How to breed on April 1

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  • The history of the appearance of the Fool's Day - April 1
  • How to play a husband?
  • How to play a wife on April 1 - video
  • How to play a trick on your parents? Or how to divorce parents on April 1?
  • How to play friends? Or how to divorce a friend on April 1?
  • How to breed and play classmates at school on April 1?
  • The harmless raffles of colleagues
  • How to divorce the chief on April 1?
  • How to breed a beloved guy on April 1st? Or a rally of a loved one
  • How can you joke on the Internet
  • April Fools' SMS

How to divorce your relatives, friends and acquaintances on April 1?The relevance of this issue is increasing as this awesome holiday is called, called "fool's day" in the people.

The history of the appearance of the Fool's Day - April 1

Where did the tradition to organize funny jokes on April 1 come from?

  • The first vague hints about the existence of this custom can be found in the literary works of French poets dating from the beginning of the 16th century.
  • There is a historical testimony describing the actions of a Flemish nobleman who played his servant on April 1, 1539, forcing her to perform humorous errands.
For the first time about the existence of a feast of fools, the English writer John Aubry mentioned in the distant 1686.A decade later, several Londoners attempted a rally, informing the Londoners that on April 1 a public procedure for washing lions would take place in the Tower.
Muscovites first encountered the April Fools' Rally in 1703.Having come to the place of mass festivities at the invitation of street barkers to see the "extraordinary performance", the people saw the stage with the curtain lowered.

At the agreed hour, the curtain was flung open, and behind it everyone saw the canvas with a mocking text: "First April - do not trust anyone".No idea followed this.

Despite the centuries-old tradition of the April Fools' Games, the leading positions in the arsenal of traditional jokes continue to be occupied by phrases about runaway milk and whitened back from the chalk. The most striking thing is that these jokes continue to operate to this day.

But do not assume that the imagination of modern man has not progressed beyond such jokes. Our conversation will continue to review more modern rallies.

How to play a husband?

  • A wife who likes to priprikalyvatsya over her beloved husband, can to tighten the toilet bowl with the finest food film .As a rule, nothing unsuspecting sleepy person does not notice anything and sends out natural needs. How good this joke is - solve both spouses, eliminating its consequences. At best, the joker will hear a few not very flattering expressions in her address. At worst, there will be a scandal. To arrange such a rally or not - you decide.
  • In a family with a child, you can organize such a joke: beforehand, put a fair amount of squash caviar in a clean diaper, wait for the moment when the husband goes into the kitchen and before the eyes of the amazed spouse to start eating. .. you know what. Do it with an appetite. When the husband comes to himself, offer him and try an unusual delicacy.
A fairly basic joke is the substitution of the contents of sugar bowl and salt shaker: salt and sugar are poured from one container to another. As a result, for breakfast, the husband makes himself a sweet scrambled eggs, or salty tea, and with a particularly "lucky" coincidence, both.
  • Quite often, wives make fun of sleeping husbands, staining greens nails on their feet. Those who choose this option, in advance give a hint: to cope with the grease will help hydrogen peroxide.

How to play a wife on April 1 - video

A harmless, but spectacular rally for the wife with a sense of humor.

How to play a trick on your parents? Or how to divorce parents on April 1?

  • Secretly in the bedroom of sleeping parents, you can fasten the blanket and sheet with large stitches. Early in the morning, swiftly entering the parents' bedroom, we must scream about some emergency situation( everyone slept in the house, a flood or a fire) and enjoy a comical show.
  • If parents do not suffer from a lack of sense of humor, you can quietly make your way to their bedroom and make a daddy a daddy pedicure by putting on the nails on his feet. After this, it must be done so that he can not find in the house any solvents that can cope with the varnish, and then with curiosity to watch how he will come out of a ridiculous position.
  • The most harmless rallies over parents on April 1 can wait for them already during the morning brushing of teeth. Their cheerful children can work in advance on an empty tube of toothpaste, having pumped in some amount of sour cream or mayonnaise, and also imperceptibly to attach to the cup a handle of a toothbrush. The glass can also be glued to the shelf with a piece of double-sided scotch.
  • You can raise a mom or dad on the phone, in advance, by negotiating your good friend. Calling one of the parents, she should inform that on April 1 he is called to the school . It's important not to miss the moment and inform about the draw when an angry parent already starts to put on outerwear, intending to go to school.
  • To draw parents sometimes use this technique: using a coil thread connect with the handle of the room door all kinds of objects lying in the room. It can be magazines, rugs, light furnishings, pens and pencils. The only prerequisite for the selection of such items is their strength and inability to break when falling. It is worthwhile for one of the parents to open the door, as all the things attached to it instantaneously are scattered around the room. Light shock and complete confusion in no time are guaranteed. What happens next - depends on the nature of the parent and the degree of damage caused.
  • A real shock for parents will be if their perfectly happy child on April 1 suddenly comes home with a cigarette( unburned) in the teeth and a bottle of beer. Of course, to delay a surprise moment is not worth it: after waiting a short pause, we must congratulate our parents on the threshold of happy holiday jokes.

How to play friends? Or how to divorce a friend on April 1?

How to breed friends on the first day of April?

