Lemon diet

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Useful properties of lemon are known from ancient times. This fruit is a real storehouse of vitamins, organic acids and many other useful substances. And not so long ago, nutritionists found that it contributes to weight loss. And then there were lemon diets in a variety of variations.

Variations of the lemon diet

The simplest version of the lemon diet for weight loss looks like this. Every morning before eating, you must drink a glass of water, in which to squeeze the juice of one lemon. Further during the day, eat in the usual way, with two exceptions:

  1. all sauces, spices, habitual dressings for salads replaced with lemon juice;
  2. completely remove from the diet pastries, sweets, bread, pasta and any kind of flour products.

The duration of such a diet is up to two weeks, for which you can lose up to 5 kilograms.

There is also a heavier version of the lemon diet, which also lasts 2 weeks, for which much more serious weight loss is promised. The basis of the diet - the same water used in the morning with lemon juice, but it needs to drink much more. Similarly, the juice of one lemon is squeezed out onto a glass of water, but it is necessary to drink 1 glass of this drink on the first day, in the second - 2 cups, and then on until we reach the 6th day, when these glasses have to drink whole 6.

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Seventh day - even more serious. A three-liter jar of water squeezes juice from three lemons, adds a teaspoon of honey, and the resulting drink should be drunk before meals during the day.

Then repeat the first 6 days in reverse order, that is, on the 8th day we drink 6 glasses of lemon drink, in the 9th - 5, and so on until the 13th, when we confine ourselves to one glass. The 14th, the final day of the diet is the repetition of the seventh: again we drink three liters of sour drink during the day.

For many people, it will be difficult to drink 4-6 glasses at a time. If you can not cope with this task, then you can divide the drink 2-3 times and drink each dose an hour before the next meal.

Recommendations and contraindications

Contraindicated lemon diet suffering from diseases with high acidity of gastric juice, citrus allergy, as well as hypertensive patients - due to the large amount of liquid drunk. In any case, before starting a diet, it is worth consulting with a doctor.

In order not to cause irreparable harm to tooth enamel, it is recommended to drink lemon drink through a tube, and after its use rinse your mouth with a weak solution of soda.

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