Inhalers are a unique device by which it is possible to obtain aerosol or steam from a medicinal product. Upon inhalation, it is possible to evenly distribute all active components of the drug and improve the patient's condition. Inhalers for children from cough and cold can be of various types, the difference between them is only one - in principle, work. Compressor and ultrasonic devices are very popular. The first option operates under pressure, and ultrasound allows you to convert the drug into an aerosol by ultrasound.

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  • What is the difference between

    Ultrasonic and compressor devices for inhalations can vary in principle and in use.

    Principle of operation of

    First we will pay attention to the compressor type of the inhaler. Injection of air occurs there in the container, in which the medicinal product is already located. The pressure produced creates an aerosol cloud with the elements of the drug and is sent to the distributor.

    After this, the pairs are inhaled by the patient through a special nozzle. The size of the incoming particles can be adjusted independently. Here it is necessary to take into account the disease, which must be overcome. The main advantage of the compressor inhaler is that it does not have a destructive effect on the chemical formula of the drug, so it is possible to achieve maximum effect. As for the weight, the compressor, compared to ultrasonic, is much heavier and less portable. compressor inhaler

    The operation of the ultrasonic inhaler is slightly different. The drug is converted to steam under the influence of ultrasound. Thanks to this process it is possible to obtain small particles. The operation of the ultrasonic device is very quiet. This is very important when it is necessary to carry out inhalations in young children. Then they will not be frightened and will gladly agree to such treatment. In addition, the device has a large bias, and this is very important when inhalation should be carried out in people with disabilities or diseases of the musculoskeletal system. ultrasonic inhaler


    When buying any inhaler, first consult with a specialist. But in most cases, compressor devices are popular in the treatment of chronic ailments, because they do not have a devastating effect on the chemical composition of the drug. As for ultrasound, they are effective in ARI and very convenient for inhalation in children and the elderly.

    Compressor inhaler can place various drugs. The only restriction is the use of oils. Otherwise, they will go deep into the lungs, which will adversely affect health. Here you can read how to use a compression inhaler. If you purchased an ultrasound device, then you should not use antibiotics with inhalation. On the link you can read how to use an ultrasonic inhaler.

    The video shows the difference between an ultrasonic inhaler and a compressor:

    Comparison of

    When the differences between these devices became clear, it is worthwhile comparing them, and from this it will be clear which inhaler is better than the compressor or ultrasound

    . So, the main differences between compressor and ultrasonic inhalers are:

    1. The operation of the compressor is based on pressure, and ultrasonic - on ultrasound.
    2. The ultrasonic inhaler has small dimensions and is very easy to use, unlike the compressor one.
    3. The ultrasonic operation is quiet, during the operation of the compressor sound is produced.
    4. The ultrasound has a greater slope, but the compressor mono is used only in a hospital.
    5. Compressor on destroys the composition of the drug used.
    6. Ultrasonic devices are used to eliminate colds, and compressor ones are used to combat chronic pathologies.
    7. Compressor units do not require the use of oils.

    The video shows how the compression and ultrasonic inhalers differ:

    What's best for a child

    When you go to buy an inhaler, you need to clearly define the purpose of its use in the future and indicate how long you will use it. In addition, be sure to take into account the duration of therapy and the cost of the device. If you can not cope on your own with the purchase, then use the services of a specialist. In addition, the following criteria can help to choose a qualitative inhaler:

    1. Convenient operation even by a child.
    2. Quiet operation, so you can carry out inhalation in the child even during sleep.
    3. When choosing to take into account the age of the child, buy an inhaler with the right number of nozzles.
    4. If it is necessary to choose an inhaler for babies, then the mask and nozzles are important leaving. They should be made of soft plastic, so that the crumb did not feel any discomfort.
    5. For small patients it is worthwhile choosing a direct-flow nebulizer of the inhaler.
    6. If the treatment is aimed at eliminating the symptoms of a cold, then it is necessary to pay attention to a small ultrasound machine.
    7. To eliminate bronchial asthma, bronchitis can not do without a compressor inhaler, which is very easy to operate even for children.
    8. It will be very interesting for a child to perform a procedure with an inhaler in the form of toys. Then all treatment will be a complete pleasure.
    9. When you need to buy a device that you could carry with you, it's best to pay attention to the inhaler with batteries. ultrasound inhaler for baby

    What is better for a child, what is the best way to buy an ultrasonic or compressor inhaler? So immediately you will not be able to answer. Each kind of device has its positive effect. When choosing a device, it is necessary to focus on the age of the baby, for what purpose the device will be used, and also what preparations will be poured.

    For example. Compressor inhaler - an excellent solution for the treatment of chronic diseases. In addition, all components of the drug will be completely delivered to the right place. But to use such a device for small children is not very convenient because of the high noise of work.

    As for the ultrasonic device, it functions very quietly. This option is suitable for very young children, because then it will be possible to carry out inhalation while sleeping crumbs. With this inhaler, the child breathes almost 90% of the total drug. In addition, the ultrasonic device has very compact dimensions. But the disadvantages of the device is its high cost.

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    What is better for adults

    When it is necessary to choose an inhaler for an adult, then it is necessary to be guided by the following criteria:

    1. You can use instruments in which there is an inspiration-exhalation adjustment. Thanks to this, it is possible to save the medicine and guide it only during inspiration.
    2. For an adult it is best to pay attention to a compressor inhaler, as it allows you to deal with a wide range of ailments.
    3. The choice of the device should involve a large number of attachments and masks so that it can be used by all family members. ultrasonic inhaler for adults

    The choice of the device should take into account your requirements. Here it is worthwhile to understand that not all inhalers can function with all medicines. If you need to inhale antibiotics, hormonal drugs, then you should use a compressor inhaler. But it is unacceptable for him to use oils and decoction of herbs.

    Before buying a purchase, be sure to check with your doctor about the funds that he will issue to you, and on this basis make a purchase. Also, your choice will affect such a factor as price. Ultrasonic, in comparison with compressor, are very expensive. For an adult, the most universal and efficient is the compressor inhaler. It has many modifications, a simple mode of operation, a lot of attachments and masks, thanks to which all members of the family can apply it.


    • Valeria, 37 years old: "I chose the ultrasound device when it was necessary to carry out inhalations for my young child. I really liked that the device works quietly, so it became possible to carry out the treatment during the sleep of the baby. Despite the high cost of the device, it very quickly and effectively fights against colds. The child had a severe cough, but after 4 days he died down, and my son began to sleep at night. "
    • Catherine, 24, : "I have bronchial asthma, so I can not do without an inhaler. The doctor advised me to buy a compressor, because ultrasound in this case is powerless. Many people do not like noise during the operation of the device, but it did not bother me particularly. For me, the main thing is that the device has a positive effect. I spend 5 sessions a day, and the whole course lasts 5-6 days. After that, my condition improves and the cough recedes. "
    • Anastasia, 48 years old: "I could not choose between a compressor and an ultrasonic inhaler for a long time. Finally, I decided on the last option. What I liked most about him is the ease of use. They are actively used even by my elderly mother during the cold. The price, of course, is high, but the effect obtained from such treatment quickly justifies it. To get a positive result, you need to do 5-6 procedures a day and the cold will quickly leave you. "

    Today in a market competition it is very difficult to choose a really good inhaler. So immediately get ahead, which is the best of the presented is not possible, because for a certain disease inherent in its current. Choose a suitable device will help you the attending physician, who, taking into account the characteristics of the disease and your age, will be able to choose the appropriate option. In addition to the presented models, the steam inhaler for children is popular. All types of inhalers for children are listed under the link. Also read how to choose an inhaler for children and adults.