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The owners of the round face know perfectly well,that the haircut can either significantly improve their appearance, or destroy all efforts to create a harmonious bow. That's why these ladies are attentive to choosing a hairstyle, stopping only on the most reliable, repeatedly tested options. What kind of haircuts for a round face will look the most harmonious, emphasizing all the dignity of a woman's appearance? Let's consider!

The worst haircuts and details that should be avoided

What haircut is suitable for a chubby woman? This is an extremely popular question, the answers to which there are several dozen. Stylists try every year to develop new styling that emphasize the beauty of girls, hiding the shortcomings of a certain type of person.

There are those hairstyles that will not just look bad, but also make all the minuses of the lady public by bringing out complexes about their appearance. What kind of haircuts are you talking about?

  1. Ladies with a round face, regardless of their age, are subject to chemical curling, as they only visually emphasize the problem areas without adding to the woman self-confidence.
  2. It is necessary to avoid haircuts with a straight cut of the curls near the cheekbones, since such hairstyles visually emphasize that part of the face, because of which the owners of round cheeks are the most complex.
  3. Also it is necessary to avoid ultrashort haircuts for the boy, especially if the girl has curly curls.
  4. Stylists advise to abandon voluminous and lush bangs, as they will only make an additional emphasis on the round shape of the face.
To survive because of these restrictions is not necessary, because the haircuts suitable for chubby ladies, there is a great variety. When choosing a hairstyle, you should focus on your personal taste, as well as on modern fashion trends.

For example, now very demanded asymmetric hairstyles of different lengths, which perfectly fit a chubby lady. Haircut can significantly change the whole appearance, save the woman from the complexes, smoothing out those shortcomings that previously seemed blatant.

Hairstyles for chubby on medium and long hair

For girls with a round face, many haircuts for long or medium hair are best. The simplest option is straight-cut and carefully straightened strands. Curls below the shoulders visually lengthen the face, making it not so round and more attractive.

In addition, such strands can cover round cheeks, saving the girl from numerous complexes. Such hairstyles are addressed by a lot of broad-faced ladies, for example, Katherine Zeta-Jones, who adores simple haircuts with a direct parting.

Also the possessor of a short face and plump cheeks will approach the following hairstyle options:

  • elongated square, which visually draws the face, making the whole image a little more bold;
  • light wavy curls below the shoulders in the style of Charlize Theron - also the best option for a chubby person;
  • looks wonderfully asymmetrical hairstyles with hair below the shoulders, which distract attention from problem cheekbones and cheeks;
  • can be preferred and fashionable haircut cascade.

The final choice will always depend directly on the preferences of the girl herself. For example, women's asymmetrical haircuts are suitable for those ladies who adore non-standard images. Here you can experiment in full, making the curls longer on one side, and shorter on the other.

Also popular are the cuts of the square and the bean with longened strands. At the back of the hair curls are cut most short, up to the middle of the neck, but approaching the line of the cheeks, they are more and more elongated. Sometimes behind the hair is extremely short, while in front the girl leaves several long strands, effectively framing the cheekbones. Such a hairstyle was adored by Victoria Beckham, and it was she who brought her into fashion.

If a girl chooses an asymmetrical elongated square as a hairstyle, she should think about uneven staining of the tips. Popular now effect ombre on such ringlets of different length looks extremely actual.

If the girl gives preference to a more classic image, then it is suitable haircut with long curls of the same size, divided by an oblique parting. Such strands should be curled, creating the effect of light waves in the style of the old Hollywood. This hairstyle is suitable for evening outings, and for everyday images.

Short haircuts for chubby women

Short haircuts are strikingly claimed among the owners of round faces, at least because they allow to make the image more audacious, literally screaming. What female haircuts with a minimum length of strands can be considered the most relevant?

  1. Shortened square, especially with asymmetrical edges - this is an excellent option for owners of a round face.
  2. You can give preference to the haircut of a bean, which always looks bold and feminine at the same time.
  3. Excellent asymmetrical haircuts, in which the longest tresses barely reach the chin.
  4. Standard square with an asymmetrical bang - an option for those girls who dream of a low-key image with a short haircut.

Perhaps, the most common variant of hairstyle for short hair, which is in demand among women of different ages, is asymmetrical haircut with an oblique parting. Hairdressers especially insist that the ladies leave an oblique parting, in no way a straight line, which only emphasizes the shortcomings of this type of person.

