Useful properties of hawthorn fruit. How and when to use hawthorn?

On the use of hawthorn for medical purposes, in cosmetology and cooking.


The healing properties of hawthorn have been used since ancient times to restore health. Infusions, decoctions, extracts, tinctures are prepared from fruits, leaves and bush flowers. This publication will introduce the useful and medicinal features of hawthorn, its use for cosmetic purposes and in culinary recipes.

Hawthorn indications for use

  • "Heart Berry" - hawthorn was widely used by ancient Chinese healers from heartaches. Russian herbalists also did not avoid the "heart shrub", applying it with symptoms of cardiac gravity and pains, chest frog, neurasthenia
  • . Under Peter I, hawthorn was included in the medical register. He was grown on the "Aptekarsky garden" and produced medicinal drugs in the form of various decoctions, powders, tinctures
  • "Berries of the May tree", "boyars", "lady", "glide" - popular names of hawthorn. In general, two types of hawthorn are used: hawthorn blood-red( Crataegus sanguinea) and hawthorn prickly( Crataegus oxyacantha).In the gardens grow hawthorn large-billed( Crataegus aestivales)

Surprisingly, but the fact: hawthorn is rightfully considered a "natural pharmacy" because of the content of a significant supply of vitamins, minerals, organic acids.

Vitamins in hawthorn

Hawthorn is rich in vitamins and important microelements necessary for life support. It contains vitamins:

  • ascorbic acid
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin P
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin K

In addition to these vitamins, an important plant pigment, beta-carotene, is found in hawthorn, a powerful antioxidant that protects the immune system from free radicals.

Iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium are important macronutrients present in the plant.

The fruits of hawthorn contain a large number of trace elements: cobalt, copper, molybdenum, zinc, chromium, boron, manganese, aluminum. According to some quantitative indicators of these elements, hawthorn is the leader among other fruit and berry bushes.

Hawthorn contains flavonoids that affect the active state of enzymes in the body. Scientists have proved the positive effect of flavonoids on the walls of vessels, their elasticity and permeability. The main flavonoid of hawthorn is hyperoside. It is he who has a gentle and purposeful action on the main motor in the human body, supporting and strengthening the heart muscle.

This prickly bush contains fatty and organic acids, tannins, sugars, saponins. In fruits, choline, which affects memory, is found.

Useful properties of fruits and berries of hawthorn

  • Hawthorn according to the amount of pectin is not inferior to apples. Pectin is a natural adsorbent that absorbs toxins from the intestine. Pectin affects metabolism and intestinal function, therefore application of hawthorn for obesity is effectively and successfully used by dietitians in weight loss methods
  • Hawthorn berries have long been used for the treatment of heart pain and increased pressure. And broths, teas, tinctures of fruits strengthen the strength and frequency of heartbeats. Hyperoside - flavonol glycoside of hawthorn, widens the gaps of coronary vessels, improving blood circulation
  • Preparations of hawthorn berries gently affect the heart, without increasing the excitability of the heart muscle

  • Ursolic acid in hawthorn fruit has anti-inflammatory effect, diuretic and antimicrobial effect. Important properties of hawthorn for men are used for the treatment of prostatitis
  • Natural components of the medicinal bush prevent the stagnation of blood, relieve inflammation and remove pain. The use of hawthorn broths serves as a good prophylaxis against prostatitis.
  • Hawthorn tincture is effective in dizziness, coronary insufficiency, abnormal metabolism, insomnia, cerebral artery stenosis.
  • . The use of hawthorn oil gives a positive effect on heart diseases, increased cholesterol, regulates hyperthyroidism, removes shortness of breath anddizziness
  • Hawthorn berries gently affect the liver, improving its functional state. In addition, the hawthorn causes a choleretic effect, strengthening the motility of the biliary tract
  • Hawthorn preparations relieve head and rheumatic pain, are effective in unpleasant menopausal manifestations. The cases of using hawthorn to prevent epileptic seizures
  • Hawthorn normalizes blood sugar, the use of diabetes mellitus - is undoubted with the positive dynamics of the course of the disease. When using hawthorn diabetic patients need advice from the doctor
  • Hawthorn berries from the allergy are widely used by folk healers

Important properties of hawthorn for men

Hawthorn is effective and is indicated for a number of diseases of various etiologies. All parts of the bush have medicinal qualities and are suitable for the manufacture of medicines. Hawthorn is used in the following indications:

