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The silver anniversary of the wedding marks the 25 years that the couple lived together. For a quarter of a century the spouses shared all their sorrows and joys, trying to make each other happy. Usually this anniversary is celebrated very roughly, therefore, what to present for a silver wedding, it is worthwhile to think in advance.

Traditions of the holiday

Gifts for a silver wedding are usually chosen in connection with the main traditions of the celebration. Why did the 25-year anniversary of joint life get such a name? The thing is that silver has long been considered precious and mystical metal. Remember, with the help of products from this metal often fought with evil spirits. Silver was also credited with healing properties, believing that the constant wearing of a cross from it can heal all diseases.

That is why this precious metal marks not only a strong relationship between partners, but also the power of their love relationships. The name of the celebration indicates the strength and importance of existing feelings. What traditions of the 25th anniversary are widespread?

  1. is considered a very good sign if on this day the initiators are presented with silver rings that can now be worn instead of engagement rings, marking a new, extremely important stage of their relationship.
  2. Celebrating the 25th anniversary is taken on a grand scale, inviting to the celebration of extremely close and dear people.
  3. Newlyweds should exchange kisses immediately after waking up on the anniversary day, without getting out of bed. It is believed that the longer a kiss lasts, the stronger will be the bonds that bind the couple in the future.
  4. Also on the festive table you need to put a loaf, which will signify the richness and usefulness of the relationship.

There are a lot of traditions, but do not forget about the main thing - the feelings that exist between a man and a woman. During the celebration of the 25th anniversary, it is necessary to note again and again the importance of this event, its significance for the couple. Gifts are also better to choose touching, hinting at the importance of the holiday for the guests.

What to present for a silver wedding to relatives and friends

Usually, when choosing gifts for their friends or family members on such a significant day, people stop at traditional presentations. Examples:

  • any silver jewelry is considered a great gift for the wedding anniversary;
  • you can buy and dishes from this noble metal, which will make the festive table richer;
  • silver jug, which is used in one of the festive ceremonies, will be a wonderful, and most importantly, a symbolic presentation;
  • is another beautiful traditional gift - it's a wrist watch made of noble metal for both men and women.

Usually gifts of a traditional character to relatives and friends are somehow connected with noble metal. And some people bend the stick, presenting to the perpetrators of the triumph the awkward silver figures, which are hardly useful in the household. Picking a certain present on such a significant date, you need to be guided not only by the traditions of celebration, but also by the elementary requirements of practicality.

A gift for the couple can be one for two, and individual for each of the heroes. For example, a man can be presented with silver cufflinks, and a beautiful brooch made of this metal for a woman.

Selecting jewelry, it is worth remembering and about another symbol of the celebration - a green garnet.

This rather rare stone also has healing properties, and it is customary to give it on the 25th anniversary of the wedding.
That's why, when choosing silver rings for a couple or a variety of jewelry, it is worthwhile to find jewelry masterpieces with this beautiful pebble. In this case, the present will necessarily bring good luck, helping the spouses keep their feelings to each other.

Many guests invited to the anniversary make a choice in favor of more practical gifts. So, the initiators of the celebration can be presented with silver utensils or curtains of beautiful silver color. Such a present will be actively used by the spouses, each time reminding them of the anniversary.

Original gifts for the silver wedding

Original presents from friends are even more important than traditional gifts. The thing is that it takes a lot of time to think over a creative gift, which means that a person is serious about the very triumph and relations that connect him with the jubilees. What kind of original presents you can safely give to the heroes of the celebration?

