Different forms of nails: interpretation, manicure

  • Is there a relationship between the shape of the nail and the character?
  • Oval shape of nails
  • Rectangular shape of nails
  • Almond shaped nail
  • Pointed form
  • Square nail shape

The riddles of our character hide not only the lines on the palms, but also the shape of the nails. Even without special knowledge in palmistry, looking at the hands, you can make a definite idea of ​​the person, in particular, how accurate he is, what importance he gives to the little things.

Is there a relationship between the shape of the nails and the character?

The nail plate is the first criterion by which it is possible to draw definite conclusions about the character.

Long plate

Testifies that the person is distinguished by restraint and endurance. This is more of a creative nature, avoiding routine activities.

Fervid and extravagant natures, most often have long nails. These are people who love comfort, prosperity, luxury. Distinctive features of character - suspiciousness, vainness, the desire to dominate over other people and to rule.


Resourcefulness, sense of humor, propensity to criticize others are inherent in the owners of shortened nail plates.

People with short nails - resolute natures, versatile, often possessing an arrogant character. Such persons are usually considered inveterate debaters and bully. These are leaders who are accustomed to uphold their principles of life.

The short form of nails on the arms and legs is evidence of quick temper, independence and firmness of mind.


Sharp nails with an uneven surface - a sign of absurd and explosive disposition.

Downward curved marigold warns that you are austere and irritable person.


It is believed that the character of a person is affected not only by the shape of the nails, but also by the shade.

  • Pink nail plates testify to the strength of the spirit and firm life principles.
  • Pale talk about the fact that a person has some kind of secret that makes him dangerous to others
  • Whitish points indicate nervousness, and according to ancient legends, they predict danger or unhappiness.

Psychologists are sure that modern women of fashion choose this or that form of nails is not accidental.

Oval shape of nails

Girls with this form of nail plates are romantic people who require special attention to their person. They are kind, attractive, prone to excessive sentimentality. Such people do not tolerate malice and live according to their own invented rules. They are good wives and mothers, who are eager to maintain peace and peace in their families.

These women most often prefer an elegant manicure, for example, French. Such a worthy choice speaks about the excellent taste and adherence to the classical trends in the feshen industry.

This form of nails goes to almost all women, it perfectly looks any nail art - both monochrome discreet, and with various design elements.

Suitable for girls:

  • With wide, short fingers. The oval slice visually pulls them out and adds extra length. Stylists do not recommend making too long an oval, as in this case the nails will look unnatural.
  • With thin fingers and elongated nail beds. The oval shape will emphasize the natural elegance and aristocracy of the fingers. The most attractive is a short or medium oval.
  • With shortened nail plates. A refined shape will give lines a smoothness and harmony.
  • With short nails. The rounded slice will visually make them longer and thinner.

How to give the nails an oval shape:

  1. Remove old varnish.
  2. Hold hands in warm water, wipe with a towel.
  3. Tongs or scissors give the plates length.
  4. Press the nail file to one side of the nail and start sawing in one direction to the tip. Do the same on the other side.
  5. With rounded movement, treat all the nails so that they take an oval shape.

Rectangular shape of nails

A girl who prefers this form of nails in manicure, is distinguished by determination, determination, desire to take as much of life as possible. In character, she is an undisputed leader, and this applies not only to professional activities, but also to interaction with the opposite sex.

Persons with rectangular nails are workaholics and are used to doing everything themselves, not counting on someone's help. They are distinguished by kindness and inexhaustible optimism, but because of excessive credulity and naivety, they are often deceived.

Suitable for women:

  • With narrow narrow fingers.
  • With thin hands.

How to give the nail a rectangular shape:

  1. Carefully clip the sides of the ½ of the length from the free edge so that they become straight and even.
  2. At ½ the width of the center, cut at both sides.
  3. Lightly round the corners with a soft saw blade.

Almond-shaped nails

It is preferred by cheerful cheerful girls of creative professions. As a rule, they choose the original manicure, attracting attention to the nails, for example, a bright jacket, which is often decorated with sequins and rhinestones.

Almond-shaped nails have always been popular, as their shape is closer to natural, besides they look very feminine and elegant.

Suitable for girls:

  • With elongated nail plates, highlighting their elegance.
  • With short and full fingers - the amygdala shape visually makes the fingers longer.

How to give the nails an amygdala shape:

  1. Determine the initial shape of the nail plate.
  2. Cut corners or scissors with square corners to make a trapezoid. Corners should be cut not under the root, but slightly receding from it, so that the transition from the nail bed to the free edge was smooth.
  3. Round the corners with a saw blade. As a result, you should get a shape of the nails, visually resembling a drop or almond nut. By the way, its second name is "acute almonds".

Pointed form

Sharp nails like bold and determined women. Such persons will not wait for the man to take the first step, they will take the initiative in their own hands. Owners of pointed form of nails have non-standard thinking, creativity and at the same time, dreaminess, passion, impressionability and vulnerability.

Another feature of these ladies is jealousy, which is not always justified. Such women prefer the original manicure, for example, Chinese painting.

Girls with thin and long fingers sharp nails do not fit, they should prefer a classic oval or square shape. Perfectly sharp marigolds look short and small in size fingers, this form visually adds length.

How to give the nails a pointed shape:

  1. Determine the middle of the nail on the middle finger.
  2. Using gentle movements, cut down the sides on both sides, reaching to the middle.
  3. Fingernails on the ring finger, finger and little finger are harder to process, as they tend to the middle. Therefore, the sharpness should not be in the middle, but slightly offset to the middle finger.
  4. Nails on the thumb are treated the same way as on the average

Square nail shape

Owners of square nails are firmly on their feet and most of all in life appreciate order. They are characterized by wit, curiosity, attentiveness. They do not live with feelings, but with reason, so they can make a brilliant career and take a high position in society.

Women, as a rule, prefer to square the nails with a classic or colored jacket.

Square nail design should not be done:

  • If the fingers are short and plump - the square design will make them even thicker.
  • If the nail plate is flat and wide - the square will further extend the nail.
  • The nail bed is planted too deep - the corners will bite into the okolonogtevye platens and cause pain.
  • If the nails are layered and thin, then the square shape will give them problematic.

If you have at least one of the above, it is better to give preference to the almond-shaped form.

How to make a square shape:

  1. You need to process nails from the sides. To do this, it is necessary to cut down the lateral parts of the nail plate, at the same time keep the file perpendicular to the length of the nail.
  2. Set the saw blade perpendicular to the length and start sawing, making sure that the sides are even. Need to saw only one side, so that the shape was clear, and the ends did not separate.
  3. Having reached the desired length, you should slightly round the sides of the square with a saw blade.
  4. Saw the tips. This is to ensure that the nails do not separate.
Important: no matter what form of nail in the home you want to do, for healthy and strong nail plates should use a sand or sapphire file, for breaking and weakened - a fine-grained soft nail file.

Now you know how to properly shape the nails. To nail art looked perfect, all nails should have a uniform length, since different will spoil the impression even from the most refined and stylish manicure.

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