How to propagate a strawberry with a mustache

  • Features of growing
  • How best to propagate a mustache with strawberries?
  • Usage of the mother bushes
  • Methods of reproduction with whiskers
  • Creation of the mother liquor
  • Transplant to the permanent place

Many growers loved strawberries due to its juicy taste, bright color and rich flavor. Owners of country sites allocate a large enough space for such a berry. However, not everyone knows the ways and peculiarities of breeding strawberries, so often they simply can not achieve the desired results. In this article, we will consider the reproduction of strawberries by a mustache, since this method has its own merits.

Features of growing

Propagate strawberries in three main ways: seedlings, seeds and mustaches. It is not easy to plant berries with seeds. It will take time and patience to get quality good seeds. Fans do not propagate strawberries this way. It is more suitable for breeders.

  • In Russia, this berry is planted in late April - early May or in September. If you plant it in the spring, you can enjoy the next year's harvest.
  • Experienced gardeners do not recommend replanting strawberries at places where tomatoes or potatoes were previously grown.
  • Young shoots are recommended to be planted in cloudy weather or in the evening. So they better get accustomed and will develop well.
  • Before planting, the roots should be decontaminated and protected from damage with a solution of copper sulfate. Then they must be rinsed with warm water, and then sent to prepared wells.

Many owners of summer cottages propagate ready-made resulting bushes. In this case, the method of dividing bushes is well suited. It is better to take strong and strong, which bear fruit well. Their age should not be less than 3 years.

It is much easier and more convenient to propagate strawberries with the help of a mustache. First, a small rosette with leaves appears, and then the root system develops. The roots begin to be fixed in the soil. Thus, after a while a new bush is formed. Mustache must be removed, otherwise the harvest will not be so abundant, and the fruit - small.

The advantages of breeding with a mustache

This method is endowed with a mass of advantages:

  • The mustache does not need to be prepared in advance. And in order to multiply the strawberry seeds, you need to start taking care of this in the winter.
  • Whiskers are well established and rooted.
  • Preservation of traits and genes. The new bush will delight tasty large fruits.
  • A simple and intuitive method for beginning gardeners.

How best to propagate a mustache with strawberries?

Breeding berries is better in the summer months. Rosettes are desirable to root until July, then to land on a permanent place. Thus, the bush will become strong, and by winter can form a powerful root system. It is better to immediately choose a mustache for reproduction, it should be done in June.

After mid-July, it is not easy to get good seedlings. If you still managed to find a good process, you should land it on a permanent site no later than September. Otherwise, the roots will remain undeveloped and will simply perish in the winter.

Fruit bushes can not be collected from a mustache. The principle of action is this: the seedling gives either fruits or mustaches. To take a mustache from bushes with berries means to provide yourself with unreliable seedlings, which in the future will bear fruit poorly.

To berry ripe juicy and ripe, the plant spends on them a large proportion of nutrients, so the whiskers are weak and underdeveloped. At the same time yields decrease, berries grow smaller, the root system weakens. Such bushes will not last long, they will weaken and be exposed to diseases. That's why it's better not to take risks and take a mustache from bushes that do not bear fruit.

Use of uterine bushes

To begin with, choose the so-called uterine bushes. To do this correctly, it is necessary in the first year of planting new seedlings to remove from them all mustaches, and then wait for the ripening of berries. Further, it is necessary to pay attention to the strongest bushes: those that were not damaged by diseases and pests, did not perish because of the weather, and also pleased with a good harvest of delicious fruits.

It is recommended to mark such bushes. It's enough just to tie them with a cloth. Such plants will be uterine, as it is already possible to make sure of their quality. You can even plant them on a separate bed, while between adjacent seedlings should be at least 40 cm

A year later on the uterine bushes will appear buds. They should be removed before the flowering begins, preventing the appearance of fruits. The plants will not have seeds, so they will put all their strength into the mustache. In summer, the uterine plants will give a mustache. You should choose from them only the strongest and powerful, and the rest should be deleted.

It's better to choose those whiskers that are closest to the rest of the mother's bush. But if you need a lot of seedlings, you can also use other processes.

In this case, do not forget about the uterine plants themselves. Beginners gardeners make the following mistake: they acquire a good variety of strawberries, while buying a few bushes. In the first year, the mustache grows, and the gardeners collect them and transplant them. However, it is impossible to wait for a good harvest, because the mother process is exhausted.