  1. The mistress of the house can be presented with an iris flower in a pot, which is also a symbol of a silver wedding, and a man can be presented with his favorite book in an expensive decorative cover.
  2. Good alcohol with age of 25 years is the original way to express your admiration for the duration of the concluded union.
  3. Another one wonderful gift is a journey for the heroes of the day, after all, having gone to a new place for themselves, they will be able to strengthen their own ties even more.
  4. Gifts made by yourself, will also be welcome.
  5. You can also please the heroes of the celebration with a beautiful family album containing the best pictures of them during the 25 years of their life together. Gifts from silver are, of course, good, but often they are banal and do not surprise the couple. But if a person presents a beautiful family album to the jubilee, where he carefully collects all their joint pictures, the enthusiasm of the spouses will not be limited.
  6. You can also make a presentation where photos will alternate with video greetings from all friends and relatives. Such a present, perhaps, the cost is low, but it turns out to be much more touching than any gift from silver.

Irises, which are another symbol of the silver wedding, can also become the original motive for the future gift. For example, the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh adored depicting irises on his canvases, and therefore the guest can safely present one of his reproductions. That's only in the course of the presentation of the gift is beautiful to explain its meaning.

Presentations made by own hands are also always touching and meaningful. Even if a person does not have the means to a smart gift, he can execute a postcard, expressing with his help his attitude to the celebration. Using the origami technique, you can make 25 beautiful roses from paper, symbolizing each year that the couple lived together.

When choosing an original presentation, do not limit your imagination, because the more interesting the gift, the better. That's just to forget about the holiday itself is not worth it, because the surprise should be at least somehow connected with the 25th anniversary of a joint life.

A gift to his wife and husband for the 25th anniversary of the wedding

Friends and relatives are, of course, good, but the main characters of the holiday are still the couple. It is their love, faithfulness and devotion that is dedicated all this day. Actually, therefore, the perpetrators of the celebration have to rack their brains over what to give to their wives and their husbands on such a significant day.


If it is a question of a present for your beloved wife, then the following options will be relevant:

  • a man can arrange a romantic candlelit dinner at home or in a restaurant, which will certainly cause delight of the second half;
  • underwear set is a cool gift in its own way, which will hint at the fact that there is still room for flirtation in the relationship;
  • also a man can make original coupons for 25 desires, which is worth presenting to the sweetheart;
  • a touching letter with a declaration of love can be brighter and touching than any expensive gift from silver.

Specialists call to choose for the second half a touching gift on such a significant day.

Even if a man makes a choice in favor of a silver ring, it should be engraved with a declaration of love.

Another way to surprise a sweetheart is to arrange a romantic dinner for her. Often couples who have lived together for so long, suffer greatly because of the lack of romance in their relationships. Such a dinner for a long time will please the woman, reminding her that, despite all the problems and quarrels, she is still loved.

If a man really wants to make a beloved valuable present, he can give her a designer dress or a trip to an exotic country. With the help of the first option, the spouse will emphasize how much his beloved is attractive, and with the help of the second one, he will be able to introduce a new stream into development for development. A joint trip will only rally the spouses, strengthening their marriage.

To the husband

Gift to the beloved should also be chosen with the mind, relying on his personal tastes and individual characteristics. What kind of presents are suitable for the spouse?

  1. Dear silver watch - an excellent gift for such a significant date.
  2. A woman can show her romantic nature by writing a touching greeting in her poems or even a poem for her husband.
  3. Also the spouse can give what he long dreamed of: a new fishing pole, a good phone, beautiful chess.
  4. You can also present clothes, for example, a new fashionable suit.

The men are usually not as demanding of gifts as their second half, but that does not mean that it's worth choosing a present in a hurry. The only thing that a woman needs to do is think about what her second half dreams of. Usually the correct version of the gift immediately comes to mind.

If a woman wants to show originality, she can give a beloved not something of value, but an impression. For example, a joint jump with a parachute or a flight in an airtrue is a great way to make a man happy and surprise him. Such a joint leisure will never be forgotten.

Silver wedding - the anniversary is extremely romantic, and therefore on this touching day you need to do everything to make the heroes of the celebration feel happy. Sometimes simple embraces are more valuable than any jewelry, therefore, when choosing a gift, it is worth remembering about your feelings towards the couple.

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