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Nail art is a popular nail art with metallized foil, withwith which original and stylish patterns are created.

Tools and accessories for manicure

To make the casting of nails, it is not necessary to go to the beauty salon, any girl can create a magnificent manicure on her nails, it is only necessary to practice a little and gain experience. To do this, she will also need to buy in the specialized shop of nail art the necessary tools: a set that includes several types of gel colors and shades of foil, an ultraviolet lamp, brushes.

The advantage of casting is the low price of the materials used. If you plan to perform a manicure not only to yourself, but also to customers, it is much more practical to purchase foil in rolls.

Two types of metallized foil are produced:

  1. Translational is sheets and strips on which embossing and ornament are applied. The foil is double-sided, the top layer is glossy, the lower one is matte.
  2. Non-translational is used in aqua design. The foil cuts out drawings that are attached to the lacquer and are covered with a fixing agent. Using a toothpick, the foil can be torn into pieces and put the original mosaic out of them.

Modern materials for fashionable nail art suggest different color solutions for foil.

  • Casting can cover the surface of the nail as a whole, and in part, create a variety of patterns, it all depends on the imagination of the fashionista.
  • Stylish metallic shine creates a magnificent design - from luxurious gold and romantic pink to exquisite silvery and aggressive black and red.
  • Also with the help of foil it is possible to give the nails an effective mirror shine, decorate the surface with intricate patterns, curls, flowers and even uniform compositions.

The foil can be applied to black gel-paint with a sticky base and special glue. The first option is much more convenient for work, since the created drawing is clearly visible, but the transparent glue will merge with the background. For an experienced master there is no fundamental difference with what material to work.

Beginners are better at first to use a simple lacquer as a sticky base. It is much easier to remove from the nail plates in the event that something is done wrong, besides, it will save consumables.

Colored gels are required in order to create a background background and various drawings. Also, to remove the sticky layer from the base coat, you will need a special liquid for alcohol. Some manufacturers offer more convenient in use napkins with impregnation.

The process of mastering casting on nails is not complicated, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the first time you can play a great manicure and not get. Sometimes, in an unsuccessful result, it is not the inexperience of the master who is to blame, but the defective foil and gel, so you only need to purchase materials from a trusted manufacturer.

Often casting is combined with "liquid stones".In this case, it is recommended to purchase a special stained-glass gel, which creates the effect of a magnifying glass and makes "stones" similar to natural. For "liquid stones" it is better to use ready-made polymer decorations. The cost of such sets is also small - within $ 4.

Technique for nail molding

Casting technology requires the beginner to have certain skills, as well as patience and perseverance.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Apply a polymerization gel to the nail plates - the basis of the artistic composition. It is used both on the entire plate and in individual sections.
  2. Dry nails in an ultraviolet lamp. This procedure takes no more than 2 minutes, but it all depends on the material and firm of the manufacturer. If you have not used a gel, but glue, you need to consider that it dries somewhat longer.
  3. Gel black to draw an ornament, it will later be glued with foil. To apply the pattern, use a fine brush. Lines should be as bulky as possible, this ensures a strong fixation of the foil.
  4. Dry the gel in the UV lamp again for exactly two minutes.
  5. Apply the foil. Fix it with a matte side on the adhesive cover, press it with your hand, then pull it off with a sharp movement from the nail.
  6. To work out small design elements, apply a thin gel brush. Foil can be applied and plates, all the same elegant pattern will remain only in those places where the gel was applied.
  7. The resulting pattern is fixed with a fixing means.
  8. If the casting is decided to combine with liquid stones, then the gel of the chosen color needs to create a contour for the future stone. To get the effect of overflow in the sun, it is recommended to use several shades.
  9. Apply stained glass gel, fix in a UV lamp.
  10. The stone is covered with a sculpted gel, giving a stone volume, again fixed in an ultraviolet lamp.

That's all, a luxurious manicure that will cause admiration of others, ready!

Casting on nails - video with master class

Tips for beginners

Women who are just trying their hand at manicure with metalized foil are often faced with certain problems. The main one is that the foil either falls unevenly on the gel, or does not hold at all.

  • Perhaps the case is in the quality of the materials used. When working with lacquer or gel, which is used for the base, you need to pay attention to the fact that they must create a sticky surface, otherwise the foil will not be fixed. Another reason may be incorrect drying time. Before work, you should carefully read the instructions to the gel, as the basis of one manufacturer is enough to dry for 2 minutes, and the other will need to be processed for 6-8 minutes.
  • The foil should be applied in this way: tightly press the used material and tear off the nail plate. The procedure must be repeated as many times until it is brought to automaticity. It happens that because of a too large pattern foil can not be applied to the nail evenly, and it is not imprinted everywhere. In this case, it must be reapplied.
The basis for casting is better to choose a dark one, it will give depth and intensity to the color.
  • Do not neglect the finish coat, and to achieve the best result you will need two layers. This will protect the casting from rapid erasure and scratches.
  • It is better to simulate liquid molten metal on accrued nails or tips, because adhesive materials can damage the surface of the nail plates. In addition, casting is very difficult to remove, especially if the design includes many decorative elements. To remove a manicure, you need to use acetone or a special remover.

Popular variants of nail art with foil

The molding technique includes a variety of nail design options. You can draw a variety of patterns, such as flowers, curls, berries, shells, butterflies, create original stained glass and mosaic ornaments - there are no limitations here.

Exquisite manicure with metallized foil is not quite suitable for everyday wear, but as a festive nail art at a party or wedding, it is more than appropriate, the main thing is not to overdo it with decor elements. It should be noted that casting is short-lived, it will last for two weeks, no more. Consider the most popular types of decor nails.

With gold

This stunning nail art has become popular with modern women of fashion most of all. Gold casting with a white jacket that can outshine the brilliance of expensive rings is an ideal option for solemn events. The most effective gold looks on the skin, covered with a bronze or golden tan.

With silver

No less elegant looks like a manicure with silver foil. He is in demand by those girls who, with the brilliance and luxury of gold, prefer the elegance and elegance of silver.

Both silver and gold are now at the peak of fashion trends in manicure, so you can safely choose one of these metals at will. To get the unmatched nail art, it is recommended to combine the foil of both shades.

"Liquid stones"

This direction in the nail art is very relevant today."Stones" are used in a duet with foil, which allows you to create on the nails not only drawings, but also whole compositions. Combining casting and "stones", you can achieve the effect of radiance of exquisite ornaments."Stones", framed with silver or gold foil, look chic and festive.

This nail art is very fragile, but with careful handling it can last from 2 weeks to a month.

If you find it difficult to choose a shade of "liquid stones", stylists recommend choosing them to match the eye color.

To begin with, you need to learn how to draw simple unpretentious patterns and only then proceed to complex images.

The molding technique is not that difficult to perform. Use the above tips, and your marigolds will always be in perfect order.

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