Evening make-up for green eyes

  • Hair color and make-up, examples
  • Selection of shadows depending on the shade of green eyes
  • General and step-by-step tips for creating a beautiful evening make-up

In the old days, owners of bright green eyes were called witches and sorceresses. Indeed, in the green eyes there is something magical, secret, unexplored. They beckon and fascinate.

How is it advantageous to emphasize the eyes of green when it is most needed? To do this, you need to learn to perform evening make-up for green eyes.

Hair color and make-up, examples

Make-up is necessary not only for the eyes, but also for the hair. So, makeup for brunettes will be radically different from makeup for blondes.

In fact, every detail needs to be taken into account: the color and tone of the skin, the shape of the eyebrows, the shape of the face, the presence or absence of the bang. Variations are so many that they can not be taken into account in theory. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehend the science of applying make-up in practice, using the basic rules and principles.

Makeup for brunette with green eyes

This is the first lesson for women with dark hair and white skin. To emphasize the depth of view and open your eyes, you will need golden or silver shadows.

Usually silver color for green-eyed women is not used, but this case can be called an exception. Especially if your skin has a cold shade.

Cold shades successfully combined with purple or lilac color. If the choice fell on the shade of green, then the shades should be as follows:

  1. brownish green;
  2. is dirty green;
  3. boggy.
Bright green shadows should not be used, so that the eyes do not become dull on their background. The same applies to blue and blue colors. They are more suitable for blue-eyed blondes. To brunettes this color is contraindicated.
  • Mascara should be of high quality in any case. Its color can be black, brown or dark brown.
  • Ink or pencil contour is predominantly golden, silver or black.
Evening make-up for green-eyed brunettes - video with master-class:
  • For a light skin, rouge is chosen pink.
  • In this case, the lips are stained with pink, beige or caramel lipstick. Beautiful evening makeup for a brunette is unthinkable without a bright red lipstick. Tint choose the one you like best.
Green-eyed brunettes should not get carried away by bronzers or dark bronze blushes.

For owners of swarthy skin, peach blush and shades of flowers with warm shades are recommended. For example, sand, brown, various shades of beige color. In this case, the lipstick should be light pink or beige.

Make-up for the blonde with green eyes

Blondes should pay great attention to the eyebrows:

  • It is better to allocate them with a pencil of light gray color, if it is the owner of hair with a platinum hue.
  • For hair of a warm shade, give preference to a brown pencil.

Best shades for green-eyed blondes:

  1. Milk chocolate and darker shades for hair with a wheaten hue;
  2. Golden color for blondes with warm-tone hair;
  3. Olive shades for hair with a cool shade;
  4. Gray-brown or dark green shades for a warm shade of hair.
  • For blondes wishing to make a variety in makeup, the use of shades of plum blossom is acceptable. Evening make-up for green eyes and light hair will be spectacular if a small arrow is used on the upper eyelid with a contour pencil in the upper eyelid, and then shade it.
Evening make-up for green-eyed blondes - video with master-class:
  • For green-eyed blondes, a blush of unobtrusive pink or naturally beige color is ideal. If the skin is tanned, the blush may have a brown tinge.
  • Lips fits a gentle pink color, and for bright evening make-up even red.

Makeup for the brown-haired woman with green eyes

For the brown-haired woman, it is important that the eyebrows are painted in the same color as the hair. Shadows can have an amber or brown tinge. Evening make-up welcomes rich shades of cherry, ruby, brown or turquoise.

  • The special relation at the brown-haired should be with green color. Green shadows do not emphasize the depth of view, but the green contour pencil will give an excellent effect. To do this, you can use the liner: start to drive an arrow from the inner corner to the outer corner so that the line is not lowered down.
Blue or pink shades for brownies do not fit. They make the evening image vulgar.
  • Brown mascara is another technique for brownies. However, for the owners of dark chestnut hair, she makes the eyelashes faded. Therefore, in this case, ink is used exclusively in black.
  • Blush for brownies should be light brown or beige.
Evening makeup for green-eyed brown-haired - video with master-class:
  • Do not use too dark shadows, as they give a defiant appearance. If for the evening make-up dark brown shades are sometimes permissible, then for everyday make-up they are banned.
  • But in the choice of lipstick restrictions are almost none. It can be just pink, even bright pink or violet.

