Perga bee: biochemical composition, vitamins, useful and medicinal properties for men, women, children, application in folk medicine. How to take pergu bee in granules, with honey, in honeycombs: tips, recipes, dosages, contraindications

Recommendations for the reception of bee penguins.


  • What is pergha bee looks like: description, photo
  • Perga bee: biochemical composition, vitamins
  • Perga, pollen, royal jelly, propolis: what's the difference, which is better?
  • Perga bee: useful and medicinal properties for men, women, children
  • How to take pergu: tips, dosage, features
  • Perga bee: benefits and use in pregnancy
  • Perga bee: benefits and use in breastfeeding
  • Honey with pergoy, beeBread - Perga: Useful properties how to take
  • How to take Pergu bee in granules, with honey for weight loss: tips, recipes
  • How to take Pergu bee in granules, with honey, in honeycomb for immunity: tips and recipe
  • Infusionof propolis and pollen against prostatitis:
  • prescription How to take bee pollen at
  • oncology How to take bee pollen diabetes
  • How to take bee pollen stomach ulcer and pancreatitis?
  • Perga bee in cosmetology for face from wrinkles: prescription mask
  • How to take pergu bee from alcoholism?
  • How to take Perga bee with multiple sclerosis?
  • How to take Perga bee in sports, bodybuilding?
  • How to take Pergu bee with myome?
  • How to take pergu bee cold and SARS?
  • How to take perga bee with male and female infertility and thyroid disease?
  • How to take the beeswax from pressure?
  • How to take Pergu bee for liver?
  • How to take Pergu bee for joints?
  • How to take Perga bee with anemia for hemoglobin?
  • How to take Perga bee on stroke and after a heart attack?
  • Does heartburn from perga
  • Perga bee: contraindications
  • Pergue allergy: symptoms
  • Caloric content of pergium with bee
  • How to store pergue at home?
  • Video: Perga, bee bread, what is it? Why it is impossible to forge? Healing properties of perg

The environment around us is rich in products, which, if used correctly, can prolong youth and beauty, remove excess weight and save many diseases.

Bees are all mentioned qualities, so if you want to improve your health or slightly rejuvenate your body, then just buy a quality product and poprinimite it for at least 1 month.

Perga is a bee, as it looks: description, photo

Perga in granules
Perga in honeycombs

Beeswax is a common flower pollen, processed by the saliva of bees and preserved in honeycomb honeycomb. It is believed that it is during such a peculiar conservation of pollen that it turns into a useful penguin. Why is this happening? As already mentioned above, before placing pollen in a honeycomb, the bees process it with saliva, which contains special enzymes and yeast fungi.

These substances begin to actively affect the product clogged in the honeycomb, and after a while it begins to change its color, taste and useful properties. Looks ready perga as small solid granules of yellow or dark brown color. The shade of the finished product depends on which pollen it was made from and what honey is preserved.

Perga bee: biochemical composition, vitamins

Pergu can be attributed to a natural vitamin complex, the reception of which can help solve all the problems of a person with health.

Ingredients of bee Perga:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • vitamin P( rutin)
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B6
  • Omega-3
  • omega-6
  • Fatty acid
  • Carotenoids
  • amino acid arginine
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Chromium
  • Iodine
  • Enzymes
  • Organic acids
  • Phytohormones

Perga, pollen, royal jelly, propolis: what's the difference, which is better?

Prega is much more effective than mother's milk and propolis

. In principle, the biochemical composition and quantity of vitamin and pergola, propolis, and royal jelly are quite similar. But nevertheless, since propolis and royal jelly are a by-product of the life of bees, they are less active in influencing the internal organs of man. That is why one can definitely say that out of all the three above-mentioned products it is the pergah that can cope with many human ailments.

The only thing that you should consider when applying it, is that it is made from flower pollen, because in people prone to allergic reactions it can cause characteristic allergy symptoms. In view of this, it is best for such men and women to heal the body with royal jelly or propolis.

Perga bee: useful and medicinal properties for men, women, children

Useful properties of bee pepper:

  • Improves blood circulation in all organs and tissues
  • Improves the production of pancreatic enzyme
  • Improves microflora in the intestine
  • Increases body resistance to viruses and bacteria
  • Has a mild soothingeffect
  • Stimulates the correct growth of muscle mass
  • Binds the hormonal background in men and women
  • Slows the aging process
  • Heals the sweatinduction and infertility
  • Restores blood pressure
  • Promotes healing of wounds, cracks and abrasions
  • Is a powerful anti-stress product
  • Blocks the development of inflammatory processes in the body
  • Struggles with insomnia
  • Enriches the body with vitamins
  • Improves the state of teeth
  • Kills pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity
  • Establishesthe correct operation of the cardiovascular system

How to take pergu: advice, dosage, features

Dosages for admission

As you already probably understand the qualitative perg quite calmly can replace a lot of medicines. But in order for it to have the desired therapeutic effect, it should be taken correctly and most importantly, regularly.

