Sometimes in the nose there is an unpleasant sensation of scaling, itching, irritation, it seems that something is interfering. More often than not, the process of cloning results in a person sneezing, sometimes several times in a row. If this feeling has arisen once, then it does not cause any special alarm - this is a usual physiological reaction.

But it also happens that the nose in the nose begins regularly - and this is an occasion to think about the reasons that cause this annoying symptom. In this article, let us consider just the question of the causes that cause an unpleasant sensation of the nose in the nose. In addition, find out what to do, and how to cope with this unpleasant manifestation.


  • 1 reasons
    • 1.1 Allergy
    • 1.2 Infectious Diseases
    • 1.3 Tonus vessels
  • 2 Precipitating factors
  • 3 Treatment
    • 3.1 Methods
      • 3.1.1 Washing
      • 3.1.2 Antihistamines
      • 3.1.3 allergen-specific therapy
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      • 3.1.4 Lubrication of the mucosa
      • 3.1.5 Vasodilators
      • 3.1.6 Irrigation
      • 3.1.7 Antiseptics
      • 3.1.8 Antiviral
      • 3.1.9 Operative intervention
      • 3.1.10 Injections
      • 3.1.11 Physiotherapy
    • 3.2 Folk methods
  • 4 General advice

Reasons for

The immediate "culprit" of this unpleasant sensation is irritation of the nasal mucosa. But the cause of this irritation can be different factors. Let us consider them in more detail.


scribbles in the nose

A very common and very likely cause of the deposition. An allergic reaction of this kind is caused, most often, by volatile irritants entering the nasal cavity: dust, villi and wool, plant pollen, and other allergens. In addition to the above, there is often an allergic reaction to eggs, nuts, citrus, strawberries, some medicines and mold.

To get the stimulus, the cells of the nasal mucosa react first. Along with the cloning, most likely, there will be swelling: strong or not, depends on the immunity and the nature of the allergen. In addition, in this case, often there is a runny nose, so this disease is called "allergic rhinitis." How to understand what has appeared, an allergy or a cold, and how this problem can be dealt with by domestic means, is described in this article.

Infectious Diseases

Various respiratory diseases, inflammatory processes, rhinitis are the most common cause of nasal scoring. In this case, itching and irritation in the nasal cavity will necessarily be combined with other symptoms: coughing, sneezing, fever, weakness, etc. In addition to the already mentioned types of infections, the following microbes can affect the nasal mucosa:

  • adenovirus;
  • rhinovirus;
  • of staphylococci and streptococci;
  • meningococci.

Vessel Tone

The same probable cause of the reassembly. In this case, we are talking about the vessels lining the nasal mucosa. Often the vascular tone is caused by incorrect( too long) use of vasoconstrictive drops.

In the photo - the tone of the vessels? vascular tone

This is why the use of these tools is usually limited to five days. If you use the drops longer, the mucosa appears to be addictive to them, and it ceases to fight the microbes alone.

These are not all reasons. In rare cases, other factors that provoke the probation are also probable.

The provoking factors

sneezes in the nose

Nasal congestion is sometimes caused by external influences, eliminating which, you can get rid of the irritating symptom. We will find out what moments can cause a seam in the nasal cavity.

  • Severe unpleasant odor. But there may be spirits in a highly concentrated dose.
  • Staying on a gassy street or in a smoky room also contributes to the sensation of itching and irritation in the nose.
  • Mechanical injury to the nose of the with the use of its mucous membrane is a probable provoker of overburden.
  • Sometimes too hot weather and dry air of lead to an irritating sensation of a survey.

Some medicines may cause dry mucous membranes, and sometimes even a scratch. Such drugs include, for example, drugs with atropine.

how to treat a sore inside the nose How to treat a sore inside the nose, and which medications are the most effective, is described in great detail in this article.

And that's why the sores do not pass in the nose, and what means can be got rid of it, is described in this article.

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Let's find out with what measures it is possible to bring the nasal mucosa in order, and get rid of annoying copulation.

We recommend you before you treat this symptom, first to know its nature and cause. For this, you need to go to the doctor for an examination. It is advisable to do this when the seizure has lasted for some time, and "seizures" occur regularly. The doctor will determine the cause of the symptom, and prescribe a treatment that eliminates it.



If the sensation of scaling is caused by dry air in the room or by street heat, the usual rinsing with seawater can help. A solution of AquaMaris and the like are excellent for this purpose. But you can prepare solutions for washing and with your own hands.

solution AquaMaris

Solution AquaMaris

To do this, dissolve one teaspoon of real sea salt in a liter of boiled chilled water. And here is how to rinse the nose to the infant child Aquamaris, is described in detail in this article.


If seizure is caused by an allergic reaction, taking these medications is a must. They should be appointed by a doctor after examination and precise diagnosis. Physicians especially recommend the following high-performance drugs:

  • Zirtek;


  • Zodak;

    Zodak in tablets

  • Cetrin.