  • neuroses and mental disorders
  • heart failure
  • angina
  • cardiovascular disease
  • leg swelling
  • angioneurosis
  • hypertension
  • arrhythmia
  • rehabilitation of post-infarction state
  • increased sugar
  • allergic conditions

Contraindications to the use of hawthorn

  • Hawthorn is considered a medicinal plantTherefore, it is recommended not to resort to uncontrolled reception of tinctures from fruits,stoyev and broths. People with serious heart diseases and pressure drops need medical advice before taking medicine from hawthorn
  • A one-hour glass of fresh hawthorn berries is a daily intake of a healthy person. Excess dosage can adversely affect the health of
  • Do not use hawthorn tincture to motorists. Even small doses of the drug can reduce the concentration of attention and cause drowsiness in the driver
  • Contraindications to the use of hawthorn are craniocerebral trauma, brain diseases, hypotension, hypersensitivity and individual intolerance of individual ingredients of drugs based on hawthorn

Hawthorn recipes from pressure

At elevated pressureeffective complex medicinal preparations in the form of infusions.

  • Adonis - 1 part
  • hawthorn flowers - 1 part
  • birch leaf - 1 part
  • motherwort - 2 parts
  • driedweed - 2 parts
  • horsetail - 1 part

2 tablespoons of collection pour 0.5 l of boiling water, wrap it well and insist 5-6 hours. Take 0,5 glasses of infusion in a warm form 3 times a day before meals.

  • Crushed hawthorn fruit
  • hawthorn flowers
  • shredded wild rose hips
  • herbaceous grass grass
  • grass grass
  • grassworm grass

All herbal ingredients are used in equal proportions.4 tablespoons of the collection is steamed with a liter of boiling water. Insist 8 hours. Take 0.5 cup of infusion 3 times a day an hour after eating.

  • Hawthorn fruit - 3 pieces
  • hawthorn flowers - 3 pieces
  • horsetail grass - 3 pieces
  • mistletoe grass - 3 pieces
  • crushed garlic cloves - 3 pieces
  • arnica flowers - 1 piece

A tablespoon of the mixture is steamed by a glass of boiling water, insist 6-8 hours. Take 1/4 of the glass 4 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

How to brew hawthorn for the heart?

There are different recipes for preparing infusions for the heart from hawthorn.

Tonic tea from hawthorn leaves

Fresh leaves of hawthorn are used as tea.2-3 green leaf plants are steamed with boiling water and insist. Tea has a pleasant, specific flavor and aroma. Such a herbal elixir has a stimulating cardiac effect.

An ancient recipe for decoction from hawthorn berries with fast heartbeat

10 hawthorn berries boil 15 minutes in 1 liter of water on low heat. Take the decocted with a cold 100 ml 2 times a day.

Infusion with heart failure

1 tablespoon of hawthorn berries steamed with a glass of boiling water. Withstand 2 hours. Way of consumption: 100 ml 3 times a day before meals.

Use of hawthorn bark

Bark and hawthorn leaves are used by herbalists as a fixative. In ancient times, a decoction of bark, leaves and roots of the bush was used as a red, brown or yellow dye for dyeing fabrics.

The bark of the plant is steamed with steep boiling water and used for fever, diarrhea and dyspnea.

Hawthorn in cosmetology

Hawthorn is successfully used for cosmetic procedures. Ursolic acid promotes skin regeneration and restores collagen. The mask of hawthorn fruits rejuvenates, nourishes and smooths the surface of the skin.

Mask of hawthorn

  1. In a blender, grind two spoons of fresh hawthorn berries
  2. Mix diluted with a tablespoon of olive oil
  3. The mass is spread over the face and allowed to stand for 20 minutes.
  4. The mask is removed with warm water and the face is lubricated with

cream. Hawthorn tincture

Use of hawthorn tincture in cosmetology has a place for strengthening hair. Shampoos, masks, lotions with hawthorn remove dandruff, restore hair and prevent their loss.

