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Stickers on nails are almost the main "chip"»The whole manicure design industry. With their help, you can create the most creative drawings, without spending more than half an hour on the process itself. How to glue stickers on the nails, what kinds of these decorative elements are found most often - we tell in this article.

Variety of

stickers Since a virtuoso manicure, on which there can be both voluminous and abstract pictures, has become fashionable, designers have to experiment all the time. This is reflected in the variety of types of special labels. Which of them are considered the most in demand?

  1. Water variants of drawings, which are applied to the nail only after prolonged contact with water.
  2. Conventional self-adhesive materials of different sizes and shapes.
  3. Stickers with 3-D effect. They help create on the plates an effect of bulkiness.
  4. Photo stickers. With their help on the nails can be applied even the most intricate photographic images.

The design of nails with stickers is so diverse that there are many kinds of such decorative elements. So, you can find a variety of stickers, as well as silicone stickers, which on the nails sometimes look very strange.

However, the four most common types are those listed above.

The technique of creating a manicure always begins with the same steps, which involve the elimination of cuticles and burrs. Next, you need to align the surface of the nail, apply the base and the colored lacquer, which will be subsequently applied to the picture.

How to use these or other types of stickers, we will tell further. Each decorative element has its own quite interesting technique.

Water stickers: features and nuances of fixing on the nail

Water stickers appeared on the market among the first, and with their help, many ladies learned how to create a virtuosic design using elementary techniques. The very process of drawing the drawing implies following the following steps:

  • the nail must first be covered with a base and a layer of varnish of the desired color;
  • sticker itself with the substrate is 30 seconds lowered into water using tweezers;
  • now, when the decorative element is wet, it can be carefully separated from the substrate and placed on the nail, trying to attach the pattern so that no excess bubbles or folds form;
  • after that, it will only be necessary to apply a transparent layer of varnish on top to permanently fix the sticker in its place.

Such a technique is elementary simple, and the only difficulty in the process can arise with the placement of the decorative element. Many girls mistakenly assume that for the design on the nail they will have to use all the available stickers.

In fact, you can safely trim it, paying attention only to the part of the picture that you like. The drawing can only occupy the edge of the nail or cover its entire surface, and here everything depends only on the desires of the woman herself.

  • After the water stickers are in the liquid for half a minute, they should be carefully pulled out with tweezers, placing on the nail, avoiding bubbles. Also, you need to make sure that the sticker does not go outside the nail and does not touch the skin around.
  • Many masters now prefer to place a decorative element on the varnish, which is not completely dried, which helps to fix the sticker better, literally making it part of the manicure itself.
In such a case, immediately after placing the stickers, the varnish must be dried and only after that the finish coat is applied.

Stickers for gel-varnish do not have to be the only part of the decor. To make your manicure even more interesting and diverse, many ladies supplement it with rhinestones, as well as elements painted with a brush. For example, if a lady placed a picture of a flower on her nail, she can draw the petals to him, placing a rhinestone imitating the core of the bud in the center of the picture.

How to use water stickers( video)

Self-adhesive pictures and features of their use

Stickers, which are now very common - these are those that can be fixed on the nails without using water first. What stages of work with such material can be distinguished:

  1. First, it is necessary to completely degrease the surface of the nails and apply a layer of the chosen varnish on it.
  2. The question of how to properly place a sticker on the nail plate, in this case is very simple. The decorative element itself will not have to be lowered into the water, which significantly speeds up the procedure for creating a manicure. Before you start, you need to carefully adjust the picture to the size of the plate, so that the picture does not go beyond it.
  3. Next, remove the existing protective layer from the sticker with the sticker and place the picture on the nail.
  4. Now it will have to be smoothed out with a special wooden stick, avoiding the formation of air bubbles and ugly folds. If in the process of gluing bubbles formed on the surface that can not be eliminated even with the help of a wooden stick, you can safely remove the sticker and try to apply it again. The adhesive surface of such a decorative element is very good, so the picture can be shot until the resulting design is completely satisfied.
  5. Now it's just a little bit to nail the marigolds and apply a layer of clear lacquer on them, which will fix the manicure, making it even more effective.

Such stickers are now so widespread that you can find even the most extravagant variants of drawings. If the picture itself does not seem too attractive, it can be additionally decorated with several decorative elements. Just like for transfer decals, you can apply a picture made with a varnish on top of these.

A similar combination of different techniques will help make the manicure even more original and noteworthy.

Now the so-called 3-D pictures, which look on the nails in bulk, have gained particular popularity. With their help you can make your manicure extremely original, but the amount achieved is only a visual illusion. If a woman wants to add real size nails, she should use a special acrylic powder for design, which is also easy to work with.

Stickers for shellac

Shellac is a special coating for nails, which is a dense and thick substance. With the help of shellac, you can create not only a beautiful, but also the most durable manicure, because usually this design keeps on the nails for several weeks. Stickers for shellac - a separate topic for discussion, because they every year are gaining popularity, because the design with them is created very simply.

  1. After the plates have been prepared for application of special compounds( standard form alignment, removal of cuticles and degreasing), one can proceed to the use of shellac.
  2. The composition itself is applied in a couple of layers, and before it has time to dry, it must be secured with a sticker with a sticker.
  3. The sticker itself must be brought to the surface of the nail with tweezers, gently smoothing it to prevent tearing. The easiest way is to work with a small picture that only occupies the edge of the plate. Usually this pattern is easily attached to the nail, it does not bubble and looks very bright. If the lady decided to cover the entire nail with a sticker, she should carefully smooth the surface with a wooden spatula.
  4. Now you can dry the marigold.
  5. Then on the sticker it is necessary to put a layer of clear lacquer for fixing the manicure
. For decorating shellac, you can also use photo stickers on the nails. They usually have a very original design, but are applied as simply as other decorative elements.

If a woman dreams of a truly bright design, she can supplement the manicure with sequins or rhinestones. That's just in this situation, it is worth remembering that moderation is now in fashion, and excessive decorating can only spoil the overall perception of the image.

Advantages of manicure with stickers

How to use the stickers to create a manicure, we figured out, and now it remains to tell only about the main advantages of this nail art. Here are just its main advantages:

  • with the help of various stickers and stickers, you can very quickly create a bright manicure, which will look original;
  • specialized stores offer a variety of such decorative elements, which means that a woman will be able to create creative design every day;
  • to stick such labels, do not need to be a pro, and the technology itself is simple;
  • these decorative elements can easily be complemented with rhinestones, and drawings made with varnish, adding manicure of individuality.

Perhaps, the main advantage of this design is its simplicity.


For example, to reproduce on the nails of the images of planets and various constellations with the help of lacquer, it takes a lot of time, and thanks to the labels, this design is created in just 15-20 minutes. If a woman can correctly paste a picture, carefully aligning it with the shape of the nail, it will look brighter and more beautiful than any painted picture.


You can create a creative manicure with a sticker for your wedding image. For example, you can find original images of the bride and groom, wedding rings and cake, which can be easily transferred to the marigold with tweezers.

Experts advise to choose a light tone of varnish for the base under the label, because on such colors absolutely any picture looks bright. In addition, this wedding design can be decorated with several rhinestones.

Often ladies carve tiny drawings of flowers and butterflies, with which they decorate the upper part of the nail, designed in the French manicure technique.

This work is extremely painstaking, but the result looks unusual.

This kind of manicure has practically no drawbacks. If a lady has a unique design, she can easily translate it with photo stickers. This manicure technology helps the masters of their business to save time on the design of nails. That's just stopping on this or that sticker, the lady should remember that her main task is not only to create an original manicure, but also to fit into the existing fashion trends.

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