Fish diet

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The fish diet is perfectly tolerated, as it is based on everyday fish consumption. As everyone knows, fish is incredibly useful for the body as a whole, and for comfortable weight loss in particular. Fish dishes are shown to people having problems with cardiovascular activity, with the nervous system, with joints, etc. Residents of so many countries do not think their daily diet without fish products.

The health benefits of losing fish

The loss of extra pounds on a fish diet is pleasant and easy, as the benefits of seafood can not be overemphasized. Dieticians knowingly advise this diet, because fish is a source of protein, vitamins, fatty acids necessary for the body. Therefore, sitting on this diet, you not only comfortably lose weight, but also improve and strengthen your body.

From fish and seafood you will receive the most important trace elements - zinc, fluoride, phosphorus, iodine, etc. With regular consumption of fish, you can lower cholesterol, strengthen immunity, help the brain perform its functions.

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The most useful fish types are fatty, such as trout, salmon, mackerel, salmon, tuna, halibut. But, of course, if you are aiming at getting rid of excess weight, then it is better to replace these varieties with lean ones that do not contain as much fat. Another plus of fish dishes is that the fish can quickly satisfy the hunger and yet not be burdened by excess calories, since fish products are low-calorie. This property of fish dishes allows you to safely apply them in the process of losing weight.

Menu of the fish diet for weight loss

If you decide to try a fish diet on your own, first consult a doctor, because the fish is an allergen, and it can happen that you can not eat it.

  • With the fish diet, your breakfast should consist of a boiled egg, kefir or yogurt( both of which are low in fat).Half an hour after that, you should eat pomegranate, kiwi or orange. Wash with green tea( without sugar).
  • At 11 o'clock the second breakfast should be held from a piece of fish and a glass of plain fresh water. Wait 20 minutes and repeat the fish, but with a vegetable side dish. The second piece of fish should weigh 200 grams, and the first one - 50.
  • Lunch should start with one and a half glasses of water, after a quarter of an hour eat fish or seafood( 200 grams).Fish eat with a vegetable salad with lemon juice. It is desirable to use vegetables such as beans, cabbage, sweet peppers, beets, greens. You can drink water only two hours later.
  • On you can eat yoghurt or cottage cheese at .
  • Dinner - first a glass of water, then fish or seafood with vegetables. Salad we fill with lemon juice or yoghurt.
  • Before going to bed it is desirable to drink tea for weight loss.

During the fish diet under strict prohibition are meat, cereals, smoked, salted, flour, sugar, sweets.

Some recommendations sitting on the fish diet

  • A variety of fish should be taken with a small amount of fat - pollock, hake, cod, but still need a bit of fat fish - pink salmon, mackerel, salmon, etc.
  • You should not serve tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, radish on the garnish.
  • Dishes with this diet should not be fried, but cook, stew or bake.
  • Spices are allowed, especially hot peppers, as well as red wine, twice a week for 100 ml.

Adhering to these tips and the proposed menu, you can comfortably and easily rid yourself of hated kilograms, and also improve and rejuvenate your body with useful food.

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