Reproduction of a strawberry mustache is a simple way, but do not resort to it right away. It would be better if in the first year the uterine bushes simply become fruitful. It will be possible to chart the most powerful and powerful rosettes for yourself, and only then leave and collect a mustache.

Ways to reproduce the mustache

Many do not know how to grow a strawberry mustache. In this there is nothing difficult, if you follow a number of rules. You can quickly reproduce strawberries with the help of a mustache in two ways.

  1. Use of pots.
  2. Beds.

It is better to propagate a plant using pots. Features and instructions:

  • First you need to determine the necessary bushes. This was written above.
    . As soon as the season begins, the peduncles should be removed from the marked bushes. This will help to leave the power to create powerful sockets, and then large berries.
  • Leave on the seedlings two or three of the strongest and most powerful mustaches. It is better to choose those closer to the center. The rest should immediately be cut off. If this is not done, in the future to achieve a good harvest will not work.
  • Prepare small pots. Fill them with soil mixture. It should be nutritious. You can use peat, sawdust, compost and humus.
  • The rosette is planted in a pot, and it is not necessary to tear off the mustard from the uterine plant. Seedlings are left right on the site.
  • Every day, the process in the pot should be watered.

Reproduction method on beds. First you need to choose a powerful outlet. They still should not take root. Then follow the instructions.

  1. Prepare the earth. It is better to allocate a separate order for this. It should be placed there peat and sawdust - this is a good fertilizer for strawberries.
  2. Trim the selected wit. From the mother bush should remain a stem of 20 cm. It will prevent drying of the bush.
  3. Carefully insert seedlings into prepared land. In this case, the tail should stick out of the soil, and the rosette itself should be above the ground.
  4. To water a bed it is necessary often and plentifully, otherwise the new seedling will not get accustomed.
Modern weather conditions are very unpredictable, and even a small change in temperature can greatly affect plants. We need to take old boards and stretch the film between them. Get a small greenhouse. Inside, it must be very wet, then the whiskers will be well taken and will grow. However, you do not need to make puddles in the greenhouse: the soil should not be wet, otherwise the rootlets will rot.

Care of the

sockets In order for the whiskers to take root quickly and grow well, the following recommendations should be followed:

  1. Beds and pots should be watered often and abundantly. The land should be moist, but do not bring it to the appearance of puddles.
  2. The topsoil should be periodically loosened. This will provide good oxygen access.
  3. Emerging weeds should be cleaned immediately. They take the food from the roots.
  4. Saplings need to be fed. Special fertilizer for strawberries is sold in stores. They should contain nitrogen: it has a good effect on young seedlings.
  5. Seedlings should not only loosen, but also hills. Too weak and loose substrate reveals the roots and the foot of the plant, and this will not allow the seedlings to take root. It is necessary to hump bushes, but it should be done without fanaticism: the heart should not be littered with earth.

Creating the mother liquor

Experienced gardeners, who have been breeding strawberries for several years, give such advice. It is necessary to create a motherhood - a special garden, on which only strawberry seedlings will be. Here's how you can do it.

  1. Carefully dig up the bed.
  2. Dig out the ready-made mother bushes. You should take them with a clod of earth.
  3. The seedlings are placed in the mother potato and carefully poured.
  4. After a while, cut off all the peduncles.
    The berries are not harvested from the queen, it is intended only for breeding seedlings.
  5. Watch the mustache and shape it. Leave 1-2 sockets on each mother plant.

Tip. Sawdust and peat help the bushes to take root quickly. Therefore, sprinkle the garden with these fertilizers.

Transplant to a permanent site

Ready-rooted bushes should be transplanted from the end of July to the middle of September. It is better to do this in August. Timing is of great importance: the bushes planted in July will please a good rich harvest, but the September plants will not be able to please with an abundant number of fruits.

After harvesting, gardeners for some reason do not water the plants. And the moisture of the strawberry is very important: it helps to form flower stalks and provides a good harvest. Therefore, watering the seedlings follows after fruiting.

It is not difficult to grow good seedlings from a mustache. It is necessary only to choose strong plants, carefully care for the sprouts and protect them from the hard frosts.

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