These medications have a significant benefit, however, you need to know that long-term use is unacceptable. In some cases, it can even lead to a weakening of the heart.

In addition to the already listed facilities, the following medicines also do their job:

  • Suprastin;


  • Tavegil;


  • Allergodil.

The latter drug is a spray that can have a directional local effect, eliminating allergens directly on the mucosa.

Allergen-specific therapy

If the specialists were able to accurately identify the allergen-stimulus, this procedure is possible. Its essence lies in the gradual "training" of the organism to this irritant. To do this, a person is first injected with a small dose of an allergen, and after it is "digested" - large.

On the video, why is it scratched in the nose for a cold:

And continue until the body begins to show an adequate response even to real doses of the allergen - those that occur in normal life. This therapy takes quite some time, but a person after her happy ending is relieved of allergy to this stimulus for the rest of her life.

Lubrication of the mucosa

Local preparation Cromoglycan sodium can be used to eliminate allergic sniffing in the nose, even in children. In addition, it is recommended to use a remedy such as NAZAWAL to relieve mucosal irritation. This drug forms on the mucosa a thin shell, which will not allow allergens to have their negative impact.



Vasodilator preparations

These remedies will only help if the speration is not caused by the vascular tone. Their impact is powerful, but you can not apply such drops for long: maximum - five days.

Irrigation of

To eliminate dryness and perforation in the nose, irrigation of the mucosa with special preparations with sea salt or other components is excellent. The beneficial effect of irrigation is indispensable for this problem: the procedure will moisturize the mucous membrane, have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.


Drugs of local bactericidal action will have a calming effect on the nasal mucosa. In addition, these funds will help eliminate harmful microbes from the surface of the mucosa. The following drugs are suitable:

  • Protargol( and here's how to apply Protargol with nasal congestion in children, described in this article);


  • Chlorophyllipt( how to breed Chlorophyllipt in angina, very detailed in this article);


  • Sulfacyl sodium( and here's how to use Sulfacil sodium in your baby's nose, very detailed in this article).
    sodium sulfacil

    Sulfacil sodium


If a nasal convection is caused by a viral infection, drugs that do not resist this scourge are indispensable. Doctors recommend the use of safe antiviral drugs based on interferon - a natural protein. Such drugs include the familiar Anaferon .



Operative intervention

If the seizure is caused by an enlarged venous network in the lower part of the nasal cavity, that is, the symptom itself will not be eliminated, it is possible to use surgical methods. The operation is performed using a laser, ultrasound or cryo-technology .In the course of the intervention, the "culprit" of the nose scraping is removed - an enlarged venous network.


Sometimes, in order to bring the vessels of the mucosa back to normal, apply and injections that deliver the necessary drugs locally and more purposefully. physiotherapy of the nose


These methods have a remarkable effect on the condition of the mucosa: warm it up, eliminate microbes, relieve swelling and inflammation. Procedures such as laser, ultrasound, infrared radiation, or electrophoresis can quickly restore mucosal function, and eliminate annoying sampling.

Folk methods

Let's consider what methods and means of non-traditional approach to medicine can be used in this case.

If the seizure is caused by a cold or runny nose, you can warm your nose with hot boiled eggs wrapped in tissue. Also for this purpose bags suitable for warm sea salt are suitable.

A very useful procedure is the rinsing of the nose .Traditional medicine advises for this purpose to use water with sea salt, soda solution, herbal medicinal herbs: chamomile, sage, St. John's wort, calendula, coltsfoot, and lungwort. nasal lavage

If the house is growing Kalanchoe, then the juice of the leaves of this useful plant can be used for instillation into the nose during a survey. Juice should be used fresh, digging in each procedure for five drops in the nostril.

If symptoms appear as a result of a cold, it is recommended to have more warm and hot drinks with honey and lemon content.

If self-treatment or even prescribed by a doctor does not bring a positive result, you must again show yourself to the doctor. In this case, you may need more detailed examination and a more accurate diagnosis. Eliminate the nose in the nose, because if it continues, nosebleeds and rhinosinusitis with suppuration are not excluded.

General advice

Ventilate the room often. Do not interfere with the use of a humidifier in the winter, which will turn the dry air in the room in the optimum suitable for inhalation and not irritating the mucous membrane.

Wet cleaning on a regular basis will help to save the apartment from more dust, causing allergies.

We also recommend that you quit smoking. This habit itself is not the most useful, but in addition, it also provokes dry mucous, causing various unpleasant manifestations.

We have considered the features of such a sensation as a nose-snapping. As you can see, this unpleasant and irritating symptom can cause several reasons, and some of them force you to seriously think about your health. It is recommended that you consult a doctor if the survey takes place regularly, and causes severe discomfort.