How to cure varicose folk remedies at home: the best recipes and tips

Traditional medicine to help the feet Let's try to figure out what is causing the disease. If you use the "miracle scanner" to look inside the vein while walking, you can see that inside the vein there is a valve, blood is pushed up, muscles contract and veins shrink. Then the valves close and the blood does not flow back. This is the principle of the veins.

Veins are unique vessels, since they have valves, arteries do not have valves.

When we are very long without movement, the muscles do not contract under the force of gravity, the blood constantly presses, the valves expand, and there is a failure.

At this point, when there is a failure, the vessels gradually expand and varicose veins develop.

Many believe that with mild symptoms of the disease should not rush to the doctor. Thus, with varicose of the initial stage, when the vascular asterisks appear on the legs or if there are small tubercles, but there are no outflows on the legs, pains in the lower extremities by the end of the day, and the situation hinders only aesthetically, there is no health hazard.

At this stage, home treatment is still possible.

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All other situations require a visit to the doctor. It can symptomatic veins, and skin pigmentation, and burning along the veins, and night cramps and swelling in the evening.


  • A set of methods for treating the disease
  • Traditional medicine for the protection of health
  • Folk prescriptions
    • Tinctures
    • Compresses for varicose
    • Effective drinks
    • Decoctions help relieve pain
    • Wipes and attachments
  • Dietary food
  • Gymnastics
  • Compression underwear
  • Video: Folk remedies for varicose veins

A set of methods for treating the disease

Treatment of varicose veins is a very long process. Methods of treatment of this disease:

  • surgical and laser, used most often already in the last stages of advanced disease;
  • in the initial stages, to avoid surgical intervention, you can use special linens and products;
  • drug therapy;
  • leeches;
  • phyto recipes or traditional medicine.

It's pointless to try to get rid of the disease without eliminating its causes. The same goes for varicose veins. One of the causes of the disease is that the veins lose their elasticity. The second is that the is a thickening of the blood and, as a result, its permeability decreases.

Nature, as a doctor, has long been helping mankind to fight illnesses. It also affects varicose veins. The usual rules and procedures will protect you from a non-aesthetic appearance and help strengthen the vessels, preventing further development of the disease.

Traditional medicine for the protection of health

The general complex of measures for the treatment of varicose veins, consists of a number of items that must be followed to achieve a full result. Starting and adhering to treatment, it is necessary to pay special attention to the order of their wakefulness and sleep.

  1. First and foremost, forget forever from the habit of sitting on one leg. Do not miss any opportunity to walk. How can ethnoscience move more. Do not make big, slow walks before going to bed. And if you feel well, then add an accelerated step, to such an extent that the heart rate increases( but of course within normal limits).
  2. All folk remedies for varicose veins exist for external ( all kinds of ointments, mixtures, compresses, rubs), and for internal application( tinctures, decoctions).
  3. Compression underwear also plays an important role in the complex treatment of varicose veins. Underwear artificially supports muscles and vessels( tightening) in a tone, which helps to accelerate the outflow of blood in the veins. You should pay attention to the composition of the fabric in ordinary, everyday things. The composition should have a greater percentage of natural fibers.
  4. The diet, with varicose disease, should be given no less attention than all other remedies. It, mainly, should consist of vitamins, nutrients, fiber.

Popular recipes

Consider the most popular and effective recipes for infusions, decoctions, compresses and lotions used to treat varicose in the home, beneficial for blood circulation in the body, and therefore in the fight against varicose veins.


  1. With a feeling of heaviness in the feet and burning, tincture from the Kalanchoe is excellent. It is necessary to insist this plant, in a proportion of 1: 1 with vodka or alcohol. Rub it with her feet for a month, until the net disappears completely. Tincture from horse chestnut .To get this tincture, you need to take 50 gr.inflorescence of this plant and pour or alcohol. Infuse for 2 weeks, with daily shaking. The obtained tincture should be stored in a cold place, and it should be consumed within a week for 2 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day before meals. After this, a 5-day break and repeat treatment. Significant improvements in you will appear after 3 courses of using this tincture.

Healthy legs How should a diet be organized for varicose veins and general principles of nutrition are discussed in detail in our article.

Why the treatment of varicose in the early stages with the help of traditional medicine is more effective and how it should be done read more here.

Compresses for varicose

Treatment of varicose folk remedies provides not only decoctions and tinctures, compresses prepared at home, act no worse.

