Beet Diet

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Beet is considered to be an effective enough product for weight loss. In this case, beets not only help to get rid of extra pounds, but also leads to better health and well-being in general.

In order to reduce the weight, it is enough to include beet intake in the diet.

The great advantage of this product is its availability and low cost.

How beet helps to lose weight and improve health

Beetroot is a truly unique vegetable. She is an excellent assistant in the fight against obesity. Such processes are due to the fact that the beet contains a lot of curcumin and betaine. It is these constituents of beet and contribute to the burning of fat in the human body.

Among other things, betaine very effectively leads to better liver function, and also promotes elimination of harmful substances from the body, which leads to normalization of respiration, as well as normalization of metabolic processes of the body. Betaine is a great help in digesting foods that contain a lot of protein.

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As for curcumin, it does not allow to gain excess weight. This is due to the ability to block the growth of blood vessels in the fat layer. Such processes are the basis for getting rid of excess fat.

Beet is an indispensable product for women, because it helps to improve reproductive functions. And also there is an improvement in the condition of the skin, hair, nails and health in general, as beet carries a lot of different vitamins and minerals.

And it is not necessary to eat only one beet. Mono diets, of course, are effective, but not always useful and not so easy to withstand.

Beet diet options

Three-day diet on beet

The hardest version of beet diet, allowing for 3 days to lose up to 4 kilograms. The menu is the same all three days:

  • breakfast: a plate of grated beet, raw or boiled, a glass of tea or coffee without sugar;
  • dinner: a bowl of beet soup, a serving of grated beets;
  • snack: beet juice( half a glass of fresh juice diluted with water 1: 1, you can also add a little apple, carrot or orange juice);
  • dinner: a bowl of beetroot salad with prunes.

Between meals you can snack a small amount of boiled beets, drink as much as you want water.

Beet diet for 7 days

Provides a more varied and balanced menu, it is transferred quite easily. Allows you to drop up to 10 kilograms per week. Daily diet of the diet:

  • before each meal, about half an hour, drink freshly squeezed beet juice, prepared in the same way as described a little above;
  • breakfast: a plate of oatmeal or buckwheat porridge boiled on water, without oil and sugar;allowed 1-2 times a week to replace the porridge with 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese or natural yogurt;
  • lunch: a plate of lean borsch, a portion of seafood or a piece of lean meat or fish for 100-150 grams, boiled or steamed;
  • snack: medium grapefruit;
  • dinner: a portion of vinaigrette, or baked vegetables, or vegetable caviar.

Between meals you can drink as much as you want, simple drinking water.

Kefir-beet diet

Duration - 3 days, for which it takes up to 3 kilograms. Daily ration: a kilogram of beet and a half liter of skimmed yogurt( 1%).The products provided for the day are divided approximately equally into 5-6 meals.

Beets can be eaten both raw and boiled, as separately from kefir, and preparing a cocktail from them using a blender. You can drink as much as you want water.

Dietary dishes from beet

Beets are quite a versatile product. In addition to using beets "alone", it is possible to create a large variety of different dishes from it. After all, beet dishes are not only delicious and useful, but also rid of excess fat. In just a few days on the beet, you can safely lose up to four kilograms of excess weight.

Excellent combination of beets with garlic, prunes, carrots and many others, which bring no less benefit to the body products. Thanks to this, you can create quite useful dishes using these products.

It is necessary to take into account contraindications, because some people this vegetable in large quantities is prohibited. And it is important to pay attention to this, so as not to bring any harm to your health.

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