Stripe, trimmed on one side

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  • Legs on the side: the pros and cons
  • The laying technology
  • The extended bang
  • The oblique type of the bang
  • The truncated model
  • The rip-off
  • The laying options
  • The plank on its side
  • The styling recommendations

The extended bang is an excellent basis for experiments withappearance. Change the angle of inclination, length, edging, use the elements of coloring - and you are already another person. Correctly matched and laid strand will hide the defects of appearance and focuses attention on the merits. The cheek on one side makes the woman more mysterious, stylish, refined.

Sides on the side: all pro and contra

Before you make a bang on one side, you need to familiarize yourself with all its various advantages and disadvantages.


  • There are many options for stacking: smooth, volumetric, straight, curled.
  • Corrects the ugly forehead shape.
  • Hides aesthetic defects: pimples, scars, wrinkles, skin areas with increased pigmentation.
  • Hides heavy superciliary arcs.
  • is combined with almost any hair, length and structure.
  • The forehead can be opened or covered.
  • Easy to fit.

There are not many drawbacks, but they do exist. If you have miniature facial features, then the oblique strand visually makes them even smaller. In addition, it is necessary to look after such broom every day: lay, adjust length, make masks.

Technology laying

To make your hair look good, you need to beautifully lay the bangs on one side. To do this you will need a comb with rare teeth, a round brush, fixing means( foam, varnish, gel), hair dryer. Next, do the following:

  1. Cleanliness is the main condition of beauty! And therefore, first of all you need to wash the strands with shampoo. Before hot styling, you can use a protective balm.
  2. Dry the strands, but do not rub them with a towel, just pat them.
    When the curls are half dry, treat them with a fixative. Then lightly dry the strands with a hair dryer, but they should not dry completely.
  3. Choose a comb according to the styling option. To make a smooth laying, you need a comb, and to create a voluminous strand, take a round brush.
  4. Take the hair dryer, turn on the hot mode, pick up the curl and dry the root zone, but make sure that the jet is directed not to the roots themselves, but slightly to the side. After this laying, the hair will be obedient, and the bend will be more smooth.
  5. Then switch the dryer to cold mode and direct the jet to the strand, then the hair will not lose volume when it cools down. Fix the result with varnish. Done!

Extended bang

This option is considered classic, the bottom line of the contour is at the level of the cheekbones or chin. The extended model makes the image stylish and extravagant. This option is suitable for girls with medium and long hair. In addition, he looks great on thin hair.

  • Long bangs are most suitable for women with an oval or round face, it will make the image more elegant.
  • It perfectly fits with a bean-curry - a straight, smooth haircut, the strict lines of which perfectly emphasize the elegant strands. The image becomes light and refined. Lay it in the same way as the rest of the hair mass, it can be smooth strands or playful curls. The direction of the bangs can be changed from time to time.
  • To lay it, lightly moisten the strands, treat it with gel or mousse, comb it in the desired direction. Separate the thin strand, direct the hot stream of air slightly to the right of the roots, then transfer it to the tips. After that, treat the strand with cold air. Repeat for the rest of the ringlets.

Skew type of bang

This is a versatile model that can be combined with different hair cuts, any length. Its feature is that the edging is done at an angle, and the larger it is, the longer the strand. The maximum length for the oblique model is up to the eyebrow line. It can be smooth or voluminous, it all depends on the type of hair and the method of styling.

  • If you have a full or angular face, then this type of bangs - the most suitable, because visually make it already, elegant.
  • This option is ideal for ladies for 30: it visually young, makes the image easy and unconstrained.
  • Suitable for girls with high forehead and prominent cheekbones.

You need to stack it, starting with the shortest stitch, otherwise they can dry before the time, take the wrong shape or direction. The stacking technology is standard, the ends can be wrapped in the inner or outer side.

To make a strand more voluminous, it needs to be colored. To make it easy - to profile the cut line.

The shortened model

It's very extravagant and bright looks a short bangs on one side. The best partner for the shortened model is an asymmetrical haircut on short or medium hair. This is ideal for a girl with an oval face and a swan neck. It makes the image more open and romantic. Its main feature is a clear graphics.

Fashion ultra-short haircut piksi perfectly matches with this model. It looks good with a bean-kara and a hairstyle page. Stylists do not recommend cutting such a bang to middle-aged women, since it does not hide the defects of appearance.