Also, when taking this product, it should be taken into account that it tones the body sufficiently strongly and for this reason it is undesirable to use it after 18 hours. If you ignore this rule, then a sleepless night will be guaranteed to you.

Dosages for admission:

  • Children under 6 years - 1/4 tsp once a day
  • Children 6 to 12 years - 1/2 tsp 2 times a day

Perga bee: benefits and use during pregnancy

Somewomen for the period of pregnancy are trying to abandon the products that can cause allergies. And very often in this list erroneously falls and perg. In fact, this useful and vitaminized product is simply obliged to be present in the diet of every woman. In view of this, if you do not have an individual intolerance, then safely take it from the first days of pregnancy.

Useful properties of perg during pregnancy:

  • Increases hemoglobin
  • Combats toxicosis
  • Protects future mother from miscarriage
  • Increases immunity
  • Has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of a woman

To support her body, pregnant women are best chosen to choose pearls in granules. They will have to be put under the tongue and kept there until it completely dissolves. For one day a woman should eat 15-20 mg of this product.

Perga bee: benefits and applications when breastfeeding

Product properties for breastfeeding

Immediately I want to say that with breastfeeding, take the perga very carefully. If you do not want her to harm your baby, then start taking it with the lowest dose( 1-2 g).And only after making sure that your crumb quite normally reacts to it, start increasing its quantity. If you do not rush, this product will benefit both your health and your kid's health.

Breastfeeding properties of the product:

  • Improves all metabolic processes inside the body of a woman
  • Strengthens milk production
  • Saturates milk with vitamins and trace elements

Honey with Perga, bee bread - Perga: useful properties, how to take

In case you want to get a real vitamin bomb, then try mixing pergus with honey. These two products perfectly combine with each other and, most importantly, more effectively affect the human body. This combination will help you to adjust the amino acid metabolism, promote the removal of uric acid from the body, improve the endocrine system and contribute to improving the condition of bones, nails, teeth and hair.

Take this remedy in the standard way. You will need to take 1 tsp of natural honey, put on it 2 mg of granules of Perga, and then gently swallow everything with a small amount of warm water.

How to take pergu bee in granules with honey for weight loss: tips, recipes

Prescription for slimming

If you want perga to help you lose weight, then it should be taken in the morning and in the evening, and do it half an hour before consumptionfood. This time is necessary for the useful product to be absorbed by the body and began to accelerate the metabolic processes even before you begin to saturate the body with proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Recipe for slimming:

  • Take 100 ml of warm water
  • Dissolve in it 1 tsp of flower honey
  • Add 5 mg of pepper and mix everything thoroughly
  • Drink the remedy until it is completely cooled

How to take Pergu bee in granules, withhoney, in honeycombs for immunity: tips and recipe

Perga, like all other products of beekeeping, increases immunity quite well. In view of this, if you want to forget the way to doctors, then twice a year, go through a course of recovery by the following means.


  • Take 250 g of honey, 2 g of royal jelly and 20 g of pepper
  • Mix all the ingredients together and move to the refrigerator
  • Take the drug for 1 tsp for 1 month( preferably in the morning)

Increase the immunity bythe method is necessary in those periods when the organism is most attacked by viruses and bacteria, that is, in spring and summer. As practice shows, those people who regularly use pengu in these months are infected with viral diseases 2 times less often than those who do not watch their health.

Propolis and Perga infusion against prostatitis: recipe

Infusion of propolis and pergium

Prescription of tincture :

  • To begin with, grate 150 g of propolis
  • on a fine grater. Pour the resulting mass with 250 ml of medical alcohol or strong vodka
  • Add 35 g of perga and mix everything thoroughly.
  • Pour the product into hermetically sealed containers and cover for two weeks in a dark place.
  • in a day, shake your tincture
  • After this time can safely begin treatment
  • Take tincture should be for 1 tsp for 3 months

How to take Pergu bee with oncology

Perga refers tothose natural products that can help the patient cope with oncology. As practice shows, if a person takes it along with the main course of treatment, then his body more easily tolerates radioactive radiation and is quickly restored after the introduction of chemicals.

