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A golden wedding is an important milestone that can only be achieved with the help of hard work. Behind half a century of a long and unforgettable life. People who have lived with each other for such a long time have proved that true love, boundless respect and fidelity exist. They raised children and nursed grandchildren. The holiday is best celebrated together with the family, and the most pleasant for the originators of the celebration is warm congratulations with a golden wedding from guests and relatives.

We choose a gift

According to the old tradition, gold is given for the 50th anniversary of marriage. It is customary to present parents with new rings, which the heroes put on their fingers, while the old ones are passed on to the grandchildren as a family value. The elder child buys a handkerchief to the parents, in which the golden threads are sewn. An alternative to such a gift can be a fabric with lurex, a shiny metal thread. The rest of the relatives and guests of the estate give all kinds of gold jewelry or things with gilding.

Beautiful and symbolic look souvenirs and jewelry made of gold. If the jubilees are indifferent to decorations because of their age, you can give them pendants or small icons, precious souvenir coins. Figures from real gold are, of course, not worth buying, for a gift items with gilding are perfect. You can give a candlestick, a glass holder or a vase framed by a golden strip. Animal figurines are also welcome, for example, swans.

A family photo in a gilded frame or photo album is ideal as a gift. Grandchildren can make a photo collage or a large poster on which all relatives will write warm words.

Funny congratulations on the gold wedding

Congratulations to mom and dad on this memorable day can be with joke greetings that will cheer guests and set the tone for the whole holiday.

Congratulation from the President of

Record a voice parody on the recorder or write a letter on behalf of the President of our country. The text can be about the following: "Good afternoon, you are worried about Vladimir Vladimirovich. Perhaps you already understand why I'm calling you. I want to congratulate your whole family on this wonderful holiday - you have been together for fifty years. This is a great achievement that allows you to call each other family. Everything that has been experienced during this time has made you stronger. I wish you that the feeling of youth never left you, but only intensified with each new day. Good and health! ".

From grandchildren, in prose

Many years ago a timid guy very silently said the magic words "I love you!", And the young girl gave him her hand and heart - and since then they are together! These two are the happiest people who after many years have turned into our grandfather and grandmother. Congratulations!

Greetings with

gestures Congratulations pronounces the text and shows what it says, actively gesticulating. The text of the congratulation: "We want to congratulate you on your anniversary. We wish: simple human happiness( squats) and huge love( rises, skips, arms spread).Let you in the family will be wealth( depicts the rustle of money), and do not you dare to swear( threatens with a finger).That children loved, and grandchildren obeyed( shows on the named).Let the dreams come true, and the spirit captures with joy!

Serious congratulations on the golden wedding

We present to your attention the lyrical greetings in prose for the celebration from relatives, friends and other guests.

  • Dear our jubilees! You have passed a long and difficult journey along the road to your happiness. Much has become yours during this time, and now we are celebrating this remarkable date here. Sometimes life forced me to go up, sometimes I rocked on the waves, but you always supported each other and were together. Of course, life is a road not without hummocks and bumps, but you managed to get around all these irregularities. We want you to continue to live together and always be happy and healthy. Congratulations!
  • Your hands are golden, and hearts are also made of gold! Golden children and grandchildren, and now the golden date is fifty years. You did not break any troubles, you took it all out, everyone overcame, having carried love through the years! Accept our fervent congratulations and wishes, let the soul forever remain young!
  • All toasts and kind words sound to you! It's so hard to be happy, but you did it! Half a century ago you were bound by a magic thread, you are two wonderful, dear people. We wish you to live as much again!
  • Fifty years is not just an anniversary, it's a whole anniversary! Your union is a wonderful example for your children and grandchildren! We ardently desire that you always be with your family! Congratulations on a wonderful holiday!
  • Your love is poured with pure gold, together you have walked a long and important distance. Now you can sincerely be called the queen and the king of today. We wish you further happiness, health and unlimited attention from your relatives!
  • Many years ago you put rings on your fingers, but now it turned out that there are not any brighter and can not be. The secret is simple: they are not gold - they are filled with love, the age of which is fifty long years. On this remarkable day, we want to wish you that your feelings never fade away in spite of the swiftly rushing years!
  • Fifty years is a way of great love! You have passed it, have coped with your task, and we in turn wish you to continue this way further! Let the love be even greater, and anxieties and worries in our lives will not remain. Bitterly!
  • On this jubilee date, we congratulate you and wish you a pleasant and cheerful celebration of this wonderful holiday. Live without quarrels, grievances, problems. Keep the joy and positive attitude, give love to each other and your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Let the world be filled with beauty and make you happy!