If the lady has enough courage, she can prefer a shortened square, at which the curls will be on one side to the chin, and on the other - hardly to drop to the ears.

Such asymmetry on the sides gives the image the maximum sharpness, keeping its fashionable underpinnings.

To the same women who do not want to take too much risk, you should choose a bean, in which the barber makes strings of different lengths. Purely such hair seems to be evenly sheared, but due to the fact that they have different lengths, they can be laid in the most bizarre way, creating the effect of light negligence. Such hairstyles are especially liked by young people, as well as women over 40, who with the help of haircuts try to emphasize their daring temper.

Of course, you can give preference to a simple square without asymmetry. Such a hairstyle looks great on ladies with a round face both in combination with straight strands, and when choosing a wavy arrangement. If a lady wants to curl, then she should give preference to large waves, because small curls only further highlight the shortcomings.

Hairstyles for full women with a round face

Many full women are very much complexed, not even suspecting that such a simple detail as a haircut can visually change their image, making it more sexy and attractive. A hairstyle for full women with a round face should be chosen by a professional stylist, since it is difficult for the lady herself to find the most suitable styling options.

So, what haircuts are the most relevant in such cases?

  1. Long wavy strands in the style of Jennifer Lopez perfectly complement the image, hiding the imperfections of the face and making any image of the girl more sexy.
  2. Full women will be approached and asymmetrical haircuts for long or medium curls that will emphasize the individuality.
  3. You can give preference to hairstyles up to the shoulders, while regularly curling locks and creating the effect of large curls.
  4. Graduated haircuts, such as a ladder or cascade, create the necessary volume effect on the hair, while emphasizing all the advantages of the face shape and hiding possible shortcomings.

Now full women are increasingly turning to graduated haircuts for one simple reason: they are very easy to take care of. In this case, the hair looks very relevant, emphasizing all the advantages of a woman's appearance.

If a woman chooses a haircut for the ladder, then she should prefer the option with an oblique parting and an asymmetrical bang, since such a hairstyle will visually stretch the face, without emphasizing too puffy cheeks.

When creating such a hairstyle, it is worthwhile to warn the wizard that the strands should not be too short.

The fact is that a short haircut is the main enemy of a full woman, because she visually emphasizes all the shortcomings of both the figure and the shape of the face. The ideal length of the braces is up to the shoulders or to the middle of the neck.

Long curls for a round face with a bang also fit perfectly. A woman should choose such hairstyles in the event that she wants to make her image more sultry, sexy. In this case, the curls should fall below the shoulders, and the lady herself will have to regularly twist them on curlers. The resulting curls should not be too shallow, and ideally they should look slightly sloppy. In this case, none of the people around will not pay attention to the flaws of the figure or too large cheeks.

Men's haircuts for round face

When it comes to choosing a haircut for a round face, many masters focus only on women's hairstyles, forgetting that men can also test complexes due to large cheeks or too small chin. Of course, men's haircuts do not differ so much variety as women's, but here you can find suitable options for a round face.

The most relevant haircuts for chubby men will be the following:

  • the so-called half-box, in which the maximum volume is created at the top of the hairstyle and whiskeys are cut short;
  • owners of thick and straight hair can give preference to a bean with elongated strands on the temples;
  • extremely topical is considered a hairstyle with an elongated bangs, combed on one side and with an oblique parting;
  • asymmetrical elongated strands, which sometimes reach the middle of the neck, is also a great option for men with a round face.

The first thing that a man should decide on is the ideal length of the hairstyle.

  • If we are talking about a man who loves classic style in clothes, then long strands to his shoulders do not fit, and therefore the choice of a man needs to be done in favor of elegant haircuts with volume at the crown and short hair at the temples. Such variants are often preferred by David Beckham.
  • If a man adores bright and original images, he should pay attention to the options with long strands. Sometimes these hair styles look too careless, but they are ideal for a round face. The cheekbones forming the cheek optimally emphasize the beauty of the incision of the eyes, hiding the shortcomings.
Men with short faces and round cheeks should avoid simple haircuts without volume at the roots, as they only visually emphasize all the shortcomings.
Also it is necessary to refuse haircuts nalyso, as they maximally expose the person, not leaving the man even the opportunity to hide his shortcomings.

Of course, there are a lot of hairstyle options for a round face, and modern stylists are developing them in large quantities. However, when choosing a haircut, it is very important not to lose your own personality, without which even the royal hairstyle will not look bright. Related Videos:

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