Recommendations for perga oncology:

  • Benign tumors - 10 g 3 times a day
  • Malignant tumors - 15 g 3 times a day
  • For preventive purposes - 5 g once a day

How to take Pergu bee diabetes

Treatment of diabetes

As already mentioned a little bit above, perg contains a lot of different acids, microelements and enzymes that are needed by the human pancreas. And since the main culprit for the onset of diabetes is the pancreas, the regular intake of this product is able to help the sick person lead a normal lifestyle.

Yes, and remember that in this case it is strictly forbidden to use any liquid immediately after you ate the right amount of the product. If you want him to have the right effect on your body, then drink water, juice or compote no sooner than 40 minutes. In order to reduce the manifestation of diabetes, you will need to take 1 tsp per day 2 times a day.

How to take Pergu bee stomach ulcer and pancreatitis?

Gastric ulcer and pancreatitis are those diseases that require a fairly long treatment and a strict diet. In the event that a person interrupts his treatment and returns to his habitual way of life, these pathologies become worse and begin to bring even more discomfort. If you want to get rid of a stomach ulcer or pancreatitis once and for all, then try poprinimat pergue.

Enzymes, which are in its composition, stimulate the proper work of the stomach and intestines, thereby eliminating inflammation as soon as possible. But remember, take perga with ulcers and pancreatitis should be at least 1 month and without interruption( 1 h. 2 times a day).

Perga bee in cosmetology for face from wrinkles: prescription mask

Prescription for mask against wrinkles

Prescription for mask against wrinkles:

  • First take 1 teaspoon of aloe juice and mix it with 2 tbsp.l sour cream
  • In the next step, try to grind the small granules of perg
  • as much as possible. Mix all the mask components together and for a while, set them aside
  • Wash off the face with makeup and apply a mask on it
  • Apply the medication solely on massage lines, light stroking movements
  • Leave the mask on your face for 20 minutes, and then gently remove it with a cotton pad soaked in warm water.

How to take the bee from alcohol?

The main reason that a dependent can not give up alcohol is a very strong intoxication of the body. This phenomenon causes a lot of discomfort in the drinking person and that's why he tries to relax with a new dose of alcohol. And since perga quite effectively removes toxins from the body, the regular intake of this product can help get rid of alcohol dependence.

The truth is you have to consider that positive changes will come not in a day or two, but at least a week. Therefore, for some time you still have to make sure that a person close to you does not have access to hot drinks.


  • Weight up to 60 kg - 5 g 3 times a day
  • Weight up to 90 kg - 10 g 3 times a day
  • Weight over 100 kg - 15 g 3 times a day

How to take Pergu bee with multiple sclerosis?

Perga with multiple sclerosis

Most people who hear the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, literally immediately put a cross on themselves and do not even try to fight the disease. But as practice shows, if you start therapy, when the disease is at its earliest stage of development, then it is quite amenable to treatment.

Almost all those who tried to fight with multiple sclerosis with the help of pergia managed to stop the destruction of the shell of nerve cells and as a consequence, he was able to slow down the course of the disease. Take the product for this disease should be for 2-3 months( 1 tsp 2 times a day).When the manifestations of the disease go to zero, you need to make a 30-day break, and then drink the product for another 2 months for preventive purposes( 1 tsp 1 time per day).

How to take perga bee in sports, bodybuilding?

Those who practice sports professionally know how important it is for the body to recover quickly after exercise. If this does not happen, then the athlete after a while will stop showing good results, and inside his body will begin to undergo pathological changes.

In view of this, if you want to avoid such problems, then take bee penguin. This product will help to saturate the blood with oxygen, so that muscle tissue will be easier to carry the load. To exercise sports brought to you exclusively benefit, take 5 grams of perg every day( preferably in the morning half an hour before meals).

How to take perga bee with myoma?

Treatment of fibroids

In case of myome, the perga is accepted in a completely standard way. A woman who has a similar problem should simply consume up to 20 g of this product a day, washing it down with a small amount of warm water.

This amount of Perga should be divided into three equal receptions and eaten 40 minutes before meals. Yes, and if a woman weighs more than 100 kilograms, the daily dose can be increased to 25 g.

How to take pergu bee cold and SARS?

Immediately I want to say that to cure ARVI, when it is in the most acute phase, peroxide alone can not. In case you have started to develop complications in the form of cough, sore throat and cold, then take this product together with standard treatment. To ease your condition it will be enough to eat 2 grams of pergie 3 times a day.

Also this product can become an excellent preventive tool. If you eat 1/2 tsp per day every day, then in a month you can, in general, forget what the common cold and ARVI are.

