Tomato Diet

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The tomato diet is based on the remarkable properties of a tomato - a tasty and healthy vegetable that grows well in virtually the entire middle belt and southern Russia. It's time to try this diet in late summer, when fresh tomatoes fall on the shelves right from the garden!

There are many diets for weight loss, the basis of which are tomatoes. Here are three of them.

Tomato Express Diet

The whole daily diet of this diet is one and a half kilograms of tomatoes, which you should eat without salt and any seasonings and dressings. Eat them for 4 times, dividing them into these meals more or less evenly. The duration of the express diet is 2 days, for which you can lose up to 2 kg of weight.

Three-day tomato diet

Allows for 3 days to get rid of 2-3 extra pounds. The menu of this diet is strictly timed by the hour. Of course, if you wake up not early in the morning, and closer to noon, then the hours of food intake can be moved in accordance with your sleep and wakefulness regime.7:00 - breakfast.2 protein boiled eggs and 1 large tomato.10:00 - snack.1 tomato and 2 small pieces of cheese.

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  • 13:00 - lunch. A small piece of boiled chicken breast and a salad of two small tomatoes, seasoned with yogurt, ryazhenka or olive oil.
  • 16:00 - afternoon snack.1 tomato and 2 small pieces of cheese.
  • 19:00 - dinner. Salad from tomatoes, cilantro, dill with pepper and salt, with the addition of one or two spoons of fat-free cottage cheese.
  • Diet on tomato juice

    Duration of the diet is 2 weeks, for which up to 5 kilograms can go. Its daily diet:

    • Breakfast - a glass of tomato juice, any fruit, except for sweet( bananas, grapes, dates), 2 pieces of rye bread with low-fat cottage cheese.
    • Lunch - 100 g of boiled rice without oil, 100 g of boiled fish, 1 apple, a little vegetables, a glass of tomato juice.
    • Dinner - 50 grams of rice, beef cutlet, vegetables, a glass of tomato juice.

    Recommendations for the application of the tomato diet

    Both fresh tomatoes and tomato juice are useful in cardiovascular diseases, gastritis with low acidity, anemia, general decline of strength. They also contribute to the liquefaction of blood, which is recommended for people suffering from venous diseases prone to thrombosis. So those who suffer from these diseases, tomato diet can be fully tested, of course, after consulting about this with your doctor.

    In addition, tomatoes have a slight laxative effect and are therefore very useful with a tendency to constipation. There are even data, to the end, though not confirmed, that tomatoes contribute to the prevention of cancer.

    The tomato diet is contraindicated in case of gastric and duodenal ulcer, inflammatory diseases of the pancreas, with allergy to tomatoes.

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