With regard to laying, first shape the short strands, and then long. To do this you will need a comb with sparse teeth and a gel. The stacking technology is standard.

Striped chopper

If your hair is light or blond, then the torn bangs are perfect for you. Girls with light curls hair is more thin and rare, which perfectly compensates for "rvanka" due to the heterogeneous cut. Chaotic styling makes the image fragile and spicy.

This model is ideally combined with stepped haircut, such as a square or cascade. To make the styling look the most advantageous, the volume must be transferred to the back of the head.

Piling on the side:

  1. Comb the strand in the desired direction.
  2. Treat with wax.
  3. Turn on the hair dryer in hot mode, direct air to the bang.
  4. Straighten the fingers of the locks in different directions so that the laying is slightly careless. Done!

Options for laying

How to lay the bangs on one side so that the hairdress looks attractive?

Options for long hair:

  • A disobedient strand can be fixed with a hair clip. The easiest option is to comb it on its side and secure it with invisible ones. To complement the business image, the strand must be combed up and fastened with a hair clip, so it will not distract you while you work.
    You can fix the hair with the original hairpin, then the hair will look festive. This arrangement is combined with smooth, and curly hair.
  • You can put the bang with a rim or a gum. To do this you will need a special bezel with small denticles, which will not slip. Make a magnificent styling, comb the locks back, and lay the bangs on one side. Fix it to keep it in its place. Then you need to put a bezel on the border between the main mass of hair and bun. The tips can be fixed under the rim. At the end, apply a strong fixation to the hair.
  • Very practical and original version of the styling - bangs woven into the braid. Different elements of weaving are possible: French, pigtail boho, tracery, etc. To do this, you need to make a narrow side parting near the forehead line, fix the strand. Remain the rest of the hair mass so as not to interfere. Strand must be weaved into a pigtail, which ends behind the ear or in the middle of the nape. It turns out something like a rim of hair. Rest the rest of your hair on your own.

Ways of laying a short bang:

  • Laying the "Marseillian ridge"

    The easiest option: comb the strand on the temple, fix the original barrette. From the rest of your hair, make a magnificent hairdo. Get a fairly playful image.

  • From short bangs, you can create a magnificent retro style design called the "Marseille ridge".To do this you will need a straightener or forceps. The main thing is to securely fasten the lock with the rest of the hair, so it will become the first curve of a beautiful wave. In this case, you can not do without fixing means.

The chalk can be wound, aligned, give it the effect of wet hair, make a deep parting and lay it on one side. Also it can be divided into several identical strands, beautifully laid out and fixed with invisible ones. There are a lot of options for both everyday and for the evening image.

Felt on one side - with your own hands

To trim the bangs on one side, perform the following actions:

  1. Wash your hair, dry it.
  2. Make a triangular or rectangular parting.
  3. Rest the rest of the hair mass with a clamp.
  4. Divide the strand into 2 horizontal levels. The top should be fixed with a hair clip, and the bottom one should be combed.
  5. Separate the thin strand, pinch between the index and middle fingers, pull perpendicular to the face and cut at an angle of 45 ° - this will be the control strand.
  6. Repeat for the rest of the braces, the length is checked against the control strand. It is better to cut a little longer, then you can fix it.
  7. Repeat the procedure for the upper level.
  8. If desired, shape the strand. Done!

Recommendations of stylists

  1. If you have hard, naughty hair, smooth them with mousse or foam before stowing.
  2. Thick curls usually hard to lay down, the rectifier will help to solve this problem. Try not to resort to this method very often.
  3. If the bangs have lost volume, make an easy start at the roots, and smooth the ends with a comb.
    The owner of a strongly elongated face bangs obliquely contraindicated.
  4. The forehead is suitable for almost all hair styles.
  5. The long model is universal and allows changing the image daily.
  6. If you have a round face, choose a long, thick model. For the oval type, a long straight line, as well as a bang with an elongation at the sides, will be more suitable. Owners of a square face is better to give preference to thick and voluminous options. Girls with a triangular face shape fit a light ragged bang.

Now you know how to lay and cut a fashionable bang on one side. Follow the recommendations of professionals, and you will always look great!

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