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Yogurt is the most valuable product, which is sure to be found in the refrigerator of every person who tries to monitor their health. It is equally useful to both children and adults. After all, beneficial bifidobacteria, filling this delicious dish, significantly improve the work of the intestines, as well as the entire digestive tract. The constant use of yogurt in food can make the skin color much more pleasant, and also prevent the appearance of acne and acne. And this should be taken into account to adolescents with "problem" skin.

It is well known that middle-aged and elderly people should limit themselves in the consumption of milk in its pure form, since it is digested long enough. However, they can safely eat yoghurts, since this product is easily absorbed by the body.

Home yogurt vs. shop

Indeed, it's only worth including a TV, as every second commercial trains about the benefits of yogurts filling store shelves and supermarkets. However, one must understand that in fact, the product is not so valuable and unique as it is advertised.

After all, in the majority of store yogurts produce from milk with a low percentage of fat content or completely defatted. Sometimes manufacturers do not disdain to use even milk powder. Therefore, talking about the extreme benefits of such a dish is certainly not worth it.

Homemade yogurt is prepared according to special recipes, which nature dictates. And it always includes either whole milk, or low-fat cream, leaven or skimmed milk. So it was created in ancient times. Therefore, to compare a homemade yogurt with a shop version is a true crime. After all, he, rather, looks like a gentle, melting cream in the mouth, which at one moment is eaten up to the last drop.

This product is often used in the preparation of Vedic dishes. It gives them an incomparable taste, turning it into a true decoration of any table. In addition, the cost of ingredients of this yogurt is relatively low, and making it at home is quite easy.

Method of cooking yoghurt for home use

To prepare a delicious homemade yogurt you will need 1 liter of cow's milk and 4 tbsp.spoons of bifidogoorta( 2.4% fat content).If you use the store milk, it is unlikely to get an equally thick and delicious product.

  1. First you need to bring the milk to a boil, then cool it to 40 ° C.
  2. Distribute milk in jars 0.5 liter.(in small containers it can thicken much faster).Add 2 tbsp each.spoons of bifidogoorta( 2.4% fat content) in each jar.
  3. Stir the milk thoroughly with the same spoon, then tightly close the jars with covers.
  4. Tanks with this leaven put the oven( + 30 ° C) for 8 hours, after which the finished yogurt can be extracted and enjoyed its amazing taste.
  5. No desire to use the oven? Then you can put the jars in any warm place, for example, near the stove or on the windowsill, where the yogurt will reach its end in 12-15 hours.
  6. The finished product must be placed in the refrigerator.

To make the yogurt taste brighter, you can add a couple of spoons of your favorite jam, jelly and finely chopped fruits. So it will turn into an exquisite dessert. Yogurt on cream in a multivariate.

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