Congratulation to parents from children

The most important words belong, of course, to children of jubilees. It is necessary to carefully prepare and choose a good congratulation, because what is said on this memorable day, will be remembered for a long time.

  • Dear Mom and Dad! You are a vivid example of love and kindness. We, your children, wish you to carry your feelings through many long years. Let the light always be sunny, health - strong, years of life - long, and love - strong! We are grateful to you for giving us life and raising us. We love you very much. Congratulations!
  • Today is a very important event, because mom and dad are again the bride and groom! Dear parents, accept from us words of congratulations. The fifty years that you lived together are more precious than gold and all diamonds! We wish you happiness, health, and, of course, love!
  • Dear Mom and Dad, our native people! In this gentle and bright holiday, I would like to wish you many, many good things. That the understanding that is between you, never left you, that all your dreams come true. You are our example, our support, our family. Congratulations!
  • We wish that in your future life everything was magical. Meet your golden wedding and live so that next time we gather at this table and celebrate the emerald!
  • My dear mother and beloved daddy! Today a Golden Wedding has visited you. You have been together for half a century, and it's not trivial! We want to wish that your happy marriage continues to be strong, built on love, caring, understanding. Never be sad and cheer up! Kindness, health, carefree life!
  • Children always take an example from their parents. You have done many very good things, have lived together all these fifty years, and we admire you. My dear mother and father! Happy holiday to you.
  • Congratulations on your golden wedding! We wish you always to remain an example, have a lot of health, love and live in harmony with each other!
  • Dear parents! We wish you always to smile and bathe in the gold of your lived years! That friends were always with you, we and our children obeyed you, and you did not quarrel, and everything else will be like that!

Scenario for a gold wedding

For competitions you will need:

  • a diploma of honor or a medal "With the fiftieth anniversary of the wedding"( you can buy or make it yourself);
  • TV, projector with screen or laptop;
  • a flash drive prepared with photos of "newlyweds";
  • gifts: small souvenirs and sweets;
  • bouquet of the bride.

For the contest-congratulations you need to choose a presenter. All guests can take part in the performance, the time of the meeting is about one hour.

  1. At the entrance to the place where the holiday will take place, guests will meet the "newlyweds" and, lining up in a row, shower them with rose petals. In the room the favorite music of jubilees is played. All sit down, the leader appears.
  2. He greets all those present and speaks opening remarks, after which he presents the medal or the certificate of honor to the jubilee. Sounds toast. The presenter chants: "It's bitter!".
  3. He asks to show how the couples danced before. For this purpose, the bride and groom are invited to the stage. Gradually, they are joined by all the guests.
  4. After the dances, the presenter includes a flash drive with a presentation of photos of heroes and members of their family, friends, colleagues, guests. All those present need to guess who is pictured in the photo. The presenter gives out sweet prizes to the participants.
  5. The next contest is held for grandchildren. They become close, they are asked questions. He who knows the answer raises his hand and answers. In the end, points are calculated and prizes are given out. The questions may be different, but all of them should be connected with the perpetrators of the celebration.
  6. The guys participating in the contest say congratulations and sit down in their own words.
  7. The next contest is a bouquet of the bride. It's time to remember the wedding ceremony and move back to those times. The perpetrator of the celebration becomes before the girls and women and throws a bouquet of the bride given her in advance - the same one that was at her wedding. Catching a bouquet receives a sweet surprise and throws flowers next. The circle can be repeated several times, after which the presenter gives out prizes and puts everyone in their places.
  8. Then the presenter asks the "newlyweds" themselves to perform. The task is simple: you need to tell a story that is most memorable during the years of family life. The audience listened attentively and applauded.
  9. Block congratulations: each person in turn says warm words and presents gifts. The final word can be given to the children of the jubilees. After him, the presenter leaves, sits at the table, and the fun continues in a free form.

. As you know, only the most close and dearest people gather at the celebration of the golden wedding. This holiday is a real family event, the main idea of ​​which is to show the importance of family ties. People were together, despite all the hardships and tribulations, and now set the right example for their grandchildren. Perseverance, faith in each other and mutual love are worthy of the highest praise and the best words and congratulations in the world.

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