerography at home

In order to make a quality manicure at home with the help of an airbrush, it is important to remember a few basic nuances:

  • Seriously approach the purchase of an airbrush and all auxiliary tools. The result of the work done will also largely depend on the quality of the paints purchased.
  • Before buying, check the device with water. Thus, you can evaluate the operation of the built-in sprayer, the operation of a special regulator, through which the desired pressure is set in the device, and you can also adjust the supply of the colorant itself.

How to adjust the flow of paint - in the video:

  • Do not forget about the proper operation of the airbrush. After each procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the device of the paint and to ensure that before the procedure, the device does not leave the dye from previous use.
  • Masters are not advised to fill in a large amount of paint at a time. Remains of the dye can be carefully removed with a regular paper napkin, better - wadded disks and sticks.

Aerography on the nails - master class in the video

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