Make-up for green-eyed women with red hair

The red shades go very well with green. For red-haired women it is recommended to wear green things more often, as they emphasize a rich red color. This applies to the eye: green - the optimal color for red-haired girls. How to emphasize them with evening make-up?

Green-eyed redhead girls can choose shades of any shade of green: nobody else can boast of it.
  • Evening make-up is created by adding brown, bronze, plum and even copper color. However, for everyday make-up should be limited to sand, apricot and caramel shades.
  • Begin with the design of eyebrows: decorate them with a pencil, whose tone is one lighter than the color of the hair. The eye make-up ends, with the color of which you can experiment. It can be black or brown. Very successful use of dark brown carcass. Shadows should be chosen experimentally: choose those shades that give the eyes a healthy shine.
Evening make-up of smokey-ice for redheads with green eyes - video:
  • Blush for red-haired women can have a light brown or dark beige shade. The main rule: blush should not be catchy. It is very good if the blush is lighter than the hair.
  • For evening make-up, lipstick should be a few tones darker than the color of the hair, and for the day - it's lighter.

Selecting shadows depending on the shade of green eyes

Rarely the iris of the eye is colored in a flat green color. Usually it is dotted with multi-colored blotches or includes shades of gray and other colors. Not taking this into account, you can accidentally make the look plain. To prevent this from happening, determine the shade of your eyes.

Below is a table with which it is easy to determine which shadows are best used to make the eyes more expressive.

Shade of green eyes Recommended shadows
Green-blue When illuminated at a certain angle, the eyes appear blue. This is an exception to the rule: you can use blue shadows and even blue eyeliner.
Jade Make-up artists recommend using dark brown and graphite shades. But there are practically no restrictions.
Yellow-green( cat's-eye) Yellow eye shades around the pupil, so as not to make the eyes dim. It is not recommended to use bright accents and dark shadows.
Gray-green Specialists recommend extremely light shades. Sometimes they should be abandoned altogether. O thus the contour of eyes is allocated by a pencil or simply made up eyelashes.

General and step-by-step tips for creating a beautiful evening make-up

To learn how to make beautiful evening make-up, you need to follow the general rules. Sometimes they can be retreated, but never violate the green eye makeup prohibitions:

  • Do not use blue and blue shadows, or shadows with shades of these colors. It is undesirable to be painted with violet shadows.
  • The pink color for green-eyed girls is very whimsical. Some shades are suitable, while others make the eyes seem to be inflamed, red, sick. Choose the appropriate shades of pink can be experimented.
  • Silvery color for green eyes is also prohibited, unless you are a brunette with a skin of cold shade.

To make the makeup look complete, apply it step by step:

  1. Applying the skin to the skin( cream);
  2. Applying a tonal base( one or more shades);
  3. Powder application;
  4. Eyebrow shaping;
  5. Eye design( eyeliner, shadow, mascara);
  6. Blush application;
  7. Apply lipstick or lip gloss.
  • It is not necessary to perform each of the stages. If you have even skin, devoid of even small flaws, then you can not use the base.
  • If you have a smooth skin tone, you can do without a foundation, but in this case you will need a cream base to flatten the powder. Sometimes it is also excluded.
Make-up that emphasizes the beauty of green eyes - video tutorial:

Evening make-up allows bright and catchy colors, as they will not stand out in the dim lighting of a club or restaurant. For green eyes, the color of cosmetics is chosen taking into account the color of the skin and hair.

If you follow all the steps step by step with the general rules and principles of applying makeup, you will be able to achieve the desired effect and make a positive impression on the public.

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