  • The easiest way is to take advantage of their outer clothing, which they trustingly left on the hook in the hallway, coming to visit you. Going out under some pretext from the room, the treacherous owner can sew one or several jackets with one sturdy stitch. A dirty trick is discovered when the guests start to get ready to go home.
  • There is a simpler version of this rally: while the guests are sitting in the room, the owner can pour into the pockets of friends innocuous and non-fouled clothes trivia. These can be candy wrappers, paper confetti, some cereals, loose matches, counterfeit money bills or small pasta.
  • Another object of master perfidy can be the shoes of friends who come to visit: a lot of laughter is caused by shoes firmly held on the floor by a piece of double-sided scotch or with weakly inflated balls placed inside them.
  • There is such a scenario for drawing a smoking friend. The victim of the lottery is selected in advance. All present are carefully pretending that nothing unusual is happening in the room. Offering a friend to smoke "experimental" cigarettes, sent to a distant common acquaintance, wait for some time. Then they start to act: they let in a tiny chicken into the room, they get dirty by the paint or incorporate a quiet melody. The options can be completely different. The most important thing is to convince a friend that no one else can see or hear what is happening in the room.
  • On April 1, you can play a friend by hiding a mouse from his computer in his apartment. In return, it is necessary to leave a note explaining the reason for its disappearance. The options may be: "I went to chat with my girlfriend, I'll be there soon", "I went to an operation to stop the tail," and "went to another world."
  • You can play a friend by pokoldovav over his computer mouse: wrap it in paper strips, wrap a bunch of packages, make a monstrous monster out of it or just stick a double-sided tape to the table.
How to play friends on April 1 - examples in the video:

How to breed and play classmates at school on April 1?

To play classmates on the first day of April there are many ways that have already become traditional. Let's remember them:

  • One of the most criminal and punishable ways of drawing at school is to cover a cool board with a layer of soap or paraffin: the chalk will stop writing on such a surface.
  • The favorite entertainment of schoolchildren of all times was the pinning of notes with funny inscriptions to the backs of their classmates.
  • Equally popular in the school is a chair, the seat of which is generously strewn with clerical buttons.
  • To schoolmates during school hours, it is not difficult to unobservedly get textbooks from a friend's backpack and slip a brick into it.

With the appearance in our shopping centers of jokes department, classmates got a way to play their comrades in school. Specially for the April Fools' rallies, they can buy there:

  1. Chewing gum with a disgusting taste( eg, dichlorvos).
  2. Sweets with insects inside them. Made from food plastic, they do not cause the slightest harm to health, although they produce a rather repulsive impression.
  3. Spyglass with eyepiece, leaving a trace around the eye, reminiscent of a completely natural bruise.
  4. Handle with splash ink. Demonstratively spraying them with an extraordinarily elegant classmate and enjoying the violent reaction from her side, you can observe with no less pleasure the process of disappearance of the stain( these inks disappear after drying).

The harmless draws of colleagues

Office employees have a huge number of ways to play each other, because everything you need for this is on any desktop.

Drawing with tape in the office - video:
  • Having printed on the copier the image of the paper clips, put it under a transparent tray: someone will certainly try to get them out.
  • Computer mice of all employees are glued to the table with double-sided tape.
  • On the doors of toilets( preferably on a pair of floors) an announcement is posted that they are being repaired.
  • Drawers of writing desks are pasted with double-sided tape so that they open simultaneously.

How to dissolve the chief on April 1?

Before you divorce the boss, you need to think carefully, and do not have to regret it later. If he has no problems with a sense of humor and rancor, he does not suffer, you can start preparing the April Fools' rally.

  • In advance, having discussed with the colleagues the visit time, on April 1 the entire staff of employees alternately comes to his office with an application for calculation at his own request.
  • For the raffle of the chief you can get a lot of funny headdresses( with ears, horns), construction helmets, hats or clown hats. At the beginning of the shift, all workers, wearing them, will be able to create a cheerful festive atmosphere.
  • To play the boss, it's enough to stick to his desk the stationery on it, and some of them to place in an unusual place for them, attaching to the ceiling, the window casement or to the wall.

How to breed a beloved guy on April 1st? Or a rally of a loved one

  1. A good version of an April Fool's joke for a loved one can be the voice drawing , sent to his phone. To do this, it is enough to choose it from a rich assortment of similar messages on the Internet.
  2. To dilute a loved one you can simply transfer the arrows on all the watches available in the house. To make a big mess, the time on the clock should be set differently: some will fall behind, others will run ahead. For a punctual person this will be quite a serious, albeit amusing, test.
  3. You can play your boyfriend by buying exactly the same T-shirt that he usually wears, but a couple of sizes smaller. Secretly changing things, you can play with his surprise.

How can you joke on the Internet

There are a lot of ways of harmless rallying, and as information technology develops, the number of ways to easily convey comic misinformation also increases. Today it became possible to breed their loved ones on the Internet and by SMS.

The ways of the April Fool's rallies on the Internet can be as follows:

  • Secretly from someone close( the parents or the guy with whom they live together) change the password from their favorite computer toy. Imagine their annoyance when they make several attempts to go into it.
  • You can play your favorite person in contact by sending him a special link, after which he will be confused by a sudden change of language on his page. Information on how this is done can be obtained using the search bar of your browser.
How to play a friend in VKontakte, by sending a message from a celebrity - video:
  • Puzzling your boyfriend in VC can be a simple change of status or marital status. Sometimes you can create an intrigue by opening and closing access to different blocks of personal information. In this case, not only he, but also just familiar people begin to show interest in the privacy of the user of the mysterious page.

April Fools 'SMS

The texts of April Fools' SMS can be approximately like this:

  • Dear, hurry, come: husband has already gone to work, and the child is still asleep. Kisses tenderly, I wait( "by mistake" goes to her husband).
  • Hello! I'm a lost sms. On the way to you met with friends and forgot to whom it was going. For somebody send me again. Granted to you in advance.
April 1 is a rare day when you can impart truth with impunity, since not a single living soul will believe in it.
  • If on the day of the fool you became a victim of the rally, then you feel like the last fool, and if you managed to play someone you could be the first.

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