5 rules of the New Year's feast

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Festive feast - the same indispensable tradition of the New Year, like a smart Christmas tree, gifts from Santa Claus and Bengal lights. But very often, alas, it is the plentiful meal that goes on the next morning with a headache and heaviness in the stomach. And besides it is postponed by superfluous kgs and fatty pleats at the waist.

How can these unpleasant consequences be avoided? Follow the simple rules, and then no holiday will not hurt your figure and health.

1. Do not allow yourself to starve in anticipation of the battle of the

chimes If you stick to the principles of healthy eating, then take food 5-6 times a day. Of these, 3 doses are considered basic, and the remaining 2-3 are light snacks. Like all normal days, December 31 should not be an exception to the rules, even if the last time you sit down to supper closer to midnight.

Because of the holiday, you should not miss the traditional breakfast and lunch, and snacks will also be appropriate. Try to increase the interval between meals about half an hour. Then the time of your dinner will be at the moment when you will see off the old year. This will ease the brutal appetite, and you will not attack the food.

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2. Champagne in moderation!

Of course, champagne in the New Year - an integral tradition of the holiday, not to follow which would be very strange. The ringing of glasses under the battle of chimes, cheerful congratulations and universal joy create the atmosphere of the holiday.

But those who care about their figure, it is possible to limit one glass of effervescent alcoholic beverage. After all, all liquor contains a lot of calories, and besides, they increase appetite. And this is not very good for those who watch their weight.

3. Refuse to soda

No festive feast can not do without soda. It is necessary to part with an ingrained habit. After all, carbonated drinks are very bad for the figure! They contain well, just a huge amount of sugar, which, of course, is deposited on the sides and abdomen.

Prepare homemade lemonade, various fruit drinks from berries and decoctions of rose hips and dried apricots. Such delicious drinks will replace harmful soda and will benefit your body.

4. Total and a little

Put on the plate any dishes you like, but only a little, literally on the spoon of each delicacy. So you will not suffer from overeating after a meal.

Refrain from fatty foods with butter, various sauces, and also from deep-fried foods. In such treats, a lot of carbohydrates and fats, which harm your waist and health in general. A great solution will be all kinds of vegetables and fruits - there are not enough calories in them, and there's more to gain.

5. Try to get up more often from the table

Diversify New Year's Eve! Invent contests, riddles, jokes and other outdoor activities. Do not sit in front of the TV for an entire evening, absorbing a huge amount of food. Choose for a walk in the fresh air, for example, for the launch of salutes and firecrackers. So you burn burned calories faster and have fun!

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Fat cream, sour cream, mayonnaise add calories to any dishes. Try to limit their presence on the New Year's table. So you will help not only your figure, but also improve your health.

It is necessary to have a good rest before the upcoming feast. The tired person eats much more, especially harmful sweets.

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  • Apr 18, 2018
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