Homemade egg shampoo with tinctures of marigold and hawthorn

  • Chicken yolk - 2 pieces
  • lemon - 0,5 pcs
  • calendula tincture - 2 table lids
  • hawthorn tincture - 2 table.spoons
  • purified water - 2 table.spoons
  1. The yolks are thoroughly mixed with lemon juice. Add tinctures and water. The resulting shampoo is heated on a steam bath to a comfortable for the scalp condition
  2. Wet your head with warm water and apply shampoo, rubbing into the scalp. Then shampoo is washed off, and hair is rinsed with water with lemon juice

Lotion, strengthening hair bulbs

  • Tincture of red pepper - 2 table.spoons
  • hawthorn tincture - 1 table.spoon
  • extract eleutherococcus - 1 table.snow

Tinctures are mixed and applied a piece of sponge to the prodrugs. Tie the head with a plastic wrap and warm it with a towel. Withstand 30-40 minutes and wash off the lotion. The procedure is repeated 1-2 times a week. When dry hair in the lotion should be added a spoon of castor, olive or burdock oil.

Lotion with hawthorn against dandruff

  • Lemon - 0, 5 pcs
  • hawthorn tincture - 2 tablets
  • castor oil - 1 table lining

Lotion is treated with hair roots an hour before washing the head.

Mask against hair loss

  • Aloe leaves - 30 g
  • hawthorn berries - 30 g
  • vodka - 100 ml
  1. Aloe leaves are kept in the refrigerator for biostimulation. Hawthorn berries and aloe are placed in vodka. The solution is kept for a week in a dark place
  2. Lotion is treated with a scalp carefully, massaging the roots of the hair
  3. Wearing a shower cap and warming with a towel from above with a towel
  4. The mask is held on the head for 40-60 minutes
  5. The hair is then washed without shampoo
  6. The hair restoration procedure is performed every other day for a month

Foot baths with hawthorn

Infusions of leaves, fruits and flowers of hawthorn in combination with other herbal ingredients are used in footbaths. Such procedures are pleasant, legs become well-groomed, blood circulation improves, painful cracks pass.

Foot baths with hawthorn to improve blood circulation in the feet

  1. 50 g of hawthorn flowers steamed by a liter of boiling water
  2. Infusion is cooled and filtered
  3. Alternately holds the legs in a warm broth of hawthorn flowers, then in cold water
  4. Duration of the procedure 10 minutes

Foot baths at "heat""At the feet of

  1. Chamomile flowers, nettle leaves, herbaceous grass, hawthorn flowers, St. John's wort, marigold flowers mixed in equal proportions
  2. Two tablespoons of the mixture are steamed with a liter of boiling water and kept30 minutes
  3. In a warm infusion, lower the tired legs for 20 minutes

Foot baths from cracks

  1. Shredded hawthorn fruits, chamomile flowers, pine needles are taken in the same parts
  2. 3 tablespoons of collection is steamed 1.5 liters of boiling water and allowed to stand for 20 minutes.
  3. Feet is lowered in a warm infusion for 15 minutes.
  4. Feet dry, wipe with nourishing cream and put on socks.

Pregnant and children: use of hawthorn

Infusions, teas, decoctions of fruits and flowers of hawthorn have soft cardiotonic and soothing effect. Therefore, the question often arises: " Is it possible to drink broth of hawthorn to pregnant and lactating women?"

Hawthorn preparations are used to relieve nervous tension and stress in pregnant and lactating women, but only on the advice of a doctor. The doctor individually selects a dosage form( decoction, tea, infusion, extract), dose and course of therapy.

Can I give hawthorn to children?

  • Often, parents resort to the treatment of their children with medicinal herbs as an alternative to pharmacy products. Herbal decoctions and infusions are widely used in children's practice and help in the treatment of many ailments. But it should be remembered: all medicinal herbs should be given to children according to the medical prescription and in the dosage calculated for the child's age.
  • The medicines for hawthorn are used in children's practice to relieve the child's hyperactivity, heart failure, bad sleep, heart rhythm disturbances. As a rule, pediatricians prescribe decoctions of hawthorn as an additional remedy for drug treatment and in a dosage that takes into account the child's age.

The annotation of the hawthorn tincture contains a strict contraindication for pregnant and lactating women, as well as children.

When at what age do you want to start giving the children a decoction of hawthorn?

After three years of age, children can be given compote from fresh garden hawthorn berries. Broths should not be concentrated. Fruits for compote are chosen to be fully ripe and undamaged. Drink used in freshly brewed form. Such compote is very useful for a child's body.

Folk recipes with hawthorn

Traditional healers use a variety of different recipes based on hawthorn. Herbalists willingly use flowers, leaves, fruits, and bark of medicinal plants in their medicines.

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Tea and hip-rose tea recipe

Tea made from hawthorn and rose hips is considered the "gold standard" of folk medicine. The fruits of these plants complement each other very well and enrich the tea with a wonderful taste and aroma. And what good is this tea! .This herbal elixir will strengthen immunity, strengthen the heart and spirit, saturate the body with vitamins.

