11 years of marriage: what a wedding, what to give

  • Why is the anniversary so called?
  • How did you celebrate a steel wedding in the old days?
  • How to celebrate a steel wedding?
  • What is customary to give on a steel anniversary?
  • How to congratulate the spouses on the day of the wedding?
  • Gifts of the spouses to each other

What wedding is celebrated in 11 years of married life? Not all people know the answer to this question, meanwhile the symbol of this celebration according to a long tradition is steel, hence, the wedding is steel.

Why is the anniversary so called?

The married "experience" of the spouses is more than ten years old, so their relationship can be called fully established and strong, like steel. This metal is not only durable, but also very beautiful thanks to the mirror gloss. This is exactly what a celebration dedicated to this memorable date should be - mirror-clean and beautiful.

On the 11th anniversary of marriage, the passions that were raging in the process of grinding each other on, the house is filled with the ringing of children's voices, the career is moving forward. It is believed that a difficult period passed, but you can not relax, because there are still many worries ahead. However, if a couple so many years together, then their relationship is not so easy to destroy. It's time to celebrate a steel wedding, accept congratulations and prepare for the next anniversary anniversary - nickel, which will further strengthen the family.

How did you celebrate a steel wedding in the old days?

According to ancient beliefs, early in the morning on the day of the anniversary the couple should perform a ritual ablution. If they were married in the summer, then the ritual was held in a nearby pond, if in the winter - they poured water in a bath, dressed in white clothes, symbolizing purity.

After that, they had to perform another rite - choose one of the three items proposed: rope, dough or blade. If the newlyweds chose a rope, it meant that they had not yet passed the path that is necessary for initiation, if the dough, then the relationship is unstable, if the blade - the feelings are strong and indestructible.

Special importance was attached to folk charms. So, the horseshoe, nailed at the entrance to the house, symbolized good luck, a strong alliance and prosperity. They bought and installed the horseshoe together: the wife served tools, and the husband fixed the guard over the front door. It is believed that this rite binds family ties, serves as a guard against adversity and difficulties and brings good luck.

Also the spouses have necessarily exchanged valuable things, showing that they can without hesitation trust each other.

For a long time, there is a custom on the eve of an important date to update the dwelling, get rid of unnecessary things. The scale of the work depends on the needs, it can be a major or minor repair. The main thing is to make the house clean, cozy and comfortable after that.

How to celebrate a steel wedding?

Many believe that if the date is not circular, but it is a milestone in 11 years of marriage, then it is not worth pompous, but nothing prevents the newlyweds from making a noisy celebration in the restaurant.

As a rule, relatives, witnesses of weddings and close friends are invited to the event. The more children, the better, because children embody a new life. It is desirable that at the wedding there was a married couple who lived in marriage longer than the newlyweds, this is considered a good sign.

What is customary to give on a steel anniversary?

For the wedding day( 11 years), according to the old custom, the newlyweds are presented with steel products. To choose a present will not be difficult, since under this category there are many valuable and useful things in the household. As a gift, any items with a chrome-plated shiny surface are suitable:

  1. Household appliances. A teapot, a multivarker, a blender, a coffee machine with an elegantly decorated silver case are serious gifts, so before you buy them, you need to find out which devices your wife plans to purchase in order for the present to come in handy.
  2. A set of kitchen metal dishes or individual items( frying pans, pans).
  3. Champagne pail - to create a romantic atmosphere.
  4. Sets for a picnic( bowls, bowls).
  5. Night light, a lamp, a stylish metal sconce will fit into any interior, especially in the fashion style of high-tech.
  6. Decorative vases made of crystal glass, the surface of which is painted with silver or has a fragmentary edging for gold, bronze and silver. Utensils from colored glass and metal.
  7. Jewelry and accessories from steel.
  8. Crystal glasses, reminding of the careful attitude of the spouses to each other.
  9. Samovar.
  10. Photo frame or photo album framed with metal and glass.
  11. Book safe. At first glance, this unremarkable gift can easily get lost among other books, but you can not imagine a better way to store different trifles in the volume.

You can approach the choice of gifts for newlyweds creatively and present them as gifts with creatively painted silver plates, cutting boards, trays and even pans. These original gifts will not only serve the couple for many years, but will always remind you of the 11th anniversary of the wedding as a warm and spiritual event.

And, of course, a holiday can not be imagined without flowers. Tables should be decorated with bouquets consisting of 11 flowers. It is believed that if they stay for 11 days, the marriage will be successful. It is worth giving a choice to the flowers, the distinctive property of which is the ability not to wilt for a long time. These include gladioli, chrysanthemums, carnations and, of course, roses.

How to congratulate the spouses on the day of the wedding?

Practical gifts are, of course, a good thing. But it is not forbidden to make unusual gifts to spouses. They will for a long time leave a couple of pleasant memories of this bright day.

You can present to the spouses a metal box "Wedding dreams", in which they will put notes on which their most secret desires are written. On the next anniversary( nickel wedding), the husband and wife will open the casket and reconcile the wishes with reality.

To cool gifts you can refer:

  1. Sweets "Happiness Pills", which the couple will associate with the honeymoon and passion raging in the relationship in the early years of marriage.
  2. Certificates and certificates for husband and wife, for example: "For beauty", "The best man in the world".
  3. Umbrella with a romantic name "Bringing together."
  4. Watch "Yes, what a difference!", Do not have on the dial numbers, because happy spouses do not follow the time.
  5. Piggy bank "Family budget", divided by a partition into two equal parts - for the husband and for the wife. In any part of the wife did not put money, the total amount is in the piggy bank of his wife.
  6. Funny congratulations on the 11th anniversary of the wedding.

Gifts of spouses to each other

On the eve of a steel wedding, a married couple should take care of each other's presents.

What husbands give to wives on the day of the anniversary of the wedding? A woman is always pleased with exquisite and original things. She certainly will like:

  • designer bag;
  • accessories with steel details and logos of fashion brands;
  • jewelry;
  • set of expensive cosmetics;
  • perfume in a silver bottle;
  • bijouterie.

But a gift to a spouse in the form of a set of metal pots can hardly be called a good idea. Kitchen utensils will be presented to her guests invited to the wedding.

A beautiful bouquet consisting of 11 roses and wrapped in metal foil, will be a pleasant surprise for the wife.

For so many years of marriage, an attentive spouse has already studied the habits of a loved one and knows what to give him on this landmark date. Items made of steel, as well as possible reflect the theme of the celebration and like her husband:

  • new technology, for example, aesthetically designed gadget;
  • silver flash drive;
  • tablet in a steel case;
  • stylish belt with a large metal plate;
  • cufflinks, tie clips, especially relevant for business people;
  • brazier to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding in nature;
  • collection saber or dirk in sheath, instructed by stones;
  • toolset for the home;
  • jar, thermos;
  • safe in which you can place a calculator and several banknotes;
  • original steel housekeeper;
  • accessories for cars;
  • sports equipment, which is useful even for people who are not addicted to sports.

If the funds allow, then why not go on that day to buy a new "steel" horse?

Congratulate each other on the day of the steel wedding and not organize a romantic surprise? You can not do it this way. Give yourself and your soul a real holiday, so that on this day the mood was cheerful and bright. And then at the celebration, dedicated to the 11th anniversary of the wedding, you will glow with happiness! Wedding anniversaries.

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