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When asked what color is the most fashionable, people who understand feshen tendencies, without hesitation for a second, will answer: "Marsala".This delightful shade, bright, stylish and very attractive, perfectly suits the design of the wedding interior, allowing you to create a refined and unique atmosphere. At whatever time of the year you plan to arrange a wedding ceremony, a wedding in the color of a marsala is an excellent choice, truly a royal feast.

Color palette of Marsala

This color is named after the famous Sicilian wine. It can not be accurately described, it is so multi-faceted and rich in shades. The closest it is to wine, burgundy, but complemented by a yellow-brown sub-tone. It is possible to characterize the color of the marsala as follows: saturated dark red with a spectacular terracotta tint.

It is believed that the wedding celebration, decorated in this color, is most suitable for autumn. It was at this time of the year that the magnificent red-wine shade, proclaimed by the Pantone Institute as the main trend of last year, looks best.

Marsala perfectly blends with the colors of autumn nature, especially with a leaf fall. This is an ideal time for the display of burgundy, gold and green flowers in full glory, this riot of colors can not be achieved either in winter or in the summer.

The design of the wedding in the style of Marsala can be done entirely in wine, but due to the fact that it looks great with many shades, the design takes on a special charm. The dark and sensual color of the marsala fits into any palette.

Stylists believe that for a spectacular combination fit:

  • white, pearl gray;
  • deep blue;
  • is a gentle pink;
  • coffee, warm beige, peach;
  • cream, sand;
  • silver, gold.

Marsala has the ability to vary depending on the lighting and the combination with other shades. A win-win option is a combination with neutral gentle shades. In some cases, you can combine it with bright colors, for example, coral, but you should consider that the wine is a self-sufficient shade and does not tolerate competition. In addition, a catchy color can merge with a marsala into one spot.

Wedding images of the bride and groom

If the wedding is decorated in the noble color of the marsala, it is only natural that the newlyweds' outfits will also be executed in it.

A very brave bride, who is not afraid to depart from the traditional white outfit, can afford to appear before the guests in a luxurious wine-colored dress. In this case, the groom simply must support his beloved and also wear a marsala costume. Such a tandem will look expensive and highly elegant.

Most often brides choose a white wedding dress, generously decorating it with various bright accessories. It can be shoes of wine color( especially suede shoes will look great), gloves, handbag, flowers in a hairdress, bouquet. Do not forget about lipstick and manicure in the color of Marsala.

Having combined in its attire two magnificent colors - wine and white, the bride turns into a fairy-tale beauty and will look charming.

The groom's outfit must also be carefully thought through. To dress in a wine-colored suit is not necessary, except that the young man himself will express such a desire. The shirt should be white or cream. You can be satisfied with individual accessories - a tie, butterfly or shoes of wine shades.

Excellent will look like a suit of one of these colors:

  • brown;
  • black;
  • gray;
  • saturated blue.

Interesting and catchy accents in the images of newlyweds:

  1. Wedding garter of the bride. It can be a wine shade decorated with white lace and rhinestones, or dazzling white with exquisite finish in the color of the Marsala. Both options will look luxurious.
  2. Ornaments instructed by burgundy shimmering stones.
  3. Set for the groom, consisting of a boutonniere with graceful florets of wine tint, cufflinks and a tie.

Invitations for guests

As the theater begins with a hanger, and preparations for a wedding start with invitations. In the color of the Marsala they look remarkably spectacular.

If the newlyweds want the invitation cards to be completely wine-colored, then you should use gold embossing and calligraphic font, monograms and chevrons in the color of Marsala. The aristocratic style of invitations will be complemented by elegant empire-style envelopes sealed with wax.

How should the guests be dressed?

Girls who will be bridesmaids, should look great, naturally, within reasonable limits, so as not to eclipse the beauty of the culprit of the celebration. It is desirable that they were long or short dresses of wine shade or in the outfit there was any bright burgundy element. For example, a strong dark pencil skirt, elegant chiffon blouse of a wine shade with numerous flounces and ruffles, a bag, shoes and gloves in the color of a marsala will become a successful ensemble.