  1. Compress from tomatoes .Finely chopped tomato, lie down on a bandage, gauze, and is applied to a sore spot. For convenience, it is possible to bundle with elastic or other bandage. This compress lasts for 2 hours, then changes to a new one, and so in total 3 times. The convenience of this compress is that it can be repeated every day.
  2. Compress from the fern. The whole problem is just to find this plant. The leaves of the fern warm up,( you can use your hands, and you can use modern tools such as a meat grinder, blender or harvester), the main task is to get juice from this plant. In the resulting juice is added a little sour milk, the resulting mixture is moistened with cheesecloth, bandage, which is then applied to the sore spot at night.
  3. Compress from pussy-willow branches .The branches are simply crushed, put on gauze or bandage and are applied on a sore spot. There is such a compress, which in a consequence can be repeated, within a few hours.
  4. The following folk remedy for varicose significantly improves blood circulation. Its essence lies in the fact that on pre-warmed legs, warm socks are worn, previously strongly moistened with alcohol or vodka .To use such a compress is better at night, then you will achieve a stronger result. If you lie down for several hours, it's not bad either.
  5. Compress from white cabbage. Leaves pre-soap with household or toilet soap and attach to damaged areas of the skin, previously sprinkled with ordinary drinking soda. For the convenience of holding such a compress, the sheet should be attached to the leg with a cloth, preferably warm and leave such a compress for the night.
  6. Compress from Kalanchoe. Very effective folk remedy for varicose veins, in the fight against vascular asterisks is the most tested and fast-acting method. For its preparation, several leaves of the plant, ground to a gruel state, will be required. The resulting gruel pour 100 ml, preferably 40% alcohol, and insist in a dark cool place for 7 days. We use, like most compresses for the night, covering with a warm cloth.

herbs for compresses

Effective drinks

The action of drinks with varicose veins is also directed to the purification of blood vessels and blood.

  1. Plantain, yarrow, fruits or flowers of chestnut, raspberry root, chamomile flowers can be applied and its medicinal plant, it will not be worse, only taken in equal proportions, boil with boiling water. The proportion of 2 tbsp.spoon collection: 600 ml of boiling water. Bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Insist the night, and drink ¾ cups morning and evening.
  2. Drink from the collection of leaves. You will need leaves of dioecious nettle, yarrow, althea root, St. John's wort flowers, and again, you can add your own medicinal plant.1 tbsp. The spoon collection is steamed 1 liter of boiling water, it is insisted until it cools completely. Filtered infusion is taken ½ cup after meals, 3-4 times a day. The course is 2-3 weeks. The organism is given a weekly respite, and the course of drinking is repeated. The duration of the full treatment is 6-8 months.

Broths will help to remove the pain syndrome

Broths occupy along with other folk remedies not the last place.

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  1. Soap from nettles: Pour 2 tablespoons of nettle, a glass of steep boiling water. Let it brew and after eating 3 times a day for ¼ cup, for a month.
  2. Nutmeg decoction. Grind nutmeg, pour a glass of steep boiling water, add 1 tbsp honey for taste and insist for half an hour. The resulting broth should be consumed an hour before breakfast, the next glass of broth after 2 hours, after taking the first. The course is a month.
  3. Decoction of marigold. Also very good folk remedy used in the treatment of varicose veins. Several tablespoons of dried plant, pour boiling water and insist. Use as well as a decoction of nutmeg.

Wiping and applying

  1. Apple vinegar is one of the most effective folk remedies for varicose veins. In 1 glass of water, dilute 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, moisten with a solution of bandage or gauze and apply to damaged areas of the body.
  2. Potato Purification. Boil the cleaning, cool and put on gauze or bandage. Apply to the damaged area of ​​the body for several hours.
  3. At the initial stage( asterisk).This method uses chemist's camomile .2 h spoonful of chamomile soak with boiling water and leave for half an hour. Strain and use the mixture, which is subsequently applied to the sore spot.
  4. For the same prescription of preparation and use for medicinal purposes, it is possible to apply and flowers of a plant wormwood bitter.

So, now you know how to cure varicose folk remedies, but this is often not enough if you do not comply with additional requirements.

Dietary food

hop Along with all the folk remedies for leg varicose and other forms of varicose veins that you plan to apply in the fight against varicose veins, do not forget about the diet. Try to pay special attention to the products that you plan to consume during treatment.

Try to diversify your diet with all sorts of vegetables and salads, fruits and berries, nuts, seafood, legumes and all sorts of oils.


Do not forget about gymnastics. Remember that movement helps and helps our veins cope with the disease. Physical exercises lead to muscle contraction and stimulation of venous outflow. Help them. Walk more on foot, barefoot on tiptoe.

Compression lingerie

If you want and to prevent the disease try to use compression underwear, which will "close", pull together and make the blood go up. The choice can be stopped on special medical stockings, pantyhose and golf.

According to reviews of many patients, all the above methods of treating varicose veins folk remedies are effective and give their result. The result will be noticeable if they are used in the complex.

It may be that one of the prescriptions of a folk remedy for varicose veins does not suit you, do not worry, just try another one. Treatment with folk methods can be combined with the methods of traditional medicine. Use them as a supplement to the treatment that the doctor will appoint you.

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