The Melon Diet

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Juicy, delicious melon is not just a treat, but also an excellent dietary product. Due to its useful properties and rich vitamin composition, melon is the basis of a popular diet for weight loss, which allows you to quickly lose a few extra pounds.

Benefits of melon for health and weight loss

The melon pulp contains various minerals. Starting with magnesium, potassium, iron and ending with iodine, zinc, sulfur. Also this fruit is rich in all kinds of vitamins, organic acids, pectin and fiber.

The use of melon pulp in its fresh form promotes active and gentle cleansing of the human body from toxins and toxins. Also, this product has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, improves vision, improves immunity and accelerates metabolism. In general, the benefits of melons are undeniable, and a diet based on it is an effective way to reduce weight.

Features of the melon diet and its general principles

Among the merits of the melon diet can be called the fact that losing weight in this system does not experience bouts of severe hunger. Melon satiates and gives strength, despite its relatively low calorie content. The product itself should be eaten fresh and without any additional dishes. Melon is simply incompatible with other products!

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Among the positive qualities of mono-diets( and melon diet refers to this category of nutrition), you can also note the general rejuvenating effect. Due to the fact that melon actively removes harmful substances from the body( including salt), splits fats and eliminates cholesterol plaques, then the person starts to look healthier and more attractive. Maybe that's why this diet is preferred by women.

It should be noted that the melon diet is contraindicated for diabetics, because of the increased concentration of sugar in the fetus. Pregnant women and nursing mothers also should not resort to such kind of food.

To everyone else, a melon diet is recommended as a fasting day. They are best to adhere to during the period from August to September, in a season when melons are melting. It is at this time in melon the maximum concentration of nutrients.

Melon mono-diet

You can sit safely for your health for three days on the melon pulp alone. Eating it five times a day and while drinking a sufficient amount of liquid( simple or mineral water, green tea), you can throw up to five kilograms of excess weight.

The amount of pulp eaten at the same time is not limited, the main thing is not to allow overeating, feelings of heaviness in the stomach.

Seven-Day Melon Diet

There is another version of the diet, the menu of which is designed for one week.

  1. Breakfast should consist of three hundred grams of melon pulp and a cup of herbal tea. Half an hour or so you can drink a glass of low-fat kefir or natural yogurt.
  2. Lunch begins with a serving of boiled rice. Minutes through forty you can eat melons( four hundred grams of ripe pulp).
  3. It is possible to have a snack in the form of a piece of rye bread with butter and a cup of herbal tea without additives. Another option for a snack is a glass of a low-fat and unsweetened sour-milk drink.
  4. For dinner - buckwheat porridge with boiled chicken meat and vegetable salad.

The ration can be changed and thus: breakfast and lunch with the usual dishes, and in the evening to have supper only ripe melon pulp. Whichever variant of the above-mentioned people he chooses, he will soon notice the positive effect of the melon diet.

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