The groom's friends also do not need to dress in wine-colored suits to look spectacular and match the wedding theme.

How to make a wedding in the style of Marsala?

The banquet can be held indoors, an excellent option will be a country mansion or a villa, but you can get along with an ordinary restaurant. This is especially true for the cool weather of the autumn-winter period. If conditions allow, it is possible to hold a wedding outdoors, ideal for this lawn.

After the newlyweds are determined with the choice of the room in which the celebration will take place, preparations for decoration begin. It is worth noting that it will be much easier to supplement the interior with details of wine color, rather than start everything from scratch, so when choosing a restaurant or cafe, you need to take this moment into account. It's great if the hall is originally decorated in the color of a marsala, for example, it has curtains, drapes, tablecloths of the right shades.

Professional stylist can easily cope with the decoration of the room, but you can do it yourself. Festive decor is easy to create with the help of beautiful textiles - tablecloths and napkins, dishes, table cards, balloons, elegant bonboniers for sweets and other decorative trifles.

Use the Marsala in design. Do not be afraid that the abundance of this color will create a sense of oversaturation. You can quite combine it with other shades - white, gray, blue, gold and silver.

Fresh flowers, such as roses, peonies, carnations, orchids, dahlias, water lilies, callas, tulips, will become an excellent stylish addition to the wedding decor. Of course, burgundy. Flower compositions for decorating the hall in the color of Marsala with carefully thought out idea and competent design look unmatched, bright and unique.

At the table newlyweds must be located an arch, decorated in accordance with the subject of the event.
It is made from live or artificial flowers, openwork butterflies from white and burgundy paper, intertwined with artificial artificial pearls. A successful solution will be the use of several colors, in particular, autumn - green and golden.

Intricate elements of decor will perfectly fit into the interior, for example, old candelabra, candles, vases.

Recently, it is very fashionable to use at weddings a sweet bar, which hosts treats, including a wedding cake. This inalienable attribute of the ceremony deserves a detailed description. The cake can be prepared in various fashion techniques.

If you want a consistent style to be maintained, it is better to choose a confectionery product without unnecessary decor elements, with a minimum of decorations. But the cake, decorated with artistic painting or intricate design, fits better with the concept of a romantic glamorous wedding.

Also in the bar can be located a variety of sweets. They look solemn and elegant, besides marsala is very often used for making sweet desserts, in particular, for tiramisu.

During the event, guests should pay attention to the fact that the color of marsala is directly related to wine, especially since this drink corresponds to the direction of the celebration.

It's great if the guests are offered Sicilian "Marsala", and as a hot dish - meat baked in wine.

The original unforgettable element of the decor will be wine bottles, used as vases. By the way, corks can also be used for decoration, for example, from them you can make original stylish room for tables. On the table must be a vase filled with fruits and berries: plums, grapes, blueberries.

For all guests who came to share with young spouses this is a joyful occasion, you can prepare small gifts packed in boxes of the color of Marsala. Souvenirs are best placed on the table next to the appliances.

As for the car, in which happy newlyweds will ride, a burgundy limousine is quite problematic to find, but a retro car is much easier.

Draw it with balloons, satin ribbons and other elements of decor - and the wedding cortege will look amazing.

Wedding photosession in the style of Marsala

Thematic shooting, performed in rich shades of marsala, even after many years will evoke only pleasant memories from the newlyweds. Trendy color looks very expensive and sophisticated, but at the same time as natural as possible, so it's best to hold a photo shoot in nature, but Marsala will also fit into the concept of urban space.

Very popular shooting in ancient manor houses, where a photozone is created using antique furniture, which gives a chic and aristocratic look.

Thanks to the magnificent shade, it is possible to reproduce the refined unique decorations of the wedding decoration, the main thing is to use the color of the Marsala intelligently and stylistically.

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