Put 1 tablespoon of fruit in a thermos flask. Steam it with two glasses of boiling water and leave it overnight. Drink half the glass 3 times a day.

Collection for cardiac gravity and anxiety removal

  • Hawthorn fruit - 4 pieces
  • Litterfoot grass - 4 parts
  • Cucumber - 4 parts
  • chamomile - 1 part

A tablespoon of the mixture is poured into a glass of boiling water. Take a tablespoon three times a day.

Recipe for recovery from myocardial infarction

In a thermos is placed on a tablespoon of berries of hawthorn, dog rose, red mountain ash, raisins and dried apricots. Pour a liter of boiling water. Night insist. The entire portion of the infusion is taken for the day in parts. The course of admission is 3 months.

Hawthorn in cooking: fruit drinks, compotes, pie fillings, hawthorn jams

The hawthorn fruit has valuable nutritional qualities. In cooking, fresh hawthorn berries are mostly used, but the dry fruits in crushed form are used in baking. They give the test a unique fruit flavor.

Hawthorn nectar

The use of the hawthorn juice is obvious and not subject to doubt. Fruits contain a lot of pectin and make juice from hawthorn is not easy. In cooking, it is usually resorted to cooking nectar from hawthorn berries.

In the blender, hawthorn is ground and puree or purified water is added to the puree to the consistency of nectar. If desired, the taste of the drink can be improved by adding honey and lemon.

Refreshing Morse from Hawthorn

  1. Two glasses of fresh hawthorn fruit pour a liter of boiling water and cook with a weak boil until softness of
  2. fruits. Hawthorn rub, add sugar or honey to taste. To add acidity add lemon juice
  3. Pour the mashed hawthorn puree with chilled broth
  4. Morse is served with ice cubes and mint leaves

Hawthorn compote with quince for the winter

  • Hawthorn fruit 500 g
  • quince 500 g
  • sugar 250 g
  • water 1l
  1. Prepared hawthorn fruit and seedless quince slices are placed in sterile cans on the shoulders of
  2. . In boiling water, dissolve the sugar and cook the syrup for about 5 minutes.
  3. . The syrup is poured into cans with fruits and sterilized

. Gem fromoyaryshnika

  • hawthorn berries - 1 kg
  • cranberries or blackcurrant - 1 cup sugar
  • - 1 kg per kg of grated mashed berries
  1. sorted berries and washed with running water. In a pot of berries, add a little water and cook on low heat until the softness of the fruit
  2. Berries grind
  3. The mixture is covered with sugar and cooked to the consistency of jam
  4. Ready jam is laid in sterile jars

Filling for pies from hawthorn and apples

  • Hawthorn berries - 500 g
  • apples - 500 g
  • sugar - 100 g
  • nuts - 50-100 g
  1. Hawthorn and pieces of apples are cooked until soft with a small amount of water
  2. Puree is grinded through a colander
  3. Covered with sugar and boiled for 10 minutes, stirring,so that the mashed potatoes are not burnt
  4. Ground nuts are added to the fruit mass after cooling

Pastilla from hawthorn

A useful dessert is prepared from the hawthorn - a pastille. This delicacy will taste not only children, but also their parents. Since there is a lot of pectin in the hawthorn, such a dessert does not need thickeners.

  1. Fresh hawthorn fruit is ground in a blender and a little sugar is added to the mixture( about 10% of the obtained mass).
  2. The baking mold is covered with paper and spread with a thin layer of hawthorn puree with sugar.
  3. . The pastyl is heated in the oven at a temperature of 80-90 degrees to dry

Application of hawthorn: advice and feedback

  • It is impossible to overestimate the benefits of hawthorn. The plant deservedly received recognition in medicine, cosmetology, cooking
  • Medicines from fruits and flowers of hawthorn are especially popular among men and women, to whom for 50. This is evidenced by numerous reviews. Positive and gentle impact on the heart's work is the main feature of this natural healer
  • The cultivated varieties of hawthorn with large fruits make it possible to cook a lot of useful dishes with excellent taste qualities
  • . Finally, I would like to remind you that although the medicinal properties of the hawthorn have been checked for centuries, one should not forget about the timely consultation withdoctor, if you have to resort to the treatment of their ailments on the prescriptions of traditional healers.

And be healthy!

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