How to take perga bee with male and female infertility and diseases of thyroid?

Beeswax with infertility

Female and male health directly depends on the hormonal background. That's why if the thyroid gland does not work correctly, it immediately affects the full functioning of the reproductive system. Moreover, it is this product that can cause the ovaries to produce higher quality eggs more efficiently, and also make the male spermatozoa more mobile.

As for the thyroid gland, the intake of perva with courses can once and for all establish the work of this organ, by helping to produce the right amount of hormones. In this case, take the product should be 1/2 tsp 3 times a day for 6 weeks.

How to take the bee-feather from pressure?

The main cause of problems with arterial pressure is the inability of the walls of blood vessels to pump properly. That's why you can not get rid of this problem until the vessels begin to work in the correct mode. In case you want to bring them back to normal in the most gentle way, then replace the medications with beeswax.

If you take it for at least 2 months, you can significantly improve the performance of the vascular system. During this entire period, you will need to put 2 grams of granules of this product under your tongue once a day and keep them there until it completely dissolves.

How to take Pergu bee for the liver?

Treatment of liver

our liver every day passes through a huge amount of toxins, doing all that our body can function properly. In the event that liver cells are damaged, we literally begin to feel the effects of intoxication. Most often it manifests itself as lethargy, drowsiness and fast fatigue.

If you also began to notice these symptoms, then immediately begin to take action. Buy high-quality bees and start to use it regularly. As long as the liver is restored, you will need to eat 10 grams perg per day. And when it starts working correctly, this dose can be reduced to 5 g per day.

How to take Pergu bee for joints?

recipe for the treatment of joints:

  • To start, you need to pour 50 g of dry goutweed 150 g of medical alcohol
  • to obtain funds, add 35 grams of pollen, carefully all shake and send to infuse for 15 days
  • Take a ready means to 1 tsp 1.once a day for 3 weeks
  • Make week break and then repeat the course for another

just take bee pollen for anemia for hemoglobin?

Ambrosia at

anemia We have already mentioned that, getting into the body, just as soon as pollen begins to actively participate hematopoiesis. Moreover, it not only improves this process, but also contributes to the normalization of the hemoglobin level. And since it is he who is the main culprit in the occurrence of anemia, the taking of this product will help you get rid of this pathology quickly enough.

For the treatment of anemia, pergue should be taken at 15 g per day for 15 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. During treatment, periodically give blood test. If it shows positive dynamics, then you can not change the daily dose. If the improvement does not occur, you can increase the dose to 20 g per day.

How to take perga bee during stroke and after a heart attack?

As you already probably understand, perga can cope with completely different diseases. Therefore, if you know how to use it correctly, you can try to improve your condition after a heart attack or stroke. Please note that it is necessary to take such a remedy exactly when the doctors stabilize your standing and you will be able to move and talk independently.

It is forbidden to treat pancreatic diseases in the acute phase as it can lead to death. To recover from a heart attack or stroke, it will be enough to take 1 tsp per gum 4 times a day.

Does it ever heartburn from ambrosia Ambrosia


In principle, as the practice shows people are receiving enough pollen is well tolerated in most cases, this product is not manifested side effects. The only reason for the appearance of this symptom may be an individual intolerance to the product or too much daily intake. In case you know for sure that you do not have peroxide intolerance and you did not exceed the dose, then immediately stop taking the product and seek medical advice from the therapist.

Perga bees: contraindications

  • Allergies to ingredients of the product
  • Graves' disease
  • Oncology 3-4 stages
  • Individual intolerance
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Hypovitaminosis

Pergue allergy: symptoms

Pergue allergy: symptoms

If you are allergic to Perga, you may have the followingsymptoms:

  • Tearing
  • Sneezing
  • Rash on the skin
  • Cough( with wheezing)
  • Shortness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Tinnitus
  • Partial hearing lossа

Calorie content of the bee-eater peregrine

The environment of women there is the opinion that perg is a fairly high-calorie product. In fact, 100 grams of Perga contains about 190 calories. And since you will take it in small doses, then worry about the fact that it will greatly increase the caloricity of your breakfast, lunch or dinner is not worth it.

How to store pengu at home?

Perga storage

In case you got the pengu in honeycombs, then you need to store it as well as honey. That is, if possible, keep it indoors, the temperature in which stably holds at around +5.With regard to granulated perga, it must be stored in a hermetically sealed container in a cool dark place.

Try to create this product the most ideal conditions, because if it will stand in a room with high humidity, it will very soon become moldy. If you keep it, on the contrary, in a very dry room, then the agent will harden and lose its fine taste.

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