How to deal with weevil on strawberries

  • What is an insect that is dangerous
  • Preventing the appearance of a raspberry-strawberry weevil
  • Combating a pest correctly
  • Folk remedies against weevil

Who among us does not like sweet fresh strawberry berries - the fruits of the efforts of skilled gardeners? We are all waiting for the summer to pamper the body with juicy and healthy berries. Especially fortunate for those who have the opportunity to grow them on their own beds. Today we will tell you how to fight against a weevil on a strawberry. Agree, it will be very disappointing if the crop fails due to the harmful effects of the harmful beetle.

What is an insect, what is dangerous

Weevil is black or brown, its body size does not exceed 2-3 mm. A distinctive feature of this species is the presence of a long and slightly curved proboscis, because of which the name of the insect appeared.

In winter, this beetle finds shelter under the old fallen leaves or settles in the ground, waiting for the onset of spring and the opportunity to quickly move into the buds of blossoming strawberries. It should be noted that there are more than 70,000 species of this insect, but it is the raspberry-strawberry weevil that poses a serious threat to the plant we are considering today.

As soon as warm May days come and the soil warms up well, the pest immediately settles on the strawberry bushes and begins to spoil the future harvest. First, the female lays eggs in the bud, after which the parasite eats the pedicels, thereby destroying the defenseless plant.

Later small larvae are formed from eggs, which begin to actively eat out bud buds. This pest also likes to eat strawberry leaves, and then hides in the soil and remains in the ground until the next summer season. That is why it is necessary to treat the strawberry from the weevil several times, so that the beetle does not pose a serious threat to flowering buds.

  • The main signs of plant damage are small punctures that appear on the leaves as early as the beginning of spring.
  • Already later, if you do not give proper attention to destroying the pest, you can find broken inflorescences. More often irreparable harm is caused to those buds, in which the longest pedicels.
  • If you pay attention to the strawberry bushes damaged by a weevil, it creates the feeling that buds of a plant are simply cut off.

Preventing the emergence of raspberry-strawberry weevil

To significantly reduce the number of pests, due attention should be given to preventive measures. For this, gardeners should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Plant raspberry bushes as far as possible from the beds with strawberries.
  2. It is best to choose varieties of berries, which have the shortest flowering period.
  3. If the weevil still managed to damage the plant, all buds and leaves damaged by insects should be carefully removed.
  4. Be sure to use a mechanical method to control beetles. To do this, spread some film under the bushes with strawberries and shake off all the pests on it, then dispose of all the collected insects. This procedure is best done early in the morning, while weevils are not too active.
  5. To discourage the pest, experienced gardeners plant next to strawberry and strawberry bushes with garlic. To do this, use one bulb for 4 bush. The same fatal effect on the beetle is placed next to marigolds or marigolds.

Combat the pest with the correct

To get rid of the weevil and protect the leaves of the strawberry, a special spraying procedure should be carried out using biological preparations. It should be immediately clarified that the means by which you will process the plant is not so important. More important is the period when you will carry out an activity to destroy a pest.

It is necessary to spray the strawberry with a special substance not later than a week before the beginning of flowering buds. And once the procedure is completed, do not relax, because the plant needs careful treatment in the summer, when another generation of beetles comes to the surface.

How to deal with the weevil:

  • From the preparations, experienced gardeners recommend the beginners to use Carbophos, Amouche or Actellik. These remedies are safe for the plant itself, but at the same time effectively destroy the harmful beetle.
  • You can also use IntaVir. To do this, 2.5 tablets are dissolved in 10 liters of water, after which the plant is treated against insects.
  • The biological resources of Nemabakt and Entonem-F have proved themselves remarkably well. These drugs gardeners are used since early spring and conduct additional prevention until late autumn.
We should not forget that if we do not take care of the timely processing of the beds against the pest, the weevil not only destroys the strawberries, but also causes serious harm to raspberries and strawberries.
Therefore, when you process strawberries from a weevil, do not forget to give proper attention to other berries that can be destroyed by this beetle.

Folk remedies against weevil

Do not want to use chemicals in the fight against the beetle and do not know what to spray strawberries? We suggest using effective folk methods:

  • Excellent helps infusion, made from hot pepper. To do this, use 1 kg of fresh chili peppers or 0.5 kg of dried fruits per 10 liters of water. To begin with, the ingredient is poured with water and the mixture is stored in a closed enameled container for two days so that it is infused. After that, the solution is put on a fire and brought to a boil. Brew for 10 minutes, after which the remedy is left for another couple of days. Before use, it must be filtered and fresh mash is added.
  • Gardener for pest control use laundry soap or mustard. To prepare the solution, you need 200 g of any product per 10 liters of water. The second time the solution is sprayed on the strawberry bushes in 10-12 days.
  • Process the plant with infusion of onions and celandine. To do this, 1/3 of the capacity is filled with the onion husk and celandine leaves. Then pour the ingredients with boiling water, and as soon as the product has cooled down, filter it and sprinkle with the infusion of strawberries.
  • To scare off insects, as a preventive measure, infusion of garlic is used. To do this, you need 150 grams of garlic, which must first be thoroughly grinded. It is poured into 10 liters of water and cleaned for two days so that it can infuse it. Before use, the infusion is filtered, after which they process strawberry bushes every evening.
  • Use also a decoction of tansy. For cooking, you need 300-400 g of dried flowers or 1 kg of fresh plant. Inflorescents are poured into 5 liters of water and give a mixture a couple of days so that the remedy is infused. After this, the infusion is boiled for 30 minutes and diluted with 5 liters of cold water. Before using the product, 50 g of laundry soap is added to it, after which the strawberry is sprayed carefully with the resulting solution.

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